The Great Mysteries Are These Ancient Artifacts - Alternative View
The Great Mysteries Are These Ancient Artifacts - Alternative View

Video: The Great Mysteries Are These Ancient Artifacts - Alternative View

Video: The Great Mysteries Are These Ancient Artifacts - Alternative View
Video: Baffling Ancient Artefacts Found In Coal...Incredible, They Are Far Older Than We Thought 2023, May

Interest in the past of humanity will never lose its relevance. And if a lot has already been learned, then individual facts and findings have not yet been explained in any way.

Many artifacts found are waiting to be explained and studied. So far, scientists explain most of the artifacts of antiquity by the fact that ancient people communicated with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, or by the fact that in ancient times there was a highly developed, but already terrestrial civilization on our planet. Many artifacts are not recognized by researchers and are transferred to the status of forgeries, which do not even need to be studied. But time has shown that many theories of the origin of mankind and the foundations of the development of civilization are forced to undergo new understanding and revision. And it was the artifacts of antiquity that exceeded the critical information mass, which caused a new understanding of the entire history of mankind.

Artifacts decisively break the usual views and stereotypes of the generally recognized history of antiquity. Let's talk about some of them.

One of these artifacts is the great Chinese mosaic. It is located in the desert in the province of Gansu Sheng. It is possible to see it only from a bird's eye view. And, there is very little information about this object. The mosaic is known to be located in close proximity to another World Heritage site, the Mogao Caves. For a long time, no one can explain the surprisingly straight and clear lines laid on rugged terrain.

Back in 1889, in the American state of Idaho, workers who were drilling a well found a stone doll depicting a man at a depth of 320 feet. Interestingly, the find was in those soil layers that date back to the time when there were no people on the American continent. And as usual, about this doll from scientists today you can hear only one thing: "This is impossible."

An equally amazing astronomical ancient object is located in the Sahara Desert. He represents a stone system (very similar to a calendar), located on the surface of a long-dried lake. The creation of this stone calendar is about 6 thousand years ago. It is possible that the remaining system is only a part of an astronomical object. It is known that the Sahara Desert was previously a fairly humid place, with 500 mm of rainfall a year. At that time, there was a savanna on the site of the desert, in which many animals and birds lived, and plants covered the entire space. Precipitation increased every year, the lakes were filled with water. It was the sufficient amount of fresh water that attracted ancient people to these places. Archaeologists have proven that human settlements have existed here since the eighth millennium BC.

Another of the most amazing artifacts, which still has no explanation, is a drawing of a rocket on the stone surface of a cave located in modern Japan. Today it is hard to believe that the sketch, which almost completely corresponds to the idea of this object in the 20th century, was made about 5 thousand years ago.

Mexico. A country with a long history and a huge number of archaeological sites. Cradle of the Mayan civilization. In the city of Teotihuacan, plates of mica were found in the city wall. The very fact of this is also surprising in that the nearest mica deposits are located thousands of kilometers from this city - in Brazil. Considering that in the modern technological world, mica is used to generate electricity, then it remains only to assume that the ancient builders knew how to obtain energy from minerals.

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Ireland 1895. During mining operations, fossilized remains of humanoid creatures were found. These creatures are 12 feet tall (about 4 meters). There were six fingers on the legs and arms. Many researchers believe that these giants could be the inhabitants of the legendary Atlantis.

By the way, not far from Cuba is the Yucatan Canal. There, the mysterious ruins of huge structures were found under water. A chain of ruined and mysterious buildings stretches along the coast. Experts suggest that these ruins are part of the missing Atlantis. Unfortunately, only scuba divers can admire the majestic ruins.

As we noted above, many historical findings baffle scientists. So, in Romania in 1974, during excavations next to the historical mastodon, a metal wedge was found, shaped like a part of an ax. The age of the find is about 11 thousand years. When examining the material from which the strange object was made, it turned out that it consists not only of an aluminum alloy, but also contains about 12 other elements. The mystery was that aluminum was not discovered until 1808!

For thousands of years, many artifacts have been hidden by rocks that do not correspond in any way with the existing theory of the origin and development of mankind. For example, in 1912, in the US state of Oklahoma, during the development of coal, the most common iron mug fell out of the rock. Experts have determined the age of the coal seam, into which the circle was "soldered" - it set 300 million years! In the same state, a well-preserved wall was discovered in a coal mine in 1928, made of well-worked concrete blocks. The management of the mine decided to keep the information about the find secret.

And this is only a small part of the "incomprehensible" finds. And it is quite possible that after studying the artifacts found, the only correct decision will be the following - it will be necessary to recognize the fact that we are not the only intelligent life that existed on our planet.

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