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About Indigo Children - Alternative View
About Indigo Children - Alternative View

Video: About Indigo Children - Alternative View

Video: About Indigo Children - Alternative View
Video: Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children 2023, April

Indigo children have long been of interest to scientists. How did they come about? Why do they have such knowledge? What is the purpose of their appearance? To all these questions about indigo children, scientists are trying to find answers.

What is known about indigo children

There are various versions of the appearance of indigo. The most common are mutations in the human body, which are caused by radiation from mobile phones, televisions and computers. Thus, the human body is prepared for existence in a technological society.

The second version is about indigo children, they were born due to UFO interference. Repeatedly in the media there was information about the sexual contacts of terrestrial women with aliens. There are thousands of such women. This theory can explain superpowers, indigo knowledge about the structure of other planets and about the life of aliens.

The third version is the intervention of nature. Nature intuitively compensates for its losses. Before the war, for example, many boys are born. Perhaps a global cataclysm or a catastrophe on a global scale will occur on Earth. To compensate for the loss of life, nature has created indigo people who can survive in the prevailing conditions.

Indigo children talk about disaster coming soon. The planet in its present form will last no more than five years. People with unusual abilities will meet the previous catastrophe already in adulthood, since most of them were born in the 90s.

Many argue that Indigo children are the predecessors of the sixth race of humans. They will create a new generation, resistant to radiation and mutations, which can live on Earth after the disaster and replace the existing generation of people.

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No one can say for sure why the indigo generation came about. Modern science cannot explain their existence, conservative scientists simply close my eyes to what is happening.

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