Who Are The Indigo Children? - Alternative View
Who Are The Indigo Children? - Alternative View

Video: Who Are The Indigo Children? - Alternative View

Video: Who Are The Indigo Children? - Alternative View
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Many today have heard such a concept as Indigo children. But few people know what it really means. The first mentions of this unusual phenomenon appeared in the media, both domestic and foreign, at the end of the last century. At that time, scientists, representatives of various areas of modern science, became interested in these unusual children.

Having studied in detail and analyzed the biographies of famous people who lived in different countries at different times, scientists came to the conclusion that the Russian composer, author of wind concerts M. Berezovsky, composer from Austria V. A. Mozart, can be attributed to the Indigo children. the Russian poet S. Yesenin, as well as the Swedish writer K. Boye and the Egyptian emperor Tutankhamun. All these people showed remarkable abilities at an early age. Scientists say that the second proof that these people belong to Indigo children is the fact that they all died at a fairly young age, but at the same time managed to leave a noticeable mark in world history.

On the other hand, a completely different category of people can be attributed to the Indigo children, who left behind a very bad fame. So, in particular, it is worth noting that in the city of Hampshire in Great Britain in 1886 an unprecedented trial took place, in which a twelve-year-old boy was accused of the brutal murder of his own parents and brothers. The boy lured his family into a barn by cunning, and then set it on fire. All speakers at the trial said that the boy was very kind, quick-witted, affectionate. In addition, he had outstanding mathematical abilities and the makings of an artist.

Something similar happened in the second half of the last century in Russia. One of the students of the Novorossiysk art school, a very talented young man whose work was periodically exhibited in art galleries throughout the Soviet Union, killed his own mother. The young man did not repent even at the trial, on the contrary, he said that his mother did not understand him at all, and even interfered with his creative development. After a forensic psychiatric examination, the young killer was sentenced to a substantial term of compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

Why do such unusual children appear? According to most modern researchers of this phenomenon, their appearance is associated primarily with dissatisfaction with the imperfect structure of the world and the relationships that have developed in the family and society. Indigo children do not recognize any material values and put spiritual kinship much higher than blood. To a certain extent, we can say that they are soulless, do not perceive the troubles of their loved ones and are sometimes very cruel. They, like the aliens of extraterrestrial civilizations, rather indifferently observe the vanity in which mankind lives, periodically giving people "gifts" in the form of philosophical revelations, immortal works of art or scientific discoveries and inventions.

The Russian scientist A. Semakov, who for more than ten years has been studying the phenomenon of Indigo children, came to the conclusion that they are a new, highest race of intelligent beings on our planet. According to the scientist, they appear on Earth as a result of the inclusion of an inexplicable hidden gene in the process of human reproduction. Such a hidden gene thousands of years ago belonged to the races of the legendary Atlanteans and Boreans. Representatives of these races, knowing in advance about their death, deliberately hid this gene in the structure of human DNA in order to be able to be reborn in the future and again become full-fledged masters on the planet.

After conducting numerous studies, Semakov came to the conclusion that all thought processes, as well as the subconsciousness and thinking of Indigo children, differ significantly from human ones. Such children can quite successfully perceive and assimilate several information streams simultaneously. When analyzing various situations or solving complex problems, Indigo children find several answer options at once, indicating the percentage characteristic of the probability of a particular answer. Such children can simultaneously perform several actions: think about a task, draw and talk on abstract topics.

Indigo children have a highly developed intuition, which is proof of the significant role of the subconscious in the intellectual and spiritual sphere. Due to this, such children can store a wide variety of memories of the earliest periods of their lives.

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There are, however, scientists who hold an opinion different from Semakov's hypothesis. These scientists say that the Indigo children are the result of the intervention of representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence, who settle their representatives all over the planet, disguising them as ordinary people. So, in particular, the famous neurophysiologists from the United States of America Gary Lynch and Richard Granger in their work "The Big Brain: The Origin and Future of Human Intelligence", talk about the remains of humanoid creatures that were discovered in Africa in 1913. Presumably, these creatures lived more than 20 thousand years ago. A distinctive feature of them was a very large skull that could contain a brain with a volume of about 2 thousand cubic centimeters, which is more than a quarter more than that of modern humans. Creatureswho, during their lifetime, had such a large brain, had to have the highest mental abilities, which made them as much smarter than a modern man, as much as this modern man is smarter than a monkey. The most interesting thing is that neither then nor now scientists can determine where these creatures came from on Earth and for what reason they disappeared.

According to supporters of the ufological theory of the origin of Indigo children, the found remains belong either to the aliens themselves or to their descendants. In addition, these scientists are confident that every year a huge number of children are born in the world who were conceived by alien beings. It is these children that are called Indigo children.

Russian scientist D. Zateinikov, who for many years has been studying the contacts of people with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, at the end of the last century came to a very interesting conclusion that most women who claimed that they became pregnant from aliens had children born at an extremely high level creative and intellectual abilities. The psyche of these children became the object of the closest attention and study of neuropathologists and psychiatrists. And only occasionally, half-blood children had pronounced pathological features, which were expressed in the absence of some internal organs, in particular, digestion and respiration, of certain parts of the brain. This, according to scientists, could indicate that the experiment of aliens to reproduce their own kind in terrestrial conditions was unsuccessful.

At present, both hypotheses, about the terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin of the Indigo children, are constantly being supplemented by new, sometimes very unexpected and extravagant versions. In particular, some scientists came up with the idea that Indigo children are artificial creation of top-secret laboratories. Scientists who are allegedly engaged in the cloning of living beings are blamed for their appearance.

According to the deep conviction of other scientists, the appearance of such unusual children on our planet is primarily associated with the deterioration of the ecological situation, an increase in the radioactive background, chemical pollution of the earth, air and water, and the appearance of ozone holes.

Whatever it was, but in reality the following is happening: with each new year, more and more Indigo children appear on Earth. And gradually they begin to oust ordinary representatives of humanity.

On the other hand, it is possible that at present human civilization is experiencing another evolutionary leap, which may soon lead to the rapid emergence of new creatures with a high level of development.

Thus, the words of the Nobel laureate, zoologist from Austria K. Lorenz that we are the missing link in the chain between animals and a real person can be considered prophetic.

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