Death Postcard - Alternative View
Death Postcard - Alternative View

Video: Death Postcard - Alternative View

Video: Death Postcard - Alternative View
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There lived a certain young man who was very reckless and stupid. Sometimes, for fun, he took his father's car without permission and drove around the neighborhood, even though he did not have a driver's license.

One day he was driving too fast, and as he turned a corner, a car pulled up to the sidewalk. He shot down a woman and her little son. The mother was badly injured, but her little boy was killed in a violent confrontation. The baby was bleeding when the mother held him in her arms.

The young man was arrested by the police and charged with reckless driving and manslaughter. He claimed to be innocent, although he knew that the accident was his fault. The reckless driver's father spared no expense for an expensive lawyer who tried to remove or mitigate the charge as much as possible.

The judge said that the young man may not go to prison if he pays the mother of the deceased boy a substantial sum in compensation for the loss of his son. The accused happily agreed to this proposal.

However, the woman unexpectedly refused to accept any payment. “No amount of money will get my son back,” she said. "But there is something else I want you to do for me instead."

The young man really wanted to avoid imprisonment, so he agreed to do whatever she asked.

“My request is very simple,” the woman said. “Once a month, I want you to send a postcard to yourself. It's all".

The woman gave him a stack of postcards. Each of them was stamped. She even wrote the young man's name and address on each postcard.

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“Please don't write anything on them,” she said. "Just send them as they are." The young man happily agreed to her terms. He was glad that he could get away from punishment.


There were 60 postcards in total. If a young man sent himself one postcard every month, it would take five years. Soon after, the hero of our story got a job and tried to hide the accident from the employer. However, he kept his promise and mailed himself one of the postcards once a month.

At first he didn't mind this, but every time he sent another postcard, it reminded him of the accident. The young man began to regret that the woman did not agree to accept monetary compensation so that he could quickly forget about what had happened.

Gradually, the young man began to hate the need to send himself a postcard every month. He hadn't heard of the boy's mother since she gave him a pack of postcards. He decided that she would not know if he was sending himself postcards or not, so he stopped sending them.

One day a young man took the remaining postcards and decided to get rid of them, burn them in the fireplace. However, when he took the postcards and brought the lighter to them, he noticed something strange.


Each card had a hidden message written in invisible ink. The text received on paper read: “Each postcard has been treated with a toxic compound. The poison begins to act on strong heating. Die killer! " The young man felt suffocated …

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