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How To Summon A Poltergeist. Dangerous Games With Evil Spirits - Alternative View
How To Summon A Poltergeist. Dangerous Games With Evil Spirits - Alternative View

Video: How To Summon A Poltergeist. Dangerous Games With Evil Spirits - Alternative View

Video: How To Summon A Poltergeist. Dangerous Games With Evil Spirits - Alternative View
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Are there violent ghosts? If so, can a poltergeist be invoked? Are there any ways and spells? There are a lot of ways, but only a few workers. Nevertheless, experienced black magicians insist that an unprepared person with weak energy and little knowledge should not get involved in this matter, the result may be disastrous.

Our subscriber, Alexey, shared his story of calling a poltergeist. His great-grandmother told him about this method. As an adult, he took the risk of using the old method.

How I caused a poltergeist. The terrible story of the eyewitness Alexei

When I was little, my great-grandmother loved to tell me terrible stories about evil spirits. Although she was terribly devout and did not crawl out of the church, there was something witch-like and mysterious about her. She told me about the violent dead and restless souls. And even how to make friends with them. But first things first.

From the first year at university, I met with Anna. Yes, it was true love. We were together for five years. And three months later, after graduation, Anna jumped out to marry my friend Ivan. I struggled to contain my anger and did not pretend I was upset about something. I was at Anna and Ivan's wedding and continued to communicate with them. But my soul demanded revenge, cruel and bloody. It was then that I remembered the stories of my great-grandmother.


“A poltergeist is a troubled soul stuck between our world and the afterlife. These are suicides and people killed by violent death. Do you want to summon such a ghost? Find a suitable grave, but not more than three years old, take a handful of earth from it and take it to the place where the poltergeist should rage. Spells? No spells are needed, but your thoughts and all your energy should be directed to the soul. Spells and prayers, candles and other attributes do not help to evoke the spirit, they are invented only so that a person's consciousness is better concentrated on what is happening. Only thoughts and desire can cause evil spirits."

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I knew that Anna and Ivan would soon invite me to visit on their wedding anniversary. I needed to find a suitable grave. My choice fell on a certain Serov Valery. It was a local gangster, on account of which several murders, he died in prison - he hanged himself. Perfect option!

Before going to visit Anna and Ivan, I turned into a cemetery and took a handful of earth from the grave of the criminal. While visiting, I chose the right moment, went into the bedroom of the young and poured the grave soil into a flowerpot, trying with all my might to direct my thoughts to challenge the spirit and to revenge, to bloody revenge.

What happened next? I do not know what happened in the house of Anna and Ivan, but after three weeks they left their new home for another city. They didn’t even sell the house, and I don’t know anything about the future fate of the young spouses, fortunately, at least they don’t call my eyes with their presence.

Specialist comment

Desire and power of thought are things capable of much. The human brain is practically not studied by modern science, and many of its abilities still seem to us fantastic. When we are in a state of stress or anger, we humans can really provoke the appearance of the paranormal. And no spells are needed.

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