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The Healing Energy Of Trees - Alternative View
The Healing Energy Of Trees - Alternative View

Video: The Healing Energy Of Trees - Alternative View

Video: The Healing Energy Of Trees - Alternative View
Video: The Truth About the Healing Power of Trees | Janet Law | TEDxBearCreekPark 2023, April

How to properly use their miraculous power?

Trees growing alone (tapeworms) have the greatest energy. A person can feel the energy emanating from them at a distance of 1.5-2 m from the tree.

Experienced bioenergy specialists advise to find your tree and recharge near it.

Try to approach different plants and listen to your feelings. If you feel lightness in your soul, your mood has risen, then the tree is "yours"

The tree must be of the correct shape, healthy. Look at the leaves - if they are infested with aphids or other parasites, choose a different one. There should be no tumors or growths on the trunk.

Donor trees are trees that have a large supply of bioenergy and the ability to quickly restore it. A person, with the consent of the donor trees, can enjoy these amazing properties.

Traditionally, it is believed that the donor tree should be approached from the south. First you need to touch it with your forehead, then hug it with your palms at head level, then lean against it with your whole body. The northern side, on the contrary, is able to rid the body of excess energy, relieve stress. You just need to get up to the trunk with your back, hugging it with your hands down. And, of course, having recharged with bioenergy, do not waste it on trifles, do not fuss. Then everything will be fine.

♦ The most energetically strong oak is considered. This is a mighty tree, a symbol of immense vitality and wisdom. Oak energizes for a long time, helping everyone who wants to become truly strong: scientists, politicians, military men, sailors, financiers, artists.

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♦ Birch is a special tree for a Russian person. She loves sincere people. Best of all, birch communicates with women and children: it comforts women, and makes children happy. It is best to come to bow to a birch in the morning, at dawn.

This tree relieves fatigue, neutralizes the negative effects of everyday stress, and helps to restore mental harmony. A birch tree growing next to the house drives away nightmares.

♦ Linden has energy that can make a person sharp-witted, communication with a linden tree brings joy. Linden is especially beneficial for children. It is better to communicate with her in the second half of the day, in summer, always in warm, dry weather.

♦ Rowan is especially good at helping townspeople, so we must thank those who plant it in parks and yards. Rowan helps children, women and men alike. At the same time, she patronizes more women, is able to awaken dormant sexuality in her. It is best to communicate with her during flowering and when the berries are ripe.

♦ Ash has a strong energy. He especially helps people of art, athletes. You need to communicate with him in the afternoon, in the light of the sun. He helps to understand our purpose, sometimes his energy awakens the ability to clairvoyance, allows us to know the future, but helps only those who are sincere in their desire for knowledge.

♦ Maple is a tree that is energy-neutral. Suitable for people with various diseases. Takes on negative emotions and demands nothing in return. The best stress reliever. It is necessary to approach it with pure thoughts! Feeling no evil and hatred for your neighbor.

Is the body depleted? Approach from the north side.

Coniferous trees have a strong energy.

♦ Pine is able to level the disturbed human biofield. The strongest pines are those growing separately on sunny hills. Its energy restores immunity and is an antidepressant. It is believed that pine is more suitable for men. It will help to decide. Have a big decision to make? Go to the pine tree. Communication with her is more effective in the afternoon.

♦ The cedar has a unique energy, it gives a feeling of fullness of life to lonely and disillusioned people. It is best to charge at the cedar in the early evening.

♦ The energy of the ate is also strong, but specific; spruce can give a charge of creative energy and even give inspiration. It is like music that completely captures a person. Spruce is a symbol of the holiday, New Year. The best time to communicate with the "Christmas tree" is from ten o'clock in the evening to one in the morning. The Christmas tree is the focus of joy and happiness.

♦ The energy of fir has a beneficial effect on people who are weak, often catching colds; fir works well for children and the elderly.

♦ The energy of larch calms a person, brings him to peace of mind.

♦ Juniper also has a strong energy, its energy tones up. You can communicate with a juniper at any time of the year or day.

Energy consumer trees

Consumer trees can provide invaluable help to humans. First, such trees are able to absorb both positive and negative energy. Consumer trees have a wonderful ability to clear energy channels, thereby relieving stress and healing diseases. This suggests that they can improve both mental and physical well-being of a person.

Using the help of the consumer tree, you should not vividly visualize how all negative information is drawn out of you, energy channels are cleared. This can lead to a sharp loss of bioenergy, and instead of improvement, the condition will deteriorate. You just need to be aware of the impact of consumer trees on you. It is not recommended to stay near such a tree for more than 20 minutes.

After contact with a consumer tree, it is imperative to replenish the bioenergy supply in any possible way: if there is a donor tree nearby - with its help, if not - with the help of rhythmic breathing, etc. Without replenishing the bioenergy supply, instead of improvement, a sharp deterioration may occur.

♦ Aspen. With her, you must be honest and open. Trust - and you will receive healing from headaches and even removal of damage! You can communicate with aspen through a sore spot on your body. Touch it with this place - and the pain should subside. Aspen helps to remove negative energy in the afternoon and in fairly cool weather.

♦ Poplar is the second most powerful energy consumer after aspen; its activity is constant, from dawn to dusk. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

♦ After communicating with a willow, many troubles do not seem so serious. She is indifferent to the problems of good and evil, she serves only nature, obeying the laws of balance and justice. Willow is active in the evening, before sunset; it works very well for children and the elderly.

♦ Chestnut is a consumer of energy, although during the flowering period it is a donor tree. The chestnut relieves the inner tension of a person. It is better to communicate with him in the early morning, at sunrise.

Let's remember the beneficial properties of trees and shrubs. Each torn leaf, broken twig is harm done to a friend.

If a person has little bioenergy, he should communicate more with nature. You need to go to the forest or park, choose a tree to which you will be drawn, say hello to him and share your problems. Let it turn into a true friend for you. When you feel bad, you can come to him "to visit" to recharge with bioenergy. It will certainly share it with you.

If you are sick, then first visit a tree with negative bioenergy, leave your pain to it, and then go to a tree with positive bioenergy, and you will receive strength and energy from it. Communication with green friends will definitely improve a person's condition and cheer up.

Finding out if a tree is right at the moment is very simple: rub the foil with your hand and go to the tree you like. If the foil reaches for it, the tree is suitable, if it sticks to your hand, then at the moment it is better not to communicate with this tree.

Sometimes even “their own” tree, not to mention the “wrong” tree, does not agree to share bioenergy. This may be due to the lack of this bioenergy in the tree itself or its unwillingness to give it to you, because this bioenergy does not suit you.

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