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Psychic Emma Rayman: "Ufa Has A Great Future" - Alternative View
Psychic Emma Rayman: "Ufa Has A Great Future" - Alternative View

Video: Psychic Emma Rayman: "Ufa Has A Great Future" - Alternative View

Video: Psychic Emma Rayman: "Ufa Has A Great Future" - Alternative View
Video: Rayman Funnies Рус. 2023, May

Clairvoyant Emma Ryman - ritual magician, founder of the school of parapsychology "Arkan", finalist of the show "Black and White" on Channel One, head of the Union of Esotericists "Legion". Rayman was born in Ufa, but lives in St. Petersburg. Graduated from the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations of Economics and Law, Faculty of Social Psychology. Before her visit to her home capital, Emma Ryman told about how to survive the crisis, told the truth about the show "Battle of Psychics", gave advice on how to find your soul mate, and revealed secrets about the future of the republic. After all, you see, you can treat magic in different ways, but nobody canceled curiosity!

Ufa is an energy center, geniuses are born here

Emma, when did you realize that you have a gift? Do you consider this your mission or is it just a job for you?

- The gift has always been, according to my relatives, I have always been a strange child. At the age of 11 (after the first healing by the laying on of hands) everyone else was convinced of the gift. And from that moment on, the abilities began to actively develop. A little later, clairvoyance was discovered, the ability to read information and work with energies. I have been receiving people for many years and I am convinced that helping others is definitely a mission.

You were born in Ufa. Many people call our city mystical, even esoteric. What do you think of this?


- Ufa is indeed a kind of energy center. And all because in the distant past, our ancestors performed the strongest rituals on this land. Today brilliant people are born here, energies are born here, which subsequently build the defense of all of Russia. Ufa has a great future.

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Does the capital change greatly over time? What is the future of our city, republic?

- In the next 10 years, Bashkiria will change a lot. Ufa will become the center that will link Russia and Asia. It is in this city that new laws will be adopted that will throw the European Union and America into the background. Ufa will be one of the first cities to receive the new Asian currency (it will subsequently destroy the dollar).

Surely you often had to face criticism in your address. How do you feel about her?

- With understanding. People criticize out of ignorance or fear.

What requests do people most often ask you?

- Clients' requests are usually banal: money, health, love. But I prefer to tackle difficult cases.

“You shouldn't come to me if you yourself are able to handle the situation. I like to work when science and medicine are powerless. Then to me. I will help.

The magician aims to help, the charlatan aims to earn money


Modern young people often complain that they cannot find a mate. Divorce statistics are off the charts. There are many beautiful but single women in the city. What advice would you give in this regard?

- Here you can give only one piece of advice: to understand yourself.

- Unfortunately, most people are lonely not because of a curse or corruption, but because they find benefits and excuses for their lonely state. If a woman is ready to build relationships and understands that a man is “the joy in her house”, she will never be alone.

If the analysis does not help, you should contact a specialist, because nobody canceled the fate, but even at this level everything can be changed and corrected. Don't despair. You have to fight for love.


We live in a rather difficult time: the financial and spiritual crisis is felt. How to deal with the negativity around? How to maintain harmony in yourself?

- There are many methods of protection against negatives. All of them imply complex rituals that must be performed by the Masters. But there are simple rituals that can help smooth things out. Take the ring on the new moon. Put it on the icon of the Archangel Michael, and put a candle inside the ring. Looking at the flame say the prayer to Archangel Michael 5 times. As soon as the candle burns out, put on the ring and wear it on (on the left hand). After 6 months, the ritual should be repeated. It will help readers to save themselves and their loved ones.


"The Battle of Psychics", "The Invisible Man", "Black and White" - now on TV more and more popular programs with the participation of magicians, witches, clairvoyants. Why do you think?

- People come to the realization that life has no boundaries. They are drawn to mysticism because they feel: doors that have been locked for centuries are beginning to open slightly.

- In one of your interviews, you admitted that "The Battle of Psychics" is a show. Therefore, you did not go for it. Does this apply to all mystical programs on TV?

- "The Battle of Psychics" is a show, since the presentation of psychics differs from the presentation on "Black-White" by an abundance of action. However, there are also gifted psychics in the Battle.


How to determine whether a charlatan is in front of you or not? What separates clairvoyants from common scammers?

- It should be understood that the magician is aimed at help, the charlatan is aimed at making money. If you come to an appointment with a magician and without saying anything, they expose huge sums for ritual work, feel free to leave. The clairvoyant will always tell himself about the client's problems, about past events, about relatives. He will also name the reason for negative events in the client's life and suggest ways to get out of difficult situations.

There are a lot of gifted people in Ufa

At the ARCANE School of Magic and Parapsychology, of which you are the founder, you study the paranormal. How often have you witnessed this? Have there been such cases in our republic?

- Все чаще появляются одаренные люди (как раз на территории Башкирии их больше всего), которые сами становятся причиной возникновения пси-феноменов. У них развито ясновидение, способность видеть духов, они могут поджигать или передвигать предметы.

I and the teachers of the ARCANE school teach you how to control your gift. Or, if abilities are discovered at an early age, we can block them for a while. As for everyday life, the cases of psi phenomena are not uncommon. People often encounter them, but prefer not to focus on what they do not understand. And they turn to magicians only in case of a threat to life. For example, if a poltergeist or “violent spirit” appears in the house, or one of the deceased relatives does not want to leave and tortures the living in every possible way. By the way, I came across the last example on my last visit to Ufa. The problem was solved with the help of exile rituals.

Do you think our life is more influenced by ourselves or by fate?

- The stars have the most significant influence on our lives! At the time of birth, the sky freezes, and each person builds their own destiny, but this does not mean that a person is deprived of a choice. We have a choice, but it is determined and limited from above.

What would you wish our readers?

- From heart to heart, I wish readers to remember that everyone has a WILL! The one who has it strong will always find the keys to harmony and happiness. Never be discouraged or discouraged.

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