The Paranormal Abilities Of Rosa Kuleshova - Alternative View
The Paranormal Abilities Of Rosa Kuleshova - Alternative View

Video: The Paranormal Abilities Of Rosa Kuleshova - Alternative View

Video: The Paranormal Abilities Of Rosa Kuleshova - Alternative View
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The phenomenon of Rosa Kuleshova was first discussed in the 70s. Despite the fact that in the Soviet era, the attitude towards "paranormal" phenomena was, to put it mildly, skeptical, the abilities of this woman were studied for a long time and seriously … She died very young, without revealing to the researchers her secret - how she manages to see and read without help physical vision?

The following is known about the childhood of Rosa Kuleshova. She was born in the small village of Pokrovka near Nizhny Tagil. Her father died at the front, her mother remarried, and she had no time for her daughter. The upbringing of the girl was taken over by her grandmother. When she died, Rosa suffered from epileptic seizures due to nerves. Because of this, she could not even graduate from high school. After seven years I went to work as a nurse in a hospital. Unusual abilities she discovered unexpectedly. Here is the story of Kuleshova herself:

“In 1960, I entered the amateur art courses, after graduating from which, I went to work as the head of the drama club in the society of the blind. I was amazed that the blind can read using a special alphabet and letters gouged out on paper. How do they feel about it? As the saying goes, it is better to experience it yourself than to hear it a hundred times. To begin with, I began to train in the carved alphabet for first graders.

During the day I managed to memorize the outlines of two letters, and I mastered the alphabet itself in two weeks. Then, at my own peril and risk, I tried to read ordinary letters blindly. At first I felt only roughness. But after a year and a half I learned to read printed text. In the spring of 1962, I fell ill with a sore throat. I was admitted to the hospital where my tonsils were excised.

Once I asked the women in my ward to close my eyes and give me a book. Running my fingers across the page, I read lines three. The women were amazed, they got scared and ran to the doctor. Of course, the doctor did not believe me, called me into the office and gave me a book in a pillowcase. My hand, along with the book, was covered with a pillowcase. I covered my eyes with the palm of my other hand and read a whole page of a medical book completely unfamiliar to me. As a result, an article about me appeared in the local newspaper.


In the summer of the same year, a circus for children opened in Nizhny Tagil, where I was invited to work. At that time in the city one could often see posters: “Circus with the participation of Rosa Kuleshova”. I read with my eyes closed, recognized the colors of objects and their outlines without touching them. In 1965, I moved to Sverdlovsk, went to work at a school for blind children. I taught them my method, but I didn’t say that I was sighted. This was done for pedagogical purposes to instill confidence in children. Sasha Nikiforov achieved particular success, learning to recognize objects at a distance and walk without a stick or guide.

Rose has participated in numerous experiments. She was blindfolded, an impenetrable partition was placed between her face and the book, but the effect remained unchanged - the woman read any texts. In addition, she could distinguish the colors of the cards, which she took out by touch from a black linen bag or a thick sealed envelope. True, in the latter case, Rose was able to accurately determine the colors of the three top cards - red, blue and green. The other seven she saw dimly.

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I read Kuleshova not only with her hands, but also, for example, with her bare elbows and feet. During one of the experiments, she was asked to read the name of a magazine lying under the table. Rose touched him with her bare foot. “Young designer,” she said. And then she corrected herself: “No, 'Modeler-constructor!'” The word “modeler” was unusual for her.

There are many legends about Rose Kuleshova. Some consider her a charlatan and are convinced that Rosa was just peeping through the bandage (although, if this were so, she would have been exposed at the very beginning). According to another myth, Kuleshova herself once said to one of the researchers: “Do you really think that I read with my ass? Yes, I knew what was written here when I entered the room! " If this story is true, then Rosa most likely had not "skin vision", but clairvoyance.

Rosa Kuleshova did not live long. She died in 1978 from a hemorrhage caused by a brain tumor. She was not yet 40. It is possible that her abilities were somehow related to the violation of brain activity. But we will never know its secrets.


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