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Himmler's "Bible" - Alternative View
Himmler's "Bible" - Alternative View

Video: Himmler's "Bible" - Alternative View

Video: Himmler's "Bible" - Alternative View
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Atlantis - the incubator of the Nazis ?! Atlantis was destroyed because some of its inhabitants mixed with the beast-people and gave rise to "unclean" races. But the "good" Atlanteans became the ancestors of the Germans. This "chronicle" inspired some of the Nazi leaders so much that it was called "Himmler's bible" …

Today, anyone who is curious can open Wikipedia in any human language they understand to read that The Chronicle of Ur Linda is a crude forgery. Nevertheless, politicians are still arguing about this book, linguists are crossing spears, ordinary people are quarreling. Because of which? It would seem that it is an ordinary medieval chronicle that tells about the ancient people of the Frisians, who lived in the lower reaches of the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt and were engaged in piracy and fishing. But her interpretation fit perfectly into the racist ideology of the Nazis.

Until now, inquisitive young men and women could read the famous book only in the original language and translated into English. And just recently it appeared in Russian with a foreword and notes by Andrey Kondratyev.

In 1933, The Chronicle of Ur Linda was published by Hermann Felix Wirth, one of the leaders of the Ahnenerbe (Legacy of Ancestors) society. According to the scientist, the legend contained in the "Chronicle of Ur Linda" refers to the Stone Age.

The Chronicle of Ura Linda begins with a description of the origin of the races: “By the twelfth Yul, he (Vralda) gave birth to three virgins: Lida from hot dust; Findu from hot dust; Freya of warm dust. Then Vralda gave them his breath. Divine Od ("God's breath") approached them, and each gave birth to 12 sons and 12 daughters, one between the holidays of Yul. All people went from this. Lida was black, with curly hair like a lamb's … She didn't want to know anything about laws, her actions were determined by her passions … Finda was yellow, and her hair was like a stallion's mane. She wrote 1000 laws, but did not follow any of them. She hated the righteous for their directness and yielded to flatterers … Freya was white as snow at dawn, and the blue of her eyes exceeded the blue of a rainbow … The first thing her children learned was self-care, the second - the love of virtues.

Lecturer for Hitler

According to Wirth, the founder of the Atlanto-Nordic religion was the Savior, but not a historical person, but the Son of God, who entered Time in order to die and rise in it. The rays of God's Grace, according to Virt, were runes. “So, the source of this linear writing is cosmic-calendar, and as such - cult-symbolic:

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in the text of the Revelation of the Divine in the cosmic world order, the calendar signs of the Year of God are “Holy Scripture,” Wirth considered. To decipher the sacred signs of the original Atlanto-Nordic language, the scientist creates a research center for the study of the spiritual history of antiquity in the town of Bad Doberan, which will later turn into "Ahnenerbe".

Wirth began to collaborate with the National Socialists early. He met Hitler back in 1929. The future Fuhrer listened to his lectures, showing interest in the "Nordic vegetarianism", which the scientist spoke about.

The symbol of the organization, of which Wirth was the founder, was the swastika, or the hooked cross (Hakenkreuz). He will devote the book "On the origin and meaning of the swastika" (1933) to the symbolism of the Kolovrat. According to Wirth, the swastika existed in ancient cultures. During the Neolithic period! and the Chalcolithic, this symbol was found in Western Asia, Crete, India and Iran. Especially many images of the swastika were found during excavations in Troy. “However, at the same time, the swastika - and this is a mysterious and difficult to explain fact - is practically absent in the extreme west of Europe, as well as in Egypt,” writes A. Kondratyev. “In Semitic cultures the sign of the swastika is hardly at all attested: it is absent in the images of Palestine, Phenicia, Arabia, Syria, Assyria, etc. However, in Indo-European cultures, this sign has been sacred since the Stone Age,as far as the surviving images allow us to judge."

Two Atlantis

From the work of the Ariosophist Hermann Wieland "Atlantis, Edda and the Bible: 20,000 Years of Great Germanic Culture and the Mystery of Holy Scripture" (1925), it followed that the ancestral home of Germanic culture, numbering 20,000 years, was Atlantis. The sons of the Sun who inhabited it began, according to Wieland, to mingle with beastmen or even animals. One of Bohuslan's reliefs was cited as evidence, depicting the "sodomite act with a pig." From this, many mutants and bastards appeared. Then some of the Atlanteans (mutant-beast-phyla) began to make robber raids on other states. Red-skinned Atlantean mutants left behind not only devastated cities, but also gave birth to red-skinned, like them, the Mangbattu cannibals and some Negro tribes. Wieland described savage Aztec Jews who plundered, killed, and burned green forests. The Lord decided to destroy the land of the Atlanteans.

In the "Chronicle of Ur Linda" published by Wirth, the death of Atlantis (called "Atland", "Aldland" or "Aldlandia") is described in great detail. Flooded in 2193 BC the island was, as Wirth established, in the Atlantic Ocean. It was about him that Plato told in his dialogues and is told in the East Frisian legends about the White Aland, also called the island of the dead. Wirth's teachings speak of two At-lantids. The second Atlantis - the spiritual homeland of the Atlanto-Nordic race - was on the shoals of Dogger Bank. He identified Atlantis with the famous island of Thule or Fule. At the same time, the scientist referred to the results of archaeological finds. The remains of a lost civilization showed a higher stage of development than the Eskimos living in those places today.

Himmler's Bible

German scientists almost immediately rejected the authenticity of the Chronicle, about which the head of the Black Order, Himmler, wrote that it was "true, since its essence is true." After Himmler spoke about the Chronicle in 1937 that “out of a thousand pebbles in the mosaic that represent a true picture of the emergence of the world system and its history, a few pebbles are contained in this book,” Professor Gerd Simon of Tübingen called it “Himmler's Bible” … Other scholars considered the book to be hostile to Germany, because it imposes on the Germans non-German attitudes and some kind of "female economy".

Immediately after Wirth's publication of the Chronicle of Ur Linda, a heated scientific and journalistic controversy broke out, in which many Germanists refused to believe in the authenticity of the “Ancient Northern Testament,” notes Kondratyev. "In someone rudimentary Christianity spoke, in someone philological correctness, in someone banal envy." The most serious arguments were presented: the runic system of the original was borrowed from Latin; the language is distorted Old Frisian or Neo-Dutch, combed in an Old Frisian manner; the paper was made no earlier than 1850. To all reproaches, Wirth replied that even if something in the Chronicle may turn out to be inauthentic, it certainly contains an archaic layer, which, with little knowledge of Germanic tradition in the 19th century, could not be intentionally invented. In a word,it is difficult to imagine the whole worldview of the peoples of the North Sea region during the Stone Age and their high mission.

Not Germans, but Aryans

Hitler did not sympathize with Wirth's views. “These professors and obscurantists who create their own Nordic religion spoil everything for me. Why am I allowing this? They bring confusion, and any confusion is fruitful,”the Fuhrer declared categorically. Unlike his entourage, Hitler never expressed sympathy for German antiquity. If he remembered the ancient Germans, he did it in order to remind them of their "courage, willingness to fight and racial consciousness." According to Hitler, not the Germans, but the Aryans led mankind to spiritual heights. The apogee, one of the Aryan tribes - the Germans, reached in Greek and Roman antiquity.

Even the standards of the elite units in the Third Reich were copies of ancient Roman military badges. The symbol of the Berlin Olympics is the Hellenic sculpture "Discobolus" by master Miron. Hitler admired the imperial grandeur of Rome and the British Empire. He borrowed a lot not from mythology, but from social Darwinism. Hence his formulas "the right of the strong" and "the death of the weak." What kind of matriarchy is there according to Virt?

The main ideologist of the party, Alfred Rosenberg, did not stand aside, and subjected Wirth's teachings to publicity in his bestseller "Myth of the XX century." He considered the evidence provided by the scientist unconvincing on the grounds that "matriarchy is constantly associated with chthonic belief in gods, patriarchy with solar myth." And he continued further: "The feminine principle in Asia Minor in pre-Christian times led to the cult of getters and collective sex."

Rosenberg called for the deletion of Wirth's name and his teaching from German history. However, Rosenberg's department did not at all try to ban the Chronicle. Virtue was supported, as you know, by SS Reichs-Fuehrer Heinrich Himmler. Although, like Rosenberg, the SS chief relied on the anti-Christian aspects of ideology. “If the most harmful survives and the strongest wins, then nature is the god of scoundrels,” as Bernard Shaw wittily walked through social Darwinism. Inveterate scoundrels like Himmler crossed social Darwinism with racism and Germanic mythology to achieve their selfish goals.

“Interesting newspaper. Secrets of history "№7. J. Ignatchenko

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