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All Americans In The Pledge, With All Their Real Estate And Lands - Alternative View
All Americans In The Pledge, With All Their Real Estate And Lands - Alternative View

Video: All Americans In The Pledge, With All Their Real Estate And Lands - Alternative View

Video: All Americans In The Pledge, With All Their Real Estate And Lands - Alternative View
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Collateral price $ 14.3 quadrillion

Who created the North American Water and Power Alliance? And why did they really do it?

SOTN Editor's Note:

The following message was sent to the SOTN editor via email. It provides information that at one time briefly flashed on the Internet, but which has never been properly explained. The author goes further than anyone else, connecting the dots to better understand the huge and unprecedented deal.

However, the real background to this highly suspicious pledge against the US has not yet been disclosed. SOTN invites any other IRS researchers and / or FED researchers to provide more facts related to this unusual case. The case concerns a little-known organization called The North American Water and Power Alliance.

Please feel free to send additional evidence of fraud to this email address: [email protected] All conclusive evidence will be reviewed with the utmost security and confidentiality.

Thanks, State of the Nation

Promotional video:

PS The following information was provided privately to SOTN by an attorney and former criminal investigator.

Essential fact: All Americans are servants (slaves); they are owned by international bankers through the BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS (BIS).

Attached here is a pdf document confirming that the IRS claims ownership of all land, real estate and "all real men with arms and legs." In the law, reference to a person includes women and children. (See Pdf: 001 Proof of Pledge doc 12, p. 3, pos. 13, in the section "Description of real estate").

The following link contains white papers that support this extraordinary North American Water and Power Alliance deal.

The proof is in public records, which you can access by visiting the Maryland Secretary of State's website. Search for business documents in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and / or by entering the registration number 181425776; Scroll to the registration event on July 11, 2011.

This document is America's pledge: all land, all real estate, and every American. This is a lien on a claim of a debt of 14.3 quadrillion; that's $ 14,300 trillion. A lien means that the IRS owns America, including people, before the debt is paid off. In fact, the IRS is only a temporary holder for the BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, based in Basel, Switzerland. As the owner in due course, the IRS reserves the right to enforce and recover debts.

Below is the original document dated 7/28/2011, with a bond of $ 14.3 quadrillion. In this funding statement, UCC refers to First Debtor as the Federal Reserve. The US Department of Defense is listed as the exact legal name of the debtor. North American Water and Power Alliance is represented as "Assignor". (Increase the size of the document).


How is this possible, you ask?

You should know that originally the Republic of the United States was compact and was an alliance of separate states; each state was recognized as a separate country in accordance with international law. However, when congressional representatives from the seven states of the South resigned from office in 1861, Congress called a recess and dissolved the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. After the Civil War, a new US corporation was formed under the Reconstruction Acts, which was formed in 1871. This can be confirmed by referring to United States Code, Chapter 28, Chapter 176 under federal debt collection procedures. Section 3002 (15) states that “United States” means:

(A) Federal Corporation;

(B) an agency, department, commission, council, or other organization of the United States;


© United States Tool.

Please note that this definition does not contain references to a constitutional republic, country, nation, compactness of states, geographic area or people. The definition applies only to the agencies and instruments of the United States corporation.

To make matters worse, in 1933 the United States Corporation went bankrupt; This led to the establishment of confidence in bankruptcy. The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is a Public Trust in Trust. All property of the UNITED STATES, which is also referred to as "states", is held in trust under bankruptcy law. This property includes all land, all real estate and even PEOPLE and is held as collateral for debt to international bankers.

Below is a pdf document confirming the IRS lien. Also included is information about NORTH AMERICAN WATER AND POWER ALLIANCE Corporation. Note that their address is the Pentagon; they figure as Assignor with $ 300 billion in assets. An Assignor is someone who gives something to the assignee, which in this case is the IRS.

** Curiously enough, the attached article says that NORTH AMERICAN WATER AND POWER ALLIANCE is trying to control the weather.

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