Lords Of The Natural Elements - Alternative View
Lords Of The Natural Elements - Alternative View

Video: Lords Of The Natural Elements - Alternative View

Video: Lords Of The Natural Elements - Alternative View
Video: Natural Elements 3 (1994) 2023, May

People who have a mysterious ability to attract various natural elements have met at all times. In some cases, this strange property was explained by the use of magic, in others - the phenomenon looked completely inexplicable. A certain Don Decker (Great Britain), to the horror of his family, was able to make rain … in his own home.

For a long time, people who had a special gift to predict the weather, or even cause rains or send drought, hail, were called by the people "hailstorms", "fatteners", "hmarniks", "cloud-chasers". These people were endowed with the ability to predict the weather and influence it at birth, but it was also possible to become a grader by entering into an alliance with a warlock, taking possession of a wonderful staff or candle. When the storm approached, the hailer ran in circles, waving his arms as if in a fight, baptizing the clouds with three straws, uttering a spell, ringing the bells. He drove away the clouds with the help of a special stick, with which he separated the frog and the snake. The grader could twice refuse the leader of the storm (say, the devil) who came to him for permission to pour hail, and only the third time he allowed to pour hail somewhere far from dwellings, gardens, crops - onto the road, into a ravine. In the Hutsul legends there are stories about how two city dwellers fight among themselves, determining whose village a cloud with hail should fall …

In 1983, one of the police stations in Monroe County (UK) received a call from the Dekkers' house. Arriving at the scene, patrol officers John Bauzhen and Richard Volbert found that the owner was in a state of trance, and a real rain storm was raging inside the house. According to eyewitnesses, jets of water appeared from nowhere, as if from all directions at once.

Since the downpour did not stop, the next day, Don Decker was taken to a local prison, thereby saving his relatives from a terrible disaster. However, rain began to pour in the prison cell where Dekker was placed. The prison staff even began to think about calling a priest and performing an exorcism ritual. How this story ended is unknown.

But Alexander Mandon from the city of Sampues in Colombia, located 300 kilometers north of Bogotá, has the ability to attract lightning. This happened to him four times in a short time. The first incident took place in September last year. After a lightning bolt passed through his body during a thunderstorm, Alexander miraculously remained unharmed. But very little time passed, and the "miracle" was repeated.

Soon, Alexander was taken into the army. But somehow during the exercises, lightning hit him again! After that, Mandon was sent home: the garrison authorities, hearing about the miracles happening to him, felt that he was putting the rest of the soldiers at risk - if lightning does not harm Alexander himself, then it is not a fact that it will not harm others. Despite the fact that once in his hometown, the young man began to behave with great caution - in particular, he tried not to be in an open space and not open windows, the "heavenly fire" overtook him for the fourth time.

This time, the guy turned to local healers for advice. He was convinced that he was the victim of some kind of curse. One of the healers suggested that too much electricity had accumulated in Mandon's body, and suggested that the unfortunate man … bury himself in the ground to remove the charge! True, not lying down, but in an upright position. On the appointed day, two men put Alexander in a hole prepared in advance. Neighbors and relatives began to throw earth at him …

By the way, many believers perceive being struck by lightning as a punishment from God. So, on June 15 of this year, a lightning strike struck three young people who stood near the Assumption Church in the village of Stary Kuzminki near Moscow. 29-year-old Roman Chizhov died on the spot, and his comrades, 27-year-old Kirill Volkov and 32-year-old Daniil Zgonnikov, were taken to the regional hospital with injuries from a powerful electric shock.

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On that day, three Muscovites decided to go out of town to swim in a pond near Starye Kuzminki. On the way to the train, a thunderstorm caught them. Stopping at a local temple, they decided to wait out the rain under a tree. Lightning flashed, and the guys were scattered in different directions … The deceased Roman was tried to save the priest, Father Vladimir, to whom his comrades turned for help, gave him a heart massage. But it was not possible to bring the young man to his senses.

Subsequently, it turned out that all three professed paganism, worshiped ancient Slavic deities. And the page of Roman Chizhov on the social network was full of nationalist symbols and anti-Christian statements. Isn't it for this that higher powers took his life? Who knows …


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