Do You Believe In Genies Living Deep Underground - Alternative View
Do You Believe In Genies Living Deep Underground - Alternative View

Video: Do You Believe In Genies Living Deep Underground - Alternative View

Video: Do You Believe In Genies Living Deep Underground - Alternative View
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The director of the Tashkent UFO center, Sergei Azadov, did not believe either, until a photograph was placed on his table, which clearly showed how a fiery genie burst out of the ground. It happened in Uzbekistan, when it was not yet an independent state, but one of the republics of the USSR. One of the oil exploration wells caught fire in the desert. For its urgent extinguishing military demolition arrived.

A pillar of fire burst from the wellhead with a terrible roar. It was impossible to approach her. But for a moment the roar ceased. And then the military and oilmen clearly heard the groaning and plaintive cries of people, coming from somewhere from under the Earth. And then … Then a fiery bearded genie with arms crossed on his chest burst out of the well. It could be clearly seen in the photograph sent to the Uzbek ufologist.

The groans of people coming from deep wells have been heard by geologists more than once. Such inexplicable sounds came from a deep exploration well drilled on the Ustyurt plateau, between the Aral and Caspian seas. The voices of people from a superdeep Siberian well were recorded on tape and sent to the USSR Academy of Sciences, which existed at that time. Scientists did not want to engage in frivolous mystical phenomena, and the tape was lost in the archives …

Let's try to explain what is happening in the bowels of our earth. And let's start our journey with legends and myths. Almost all religions of the planet speak of the existence of the "underworld". It is described in various ways, but these descriptions have some required repetitive elements. First, the “population” of the underworld is divided into people who got there after death and “owners”. Secondly, people fall into the ground in the form of shadows, souls, etc. or, speaking in modern ufological language, in the form of "clots" of some kind of information and energy fields. Thirdly, the "masters", and sometimes the shadows, have unique information not only about the past, but also about the future.

And the last thing. To get to this information, you must either send your soul to the underworld (this is what Siberian shamans do, for example), or help the shadows become visible and audible for a while. For this, in ancient Greece and in many other countries, special rituals were practiced with the obligatory ritual shedding of blood. According to esoteric researchers, bloody rituals were associated not with cruelty and not with the bloodlust of the ancients and even modern magicians and sorcerers, but with the unique energetic and informational saturation of blood. Interest in the "masters" of the underworld and attempts to obtain the information stored by them existed until very recently. Moreover, it was shown not by modern magicians and sorcerers, and not even by psychics, but by serious scientists. Let us recall at least Nicholas Roerich. For the first time, he was able to organize and conduct a scientific expedition to the legendary Shambhala, hidden from people under the Himalayan mountains, inhabited by "teachers" who accumulated wisdom for thousands of years. And not only to carry out, but also to deliver the message from these "teachers" to the Soviet government.

By the way, another Russian expedition was preparing to Shambala, which also wanted to get acquainted with the wisdom accumulated by the "teachers". It was organized by one of the most mysterious workers, first of the Cheka, and then of the NKVD, the head of a special, most secret department, Gleb Bokiy. The work was carried out under the direct control of the all-powerful "iron" Felix, who had previously sent expeditions looking for an entrance to the "underworld" to the caves of the Crimea and the mountains of the Kola Peninsula. The death of F. Dzerzhinsky and the subsequent cessation of funding for activities dubious in their goals did not allow the expedition of the Chekists to Shambhala to take place. The fate of the expeditions, which were also sent to underground Shambhala by another secret service, this time already German, was different. More precisely, the SS service of the Third Reich.

The SS was generally a very strange organization. Its structure and goals were largely copied from the mystical orders that existed in Germany before World War II. The secret society "Golden Dawn" played a special role in the formation of the ideas of the domination of the white race and its leadership in the world, which became the ideology of fascism. It included many of the largest, well-concealed minds of the time, belonging to the circles of the Freemasons and Rosicrucians. You can learn about the doctrine preached in the "Golden Rose" from the books by B. Litton "The Last Days of Pompeii and Rome" and "The Race That Will Come". They describe the underworld, which most religious traditions associated with hell. But, according to Lytton, this was a deliberate distortion of the truth. The goal is to hide from people information that creatures live deep below the surface of the Earth,possessing superhuman power. Through harsh self-discipline and meditation, they attained mastery over natural phenomena and were on a par with the gods.

When Adolf Hitler, who, according to some researchers, had psychic abilities, came to power, he not only supported the idea of the existence of a hollow Earth inhabited by certain creatures, but also made it officially accepted. Sergei Zubkov, a Russian researcher of the occult magic of fascist Germany, even believes that the racial cleansing carried out in the Third Reich, the creation of secret societies such as "Vril" and "Tula", served a strictly conspiratorial secret goal - to facilitate the release of "masters" from the ground and their open participation in the reconstruction of the world.

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A special organization "Ahnenerbe" was created for this in the SS structure. She not only began to "absorb" the mystical information of a rather large number of secret societies that existed in Germany at that time, but also to conduct expensive research on the basis of her in order to create a mystical weapon capable of solving all military problems. The organization of expeditions to establish direct contact with underground "masters" became an important area of activity of "Anenerbe". Most of the scientific expeditions undertaken by the SS were directed to Tibet and the Himalayas. The first of them went in search of Shambhala back in 1931. An important role in its implementation was played by the SS man Ernst Schaeffer. True, the expedition did not find the way to underground Shambhala, but it brought many Tibetan manuscripts to Germany,served as confirmation of the existence of mysterious "owners" underground. The first expedition was followed by several more - all of them were led by Schaeffer.

Expeditions, organized by the SS, were also sent to other little-explored places, which could have entrances to the "underworld". On the coast of icy Antarctica, these expeditions, finding no entrance, even created a secret superbase for submarines known as the Ba-za-211. Although both Soviet and American intelligence knew about its existence, it was never found after the end of World War II. The leaders of Germany were so confident in the existence of underground "masters" and in their support for the racial policy of the fascists that until the last moment, even when Berlin was already surrounded by Soviet troops, Hitler counted on the help of underground allies.

А теперь попытаемся разобраться, кто эти таинственные подземные существа и откуда они могли появиться. Но прежде заметим: человеком, твердо уверенным в том, что под землей действительно находятся разумные существа, был президент Ассоциации инженерной биолокации Владимир Хлопков. Лет 10 назад он предпринял своеобразный «мозговой штурм» недр нашей планеты. Несколько наиболее опытных операторов из Ассоциации попытались с помощью биолокационой рамки обнаружить следы разума под землей. По мнению исследователей,. им удалось установить, что разум действительно существует под землей… на глубине 200 километров. Это, по оценке В. Хлопкова, сильный, но чуждый человеку разум.

As you might guess, protein bodies cannot exist in conditions of colossal pressure of rocks and huge temperatures. Most likely, the carriers of the mind have the form of information and energy clots. Later V. Khlopkov was able to find places on the surface of the earth, where this mind could "come out" to the surface. One of them is located not far from the Moscow Region Zelenograd. Here, during ground research, dowsing operators came across strange formations, at first they called "UFO tracks". On closer examination, it turned out that the chain of these "tracks" exactly coincides with a deep fault, the existence of which geologists have identified according to geophysical survey data. Every evening the operators watched the same scene. A strange biofield began to creep out of the "tracks" on the fault and move towards Zelenograd at a speed of 90 centimeters per second. Gradually, it filled the entire city. Some time passed, and the field with the same speed began to "go back" into the "tracks". The whole cycle took about 3.5 hours. According to V. Khlopkov, the field produced a kind of "reading" of the information contained in the memory of people.

Now let's fast forward to Khakassia. Here, in the mountains of the Kuznetsk Alatau, there is the Kashkulakskaya cave, known to all Russian ufologists. Translated into Russian, this name means - the cave of the Black Devil. For many years, scientists from the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences have regularly come here. They were interested in the strange phenomena that happen to people who have been in the cave for a long time. From time to time, visitors to the cave were overwhelmed by an overwhelming feeling of horror, under the impression of which people rushed to the exit. It is interesting that such horror was often accompanied by visual hallucinations, and the same in all people. They saw in front of them an elderly man in a shaggy hat with horns and burning eyes.

Scientists placed high-precision magnetometers and other devices in and around the cave and compared changes in their readings with the experiences experienced by people in the cave. It turned out that the sharp bursts of an increased magnetic field, recorded by the instruments, exactly coincided with the moment when people began to feel nervous. And here's what's interesting. Outside, instruments that were not located exactly above the contour of the cave showed practically no changes, although, judging by other instruments, a real magnetic storm was raging underground. Some of the scientists who conducted the research believed that in the cave they encountered a kind of radio beacon operating according to an incomprehensible program and sending signals through the rock mass vertically upward into space. Could this mean that the mysterious underground creatures living in the thickness of the earth,come from outer space and thus communicate with their fellow tribesmen?

The answer to this question can be obtained from the books of the largest American scientist, anthropologist, researcher of shamanism M. Harner. During an expedition to South America, the scientist lived for about a year in the village of the Conibo Indians, almost completely isolated from modern civilization. The study of the Kanibo culture was going well, but for some reason it was not possible to find out something about their religion. The Indians, as if by agreement, avoided talking about any supernatural things. But M. Harner was unexpectedly lucky. One of the anthropologist's new friends suggested that if he really wanted to understand the Kanibo belief, he should drink the "sacred" drink of the shamans. So the researcher did. Among the many visions he experienced under the influence of this drink, one will help answer the question of underground creatures.

"… Before me the planet Earth opened up - such as it was billions of years ago, when there was no life on it yet. Then hundreds of black grains began to fall from the sky. They descended in front of me in the middle of a silent landscape. Then I saw that these" grains "are actually huge creatures with glossy black skin, wings like pterodactyls, and a body resembling whales. Exhausted after an endless journey, they sat down, flapping their wings wearily. The creatures spoke to me in the language of thoughts. They explained to me that they are fleeing from something in space, and now, having arrived on planet Earth, they hope to escape from their enemy … They told me that they are the real masters of the planet, and we humans are only their servants."

The story with an American anthropologist links all the previous facts obtained by researchers into a single chain: legends about the underworld kingdoms, wise teachers of the legendary Shambhala living in deep caves, "field (energy) creatures" living in the depths of the Earth and reading the thoughts of Zelenograd residents, and a cosmic beacon in the Kashkulak cave. All of them confirm the existence of underground intelligent, inhuman life forms. However, they differ on two points: what is their nature and origin (that is, are they a product of the Earth or aliens from outer space). Only time can answer these questions.

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