Global Digital Concentration Camp, Profile View - Alternative View

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Global Digital Concentration Camp, Profile View - Alternative View
Global Digital Concentration Camp, Profile View - Alternative View

Video: Global Digital Concentration Camp, Profile View - Alternative View

Video: Global Digital Concentration Camp, Profile View - Alternative View
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The government submitted to the State Duma a draft law on the digital profile of a citizen and an electronic passport

There is very little time left until the transnational elite (people-warriors) completely subjugate the multimillion-dollar "human capital" of the Russian Federation, under the pretext of transition to the digital economy. The World Bank and other "respected partners" from among the "owners of money" urge compradors in the RF Cabinet of Ministers and they obediently salute. On June 28, TASS reported that the Government, contrary to the opinion of the Church, of hundreds of thousands of believers and simply thinking about the safety of people, including military personnel, has agreed on a bill on a digital citizen profile and an electronic identity card. If this act is adopted, it will be possible to forget about any secret (personal, family, state, etc.), as well as about the illusion of Russia's state sovereignty.

“The bill forms the legal basis for the creation of institutions for the digital profile of citizens and legal entities, and will also create conditions for the further development of the sphere of electronic services, trade and transactions made in electronic form. The Government of the Russian Federation supports the bill,”the statement on the Government's website says.

The draft federal law is submitted to the State Duma by the deputy chairman of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak, although in fact it was developed by the Ministry of Digital Industry - earlier on the government portal of the NPA, two almost identical documents were posted for preliminary discussion.

We have already analyzed this bill, which eliminates constitutional guarantees of privacy, accumulates all significant information about a person (for a start, the Government announced 57 types of personal data) on a single electronic platform (based on the Unified Identification and Authentication System, a portal of public services) and makes them the property (a commodity!) of usurers, insurers and other third parties (including transnational companies) - and for many reasons poses a threat to Russia's national security.

In addition, quietly, even without a separate bill within the framework of the “digital profile”, citizens are going to impose an electronic (in fact, virtual) identity card, which will need to be certified with an electronic signature. It is about confirming an identity (identification) using the owner's biometric data (fingerprints, 3D facial or voice). That is, only the system in the computer will have a passport - the presence of a paper document in the hands of the citizen himself is not provided. In any case, the draft law does not mention ID-cards or other electronic certificates with chips. Digital lobbyists intend to assign a digital profile to Russians from 2024, and they want to introduce e-passports as the main identity documents from 2025.

In fact, everything is very serious. Now a decisive struggle begins for the future of Russia and its people, for our non-membership in the global electronic state at the dawn of an era of unprecedented total electronic dictatorship. At stake is not only our personal freedom, but also the very existence of our state and law in its traditional form - the elimination of which at the final stage of the construction of "world communism", we recall, was scientifically dreamed of by Karl Marx (Levi Mordechai).

The Orthodox patriotic community and more than 20 regions, which gathered in Moscow at the April conference "Forced digitization of the personality or human freedom" and appealed to the authorities with a protest resolution, and to the Russian Orthodox Church for intercession, now also has no right to remain silent. Moreover, the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church has already demanded that the state provide a paper alternative to the end-to-end lifelong identity identifier (personal number) called SNILS, and also announced that citizens should not be defeated in basic social rights if they refuse to enter the unified digital system.

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Moreover, the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy recently announced that the authorities "must reckon with that part of our voters who oppose electronic documents and must guarantee the impossibility of combining all data about a person under a single number", especially regardless of our expression of will. As you can see, 482-FZ, which opened a Pandora's box for usurers and the state in the form of collecting biometrics from the population, will later be extended to all interaction of a citizen with the state (more precisely, not even with the state, but with intermediary offices such as the MFC) - no the Russian authorities do not offer alternatives.

The public is preparing all-Russian actions for the State Duma's withdrawal from consideration of the draft law on the "digital profile", as well as for the abolition of anti-constitutional laws 48-FZ of the Russian Federation of 01.04.2019 "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On Individual (Personified) Accounting in the System of Mandatory Pension Insurance " and 482-ФЗ dated December 31, 2017 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation".

A full legal analysis of the adopted law on SNILS is published on the website of the Public Commissioner for Family Protection in St. Petersburg.