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Indigo Children And Astrology - Alternative View
Indigo Children And Astrology - Alternative View

Video: Indigo Children And Astrology - Alternative View

Video: Indigo Children And Astrology - Alternative View
Video: Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children 2023, April

Recently, more and more often they turn to me with the same question: "Is it possible to see from the natal chart of a person whether he is indigo?" And here, before answering the question, it is necessary to determine the very term "indigo".

This term was first introduced by a psychic woman Nancy Ann Tap, and denotes a special color of a person's aura. It is well known that every living person has a biofield, the radiation of which has different frequencies and is fixed by the Kirlian effect in the form of different colors surrounding the human body. The blue and violet shades of the biofield are called indigo color, and this aura color is the rarest, but recently (since the 90s of the last century) there has been a tendency to an increase in the number of children with this aura color.

Further observations of indigo children by psychologists revealed some of the characteristics of these children, among whom such as a high level of intelligence and extraordinary sensitivity up to extrasensory abilities are most common.

It is interesting that among the same psychologists, there are a large number of people who consider the phenomenon of indigo a hoax, actively implemented by supporters of the New Age movement. As for me, I am not inclined to draw conclusions so radically, since the blue tones of the aura actually exist. On the other hand, we still do not have sufficient statistics to make such conclusions.


Nevertheless, the question "Is it possible to see on the natal chart of a person whether he is indigo?" - exists and people are waiting for an answer. I think this question is reasonable and in this regard I will try to answer it based on the experience and observations that I have.

And in this regard, the first thing that needs to be drawn to the attention of the reader is the possibilities of astrology in relation to the diagnosis of the human soul, namely, the presence in it of a certain experience that manifests itself in a person's life in the form of certain abilities and skills. And here the answer will be in the affirmative, since the essential dignity of the planets (the properties and meaning of the planet in the sign) are for the astrologer the main significators in the natal chart, symbolizing certain properties of the soul with which it came to its current incarnation, and the presence of one or another aspect in the planets indicates the nature of the manifestation of these properties of the soul.

So, when we want to determine in a child the presence of certain abilities and the degree of their expression, looking at his natal chart, we are primarily interested in the essential properties of the collective planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Why collective? Because it is these planets that testify to the involvement of an individual human soul in the collective experience of all mankind, or in other words, collective planets show the level of development of the human soul and the possibility of manifesting this experience for the benefit of other people.

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Thus, we look primarily at the strength of the manifestation of collective planets, which is determined by its location in one or another sign of the zodiac. When the planet is in abode or in exaltation, then we are talking about the strongly expressed properties of the planet, when the planet is imprisoned or in decline, then we are talking about the weakly expressed properties of the planet. If the planet is not in abode, culmination, fall or imprisonment, then we are talking about the average values of the manifestation of the energies of this or that planet.

In this regard, the status of the collective planets is as follows:

Uranus in the monastery (domicile) - in the sign of Aquarius, retrograde Uranus in the monastery - in Capricorn, at the climax (exaltation) - in Scorpio, retrograde Uranus - in Libra

in the fall (phallus) - in Taurus, retrograde Uranus - in Aries

in captivity (eksil) - in Leo, retrograde Uranus - in Cancer.

Neptune in the abode is in Pisces, retrograde Neptune is in Sagittarius, culminating in Aquarius, retrograde Neptune in Cancer, in the fall - in Leo, retrograde Neptune - in Capricorn, in captivity - in Virgo, retrograde Neptune - in Gemini;

Pluto in the abode - in Scorpio, retrograde Pluto - in Aries, culminating in Leo, retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, in the fall - in Aquarius, retrograde Pluto - in Cancer,

in captivity - in Taurus, retrograde Pluto - in Libra.

The next step to pay attention to is finding out whether the planet is directive or retrograde. And here we are more interested in the retrograde status of the planet than in the directive. The fact is that the main meaning of the retrograde collective planet is an indication that the soul, in the natal chart of which there is one or another collective retrograde planet, already has certain accumulations of energies for this planet, but the retrogradeness of its planet indicates that these developments in the past, they did not provide sufficient benefit to other people and were applied in the wrong way, or in the right way, but not to the extent that they could have been applied.

Finally, the third key link is the determination of the angular position of the collective planets in relation to other planets and to each other. Moreover, we are interested in both tense and harmonious aspects, since working out the energies of planets in tense aspects often gives greater results than working with the energies of planets in harmonious aspects. Moreover, it is also important to look at the aspect of the collective planets in relation to other elements of the natal chart. For example, the presence of the trine of Uranus with Fortune may indicate that the soul will be accompanied by good luck in the field of self-determination and mastering freedom, and most importantly, in mastering those areas of activity that are completely new and unknown for the bulk of humanity.

Thus, summing up the general result in our article, we can draw the following conclusions. Significators in the natal charts of indigo children or souls with special abilities and skills are the following key points of the radix:

- finding a collective planet (or planets) in the abode or climax, - the retrograde status of the collective planet, - the presence of any aspect of the collective planet in relation to other planets, to each other, or to other elements of the natal chart (Lunar nodes, Lilith, Selena, etc.).

This article is an attempt by the author to give the main astrological clues for the diagnosis of Indigo children - an attempt that may have to be done more than once in the future.

A. Libier

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