Climate Wars Of The World - Alternative View
Climate Wars Of The World - Alternative View

Video: Climate Wars Of The World - Alternative View

Video: Climate Wars Of The World - Alternative View
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Once, in a thunderstorm, primitive man saw lightning for the first time, and then he knew what happens to a tree when lightning strikes right at its top. How did that person feel at that moment? Sticky, chilling horror and curiosity at the same time. Anyone comes to this conclusion if they put themselves in his place. But there was one more emotion - admiration …

For a long time, man could not explain the forces of the elements. Lightning, thunderstorms, hurricanes and storms - all this frightened, surprised and delighted a person. Only one natural phenomenon did not evoke any emotions other than fear - it was fog.

Fog has always been associated not with deities, but with evil spirits. This natural phenomenon has acquired a negative color for a reason. People in the fog disappeared without a trace. Although people were frightened by death, it was familiar and inevitable. In this case, however, no one could find the bodies. Understatement and obscurity - this scarecrow is much stronger.

Man has always been a unique creation of the Lord. No other animal could imagine something that does not exist. The imagination so vividly described the monsters that await travelers in the fog that whole trade caravans were lost. It was strange and inexplicable. Much later, man ceased to associate many natural phenomena with higher powers. The man already knew that it was not Zeus who launched the lightning, that the storm was not Poseidon's anger at all, but simply too strong a wind. The fog also became understandable to people, but did not stop frightening. It would seem that a person knows that most of the disappearances in the fog are simply due to the fact that in conditions of sharply limited visibility the traveler could not distinguish the path and, as a result, was lost. But everything is far from simple. Nowadays, English researchers have proven that some fears are genetic. Nature never does anything just like that, and, therefore, fear of fog is a defensive reaction to a real threat to human life.

Monsters do not exist, at least the ones that we imagine. In addition, it is unlikely that a more bloodthirsty creature exists on Earth than man himself. Nevertheless, wolves and other predatory animals, robbers and other dark people can wait for their victims in the fog. Hiding in the fog is very convenient to make attacks, but this is if the fog is normal …

Modern science cannot tell the difference between an ordinary fog and one that frightens even animals. Animals, unlike humans, run away in panic only if they are clearly aware of the mortal danger. So what's really going on?

Despite the fact that unusual fogs appeared even in the Middle Ages, they became regular only in the middle of the last century. This surprisingly coincides with a sharp leap in the technological development of mankind. Thick fogs were especially common during the Cold War. Everything that man does is artificial, and animals know this very well. They are accustomed to living in exclusively natural conditions and from everything that is alien to them, they feel danger. The point is that creating fog is not that hard. It is also very useful for military purposes. The dense fog is guaranteed to replace smoke grenades and can even be an offensive weapon. In other words, man tried to learn how to create it, first with the help of chemical reagents that are toxic to animals, and then with the help of weather control stations.

Officials say climate weapons have been a myth since the Cold War. It is customary to say that it never existed and it is impossible to control the weather with its help. However, there is a UN convention expressly prohibiting the development, testing and use of any device designed to change weather conditions. The reality is that the UN would never prohibit what a priori cannot be created, as well as what cannot be created in this century. Experts say that weather control has long been available to us, moreover, the ban on such technologies did not arise out of nowhere. There is a direct link between global warming and the start of HAARP testing. An American research station located in Alaska is clearly visible from satellites. The military saysthat this is nothing more than a climatic weapon of mass destruction, or rather an experimental setup. They are sure of this because the Soviet station looked the same. The Soviet project has long been abandoned, and the station is abandoned, which cannot be said about the American HAARP facility. The antenna fields are in excellent condition. Moreover, repairs are regularly carried out there and the antenna web is being built up. Funding for the facility is provided in the US military budget and its reduction is not even planned. Funding for the facility is provided in the US military budget and its reduction is not even planned. Funding for the facility is provided in the US military budget and its reduction is not even planned.

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Over the decades, scientists have probably accumulated a lot of results. Powerful radiation is periodically recorded over the object, directed directly into the Earth's ionosphere. On the same day, somewhere on the planet, there are major storms, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. HAARP can not only cause disasters, but also create abnormal weather on a separate part of the planet. For example, the 2008 heat wave in Russia coincides exactly with testing new antenna equipment at a US facility. The abnormal heat has caused an incredible number of wildfires and caused enormous damage to the economies of Eastern Europe. For all the time of such tests, the result has never been positive for the environment. The climate of the entire planet has already changed, and all attempts to return the previous climatic conditions have not been crowned with success. That's when the earthquake hit Japanwhich damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Retired Russian scientists who worked at a similar facility in the USSR admit that the most harmless intervention in the weather is the creation of fogs. This process requires low energy consumption and does not lead to destruction, but such a fog has a completely different nature. It does not consist of natural elements, but of those obtained by artificial means. It is practically safe for humans. Burns on the skin are possible, as from the bright summer sun, only in this case the sun is not required. The process of creating unnatural fogs was so relevant that during the Cold War, scientists tried to make fogs radioactive or change their structure so that they work in the same way as toxic substances.

Experiments with the weather are prohibited, but human nature is such that there is always no law written for someone. Today, the HAARP facility is functioning properly, and work continues on it. American climatologists and defectors also talk about testing similar stations in Russia and China. It is impossible to prove the existence of such tests, we can only observe the changes in the climate of the entire planet, natural disasters and anomalous fogs that drive animals out of their usual habitats and in which people disappear without a trace even today.

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