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Checking Information About The Anomalous Zone In The Medynsky Area - Alternative View
Checking Information About The Anomalous Zone In The Medynsky Area - Alternative View

Video: Checking Information About The Anomalous Zone In The Medynsky Area - Alternative View

Video: Checking Information About The Anomalous Zone In The Medynsky Area - Alternative View
Video: Anomalous expansion of water (Boon to aquatic animals in cold regions!!) 2023, May

Quote from V. Chernobrov's encyclopedia: “NIKITSKOE is a small village near Vereya in the Medynsky district in the north of the Kaluga region, next to which there is a large anomalous zone

It seems that it was about such places that Pushkin wrote: "There are miracles, there the goblin wanders …" Although no one has seen the goblin there, there are more than enough other miracles. A large number of healers, witches and witches ("witches - through the hut") still live in the nearby village.

4-5 kilometers behind the village and the swamp there is a dark mossy forest, cursed and never visited by local residents, in which many trees are bent, grass does not grow and birds and animals do not live. Repeatedly nearby, random mushroom pickers observed strange red balls, "going to land" in the forest, once they saw an incomprehensible animal in the form of a white fluffy ball, sitting on branches and rolling on the ground …

Quote from "Peasant Russia", 01.12.2003, Moscow, n48, p. 13. Author: Serafim Shishkin:

… anomalous researchers discovered three more "unclean zones" in the east of the same area - in the vicinity of the small villages of Shchigry, Ogarkovo and Nikitskoye. People living here occasionally observe UFOs of various configurations: disc-shaped, triangular, spherical and even in the form of cigars and pyramids …

… a few kilometers from Nikitskoye there is a forest that the village inhabitants definitely consider "enchanted" and therefore never go into it. Indeed, the tree trunks are bent and twisted here in the most unnatural way. The grass doesn't grow here. The chirping of birds is not heard. In short, a dead and terrifying forest. There were cases when a city dweller mushroom picker accidentally wandered in here, vaguely discernible entities (but not at all similar to humans) blocked the way into the depths of the forest. He, of course, did not resist and hurriedly returned to where he had just come from. When it became known about this eerie-mysterious forest, there were many not only thrill-seekers, but also researchers …

Quote from UFO Magazine 4.2003. Author: Yuri ZOLOTOV

… Nikitskoye is a small village in the north of the Kaluga region, not far from which a rather large anomalous zone was discovered, in which all the phenomena noted in Ogarkovo and Shchigry are manifested, and even more than a few kilometers from Nikitskoye there is a forest that one would like to call enchanted. The trunks of the trees here seem to be deliberately bent, mutilated by some kind of evil giant, the grass does not grow, the bird chirping is not heard. Dead forest, scary!

Residents of the surrounding villages do not go to it. However, if someone, having lost his way, suddenly finds himself here, then for a long time he remembers this with fear. There are no animals in the forest, however, mysterious entities that do not look like humans or animals unexpectedly block the path of the lost mushroom picker, frightening him almost not to death.

Promotional video:

Several years ago, a summer resident who came from Moscow wandered into the "enchanted" forest and saw a bluish fluffy ball rolling towards her between the trees. Rolling up to the woman's feet, the ball, as if in a fairy tale, turned into a shaggy old man with red watery eyes. The summer resident screamed wildly, and the old man, immediately re-assuming the form of a ball, continued on his way. Later, the poor woman said that she did not want to go into the forest, he immediately seemed scary and unfriendly to her, but some unknown force, which could not be resisted, carried her into the thicket …

… The Nikitskaya zone is still very little explored. However, the observations that the specialists managed to make in it are very valuable. People who have been to those places say that from time to time they begin to feel the approach of danger.

- It seems that an ice block is hanging over your head, which inevitably should fall on your head, - says Sergey N, who visited the zone as part of the expedition - At such a moment, you have only one desire - to run away from here as far and as quickly as possible So you would have done, but it's uncomfortable in front of the guys. It so happened that I felt the danger alone, it happened - several people. Usually, when anxiety became especially strong, somewhere in the depths of the forest a sound arose, reminiscent of the roar of some animal.

This roar grew and became, finally, so loud that we pinched our ears. Having reached its highest point, the roar ceased, and one of the signs of the anomalous zone passed through us, and one of the signs of the anomalous zone passed through us - the presence of strange objects in it. one of the caves located in those places, a mysterious object of unknown origin. It was located in a stone monolith about 200 million years old! And this is not the first find, at least the purpose of which is impossible to guess. By the way, the presence of strange objects there is one of the signs of anomalous zones …

In 2004, a group of enthusiastic researchers came to the village to check whether this information was true. Next is their story

»On the way, as elsewhere in Russia, we often met abandoned villages and dilapidated houses. We were ready to see something similar in Nikitsky. Several residential buildings in an abandoned village on the edge of civilization, where roads have not been repaired for the last 10 years. To our surprise, the road in front of the village improved significantly, at the edge of the village there were quite normal houses, then completely new buildings could be seen, in some places even modern methods of finishing the outer parts of buildings were used.

It was decided to try to find a local forester and find out everything about the local area from reliable sources.

At the forester's house we were met by his wife, at the moment the forester (Nikolai Sergeevich) was not there, he was, as it should be, in the forest. We especially did not want to wait until the evening, and after asking where the huntsman (Nikolai Petrov) lives in the village, we went to his house. A man worked at the said house, it was the local huntsman, Nikolai Petrov.

We introduce ourselves, tell us what interests us and ask to speak up as a professional and a person who often visits the forest for work and should know about all the anomalies. The huntsman shyly answered all our questions that he could not say anything. We list all conceivable and inconceivable anomalies, maybe he will remember what after a hint. But our efforts were in vain. There is nothing abnormal, no UFO flights, no prodigal forests, no crooked trees, no strange animals, no sorcerers, no witches, no Bigfoot, no unusual footprints.

We also learned that a couple of weeks ago, from Obninsk, a group of researchers came, and just like we asked strange questions. This is the first time we come across such a complete opposite of preliminary information. "It can't be," was spinning in my head. How can the huntsman fail to notice the large anomalous zone, so colorfully described by the researchers who visited it.

We learn that there is another forester in the village, very young, Ivan Gusev. We decided to find him and question him. Just in case, they asked, maybe we made a mistake in the area, maybe there are anomalies in nature in the neighboring areas. Shaking his head and heavily straining his memory, the huntsman told us the same thing: "There is nothing, you will not find anything." The only thing that the huntsman told us on our topic is that there is a legend about the lake, which is now near the village of Sosnovitsy, crawled from the village of Yakushkino (~ 4 km). He heard about this from the old people, he can not add anything more.


We did not find the forester Ivan Gusev at the indicated place, but we managed to communicate with 4 more tyrants from the village of Nikitskoye. At our retelling of the Moscow press, people only grinned and wondered how rich the imagination of newspaper writers could be. It was decided not to look for forester Ivan Gusev. After interviewing 6 local residents, we were convinced that the initial information was false.

As the day drew to a close, research in the area was all completed faster than we could have imagined. It was unanimously decided to go to the village of Shchigry, which is also referred to as an anomalous zone with a bouquet of unknown phenomena on the territory of the Kaluga region.

At the entrance to Kremensky, we saw 3 boys on the road who were following in the same direction. Eugene decided to try his luck and finally ask the local tomboy about mysterious places and anomalous zones. To our surprise, the guys told that there is a forest beyond the village, which is called the prodigal and where the locals are not particularly willing to go, and if they have to pass a prodigal site on the way out of the forest, they try to bypass it.

We were a couple of tens of kilometers from the village of Nikitskoye, the forest described by the boys, clearly could not be the prodigal forest described by the authors of the Moscow press. It turns out that digging one story, we got to the bottom of a completely new one, not yet known and most likely not studied.

On the other side of the village, at the turn to the prodigal forest, we met a shepherd, decided to ask him to clarify the information and the way to the place. Luckily for us, the shepherd turned out to be a former forester. He confirmed the information that in the area of the old dam there is a piece of forest, which in the common people is called prodigal. There used to be a mint on the site of the old dam.

Three years ago (~ 2001), the current shepherd worked as a forester. In that area, he and 6 other people performed work in the nursery. And everyone witnessed the flight of the luminous ball. The forester immediately made a reservation that they were all sober, and everyone saw the object too.

After the flight of the UFO, people got headaches. At the end of the conversation, the shepherd advised us to go to the local teacher, Anatoly Ivanovich Krasnov. He was also the owner of the local museum of local lore.

Finding a teacher was easy, despite the Sunday afternoon, he was at school. On the threshold of the school we were met by his son, he was the headmaster of the school. When we told who we were and what we were interested in, he immediately called his father. Despite his age, he turned out to be a very energetic and curious person. From an early age, he became interested in unusual things, even went to the cemetery at night to see how fresh graves glow. People turned out to be extremely valuable, during their life they managed to climb all the unusual and interesting places in their area.

They have already dispelled many local legends on their own. Anatoly Ivanovich did not confirm the information about the prodigal forest and the anomalousness of that place. They often visited the specified area, carried out excavations there, but did not notice anything anomalous. People are educated enough and we have no reason not to believe them. He confirmed the flight of a UFO, in addition to observers in the forest, residents from the village also saw him. He also noted that this was not an isolated case.

They told us that they have a strange place on the road not far from the village, it is called “crooked bridge”. Cars are constantly beating there and people often died in accidents. Locals explain this by the fact that in the area of this place there is an old Tatar-Mongol burial. They say the dead were not buried as expected and they now take revenge in this way.

Anatoly Ivanovich was asked about the village of Nikitskoye, in which we were just looking for the anomalous zone. He had never heard of the anomalous zone in that area in his entire life. As they say among scientists, a negative result is also a result."

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