The Indigo Phenomenon - Alternative View

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The Indigo Phenomenon - Alternative View
The Indigo Phenomenon - Alternative View

Video: The Indigo Phenomenon - Alternative View

Video: The Indigo Phenomenon - Alternative View
Video: Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children 2023, September

They are hunted by special services, representatives of various religious denominations and show business dealers. Some scientists consider them victims of man-made mutations, while others - a new step in evolution … Who are they really, children with an aura of indigo color? people-X

In the late 70s - early 80s of the last century, children began to be born, completely different from their peers. Their strangeness manifested itself already in the first months of life. Doctors were amazed at the absolutely adult eyes of babies. The intelligence of these children was also clearly not age-appropriate. Their IQ was much higher than that of an ordinary person, which was previously considered the lot of geniuses and was found in only one person in ten thousand. They are able to process information at the speed of a perfect computer, their brains are adapted to the most complex analysis.

These Indigo children, named for the dark blue color of their aura, are today called the children of light, a new civilization, or the generation of a new millennium. They say that they are familiar with angels and other worlds, sometimes remember who they were in a past life, and know that they came to this planet with an extremely important mission. The physiology of children of the new generation differs significantly from the usual one. Their immunity is much higher than that of "ordinary" people. Their body easily copes with HIV infection and other viral diseases, and the liver is able to process absolutely any food, even the one that is, in fact, not food.

Unlike ordinary children, Indigo children are born with an already laid down inner moral code. Their world is two-colored - either black or white - there is no third. And although children of light are usually religious, their ways of solving problems are far from the principles of virtue of modern religions. In their opinion, the "wrong people": alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, must be destroyed. Therefore, some adults who are well aware of the Indigo's views consider them dangerous. But what can we say about strangers, if even their own parents are sometimes afraid of overly gifted children.

One such child of the new era was found in a war-torn Caucasian village. Six-year-old Lana was considered there to be possessed by the devil. She could walk up to someone and say, "You are already dead." After that, the person most often really died, and the girl was accused of this. Even her own grandfather insisted that the child should be killed. Lana says that at sixteen she will become a preacher of a new doctrine, and at thirty-three she will die at the stake, and her death will give new faith and the desire for a new just life to millions of people.

The maturity of this child's judgment is perplexing to many adults. “Why is a woman who gives birth to a child considered unclean in your religion? Lana asks. And she herself answers: - Because men took power in the church. Such a free statement should have led the official church into indignation, but, nevertheless, Lana was received at the Vatican, where she talked with the fathers of the Catholic Church on equal terms. It is not surprising, because the girl not only thoroughly knows the sacred texts, but also gives them her own interpretations.

She especially loves one passage from the apocryphal “Revelation of John the Theologian”: “And again I asked: Lord, what is the number of angels? And who is more: angels or people? And I heard a voice saying to me: As the number of angels is, so is the human race, as the prophet said: He set the limits of the people according to the number of the angels of God. The child explains this passage as follows: “If there are as many angels as there are people, then angels are women too. Therefore, a woman can be an angel. And a woman is both a prophet and God. Her reasoning about the death of Jesus Christ also differs from the generally accepted one. The girl is not worried about the fact that God the father gave his son to death, but what it was like for the Mother of Jesus to survive the death of the child.

Lana also found one more wonderful gift. The child sees prophetic dreams. One day she dreamed that she was to receive a certain sacred book from the abbot in an Israeli church. Knowing the phenomenal abilities of the girl, they tried to find the book, dug up the entire library of the said church - to no avail. Lana noticed that in the place where in her dream there was a passage leading to the library, there is now a wall. Permission to cut through this wall was difficult to obtain. But when the masonry was dismantled, a passage opened to the old vault, in which they found an ancient book from Lana's dream.

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School for geniuses

How to educate children of the new millennium? There are very few special organizations for working with such children, and an ordinary school with rigid attitudes and pedagogical clichés can irreversibly cripple the unstable psyche of genius children, which they already have weak, as if in contrast to their incredible abilities and talents. And the broken, humiliated Indigo children are a person who survived a disaster.

According to US statistics, where, according to researchers of this phenomenon, the education system is at a rather low level, there have been several cases when "children of a new civilization" killed their parents or peers. In addition, as statistics show, more and more children of a new generation have been found among suicides in the last decade. Therefore, people of the "old model" most often mistake super-capable Indigos for people with mental disabilities. And in an attempt to curb these "little geniuses" they send them to special schools or try to suppress the hyperactivity inherent in these children with drugs.

And the life of Indigos is not easy without this, because they grow up in a world that is not yet ready to accept them. Here is what one of the children of the world writes about this: “From childhood I knew that I had to disguise myself as those around me, because everything I have is not like people - even the style of presenting thoughts. I have to "convert" information several times before giving it out.

For a very long time I learned to express my thoughts in such a way that others could understand me. By the age of 37, I was getting good at it! I even write articles for technical magazines. This is what has always amazed me and amazes me - it turns out that many scientists have very poor knowledge and narrow perception of the universe! I am constantly shocking professionals in various industries. "My industries" - technology (all, together with electronic systems), medicine and jurisprudence."

The future of ultramarine

If such a child withstands attempts to drive him into the framework of the usual stereotypes, then he begins to develop in the direction he needs, not at all straying off course.

For example, Serezha Krasnov from St. Petersburg can read books from the age of three. Only he does it not in the usual way, but reads the information, just putting his hand on the cover. A girl known throughout the medical world lives in Mordovia. Natasha Demkina from the age of six can see people literally through and through, like an X-ray. Her diagnoses are confirmed by independent research in Britain. But eight-year-old Marko Bovchev from Bulgaria recently published his book, which has not yet become famous. In his documentary novel, the boy told in detail about the civilization that died on Mars, about what troubles await humanity in the near future, and how he is going to save the Earth from an impending disaster.

In Anapa, another incident occurred that amazed scientists: sixteen-year-old Natasha Khlebnikova spoke 120 languages, including Persian and Old English. The girl became a polyglot without any effort. Extraordinary linguistic knowledge was discovered in the child after a deep fainting. Natasha's phenomenon was studied in dozens of institutes, since for many languages she knew it was difficult to find an interlocutor.

In Japan, eleven-year-old Yakeshi Tanako heads the creative department at a leading automotive design bureau. His career began overnight. The boy once brought an album with his drawings to the office of the owner of the company. The design developments of the young genius captivated not only his immediate boss. For several years now, the entire automotive world has been adjusting to the tastes of the young Yakeshi.

It is hard to believe in all these miracles, because 30 years ago no one had even heard of the phenomenon of Indigo children, but today an unusual color predominates in the aura of 70 out of 100 babies, and scientists assume that in the near future 90 percent of all newborns will have an ultramarine aura. Then the new race will become the most numerous on earth.

American scientists believe that the Indigo children are the result of the process of human evolution: the technogenic revolution and global computerization. But some theories argue that in the most dramatic moments of history, when some catastrophe is inevitably impending, super-information begins to flow to the Earth and a new civilization is born that can save life on the planet. Perhaps the Indigo children are her representatives.