Goose Lake Monsters - Alternative View

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Goose Lake Monsters - Alternative View
Goose Lake Monsters - Alternative View

Video: Goose Lake Monsters - Alternative View

Video: Goose Lake Monsters - Alternative View
Video: Lochness monster. European lake monsters. 2023, September

Amazing stories or the next tales of fishermen?

The well-known local historian Alexei Vasilyevich Tivanenko claims that he heard the story of the existence of 6-meter pikes in Lake Gusinoi back in 1962 from local residents.

When he wrote an article about this, letters to the editorial office of the Pravda Buryatiya newspaper began to arrive in his name, describing cases of pike attacks on people. However, these monsters were never found. But unexpectedly this version was confirmed with the appearance of the Buryatia Diving Federation. Its members were looking in the lake for the remains of an ancient datsan, which went down to the bottom of the lake. In the depths, divers saw large fish more than a meter long.

“But we must take into account the fact that water increases the size of objects,” Aleksey Tivanenko told us. - Perhaps it was about two-meter fish. I talked with experts about this, from their story I realized that there are fish of this size, only not pikes, but catfish and sturgeons. Once we caught a sturgeon more than three meters long in Lake Baikal, and this was officially recorded.

Night fishing for Gusinoozersk

And this story was written down from the words of Alexey K. from the Selenginsky region.

We caught quite a bit that evening, just for fish soup. They cooked it and used it as a vodka snack. When it got dark, they put about five donoks with corn and a worm, put bells on them and moved to the tents. Suddenly heavy footsteps were heard, and soon a man's voice called us into the street with rough obscenities. A fishing neighbor let us know that we took his fish and broke all the nets.

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I had to show him our catch, shake out our bags and buckets to make sure that we didn’t steal any fish.

- Did the pike attack my fish that got into the net? - the man was puzzled. - It looks like it was torn as if it was cut with a knife.

We suspected the prisoners that at that time they lived and worked in abundance in Gusinoozersk. We decided to go with the fisherman to help him figure it out. We were simply dumbfounded from the picture we saw. The network was indeed torn in several places at once. And the fish seemed to get out of there.

We had to calm down the distressed fisherman with our vodka. He apologized to us and invited us to camp with him. It didn't take long to persuade us. As a result, we stayed up late. We were already dozing by the fire when they heard the splash of water, as if someone was swimming towards us. We were startled, because before that there was neither the sound of swimming, nor the voice of people.

And suddenly bells rang on all our networks. We rushed to them in anticipation of the catch. But we were disappointed - the lines were cut off, the donks were tangled. On the other hand, the latter seems to have caught a pike. Moreover, it was so huge that the spool at the reel was rapidly unwinding. We began to haul large prey to the shore. And our friend began to illuminate with a lantern. And suddenly one of my friends cried out in a bad voice. We turned to him, and he shouted and pointed at the water. We looked closely and almost fell from fear. On the hook was a huge human body.

We were young and then did not immediately realize what to do. They just threw all the gear out of fear and decided to return to their original place. From fright, everyone sharply sobered up and decided to drink more for courage.

“There must have been a drowned man,” our new acquaintance suggested grimly. “I’ve been in the water for a long time, and now it’s swollen.

When dawn broke, it was not so scary. We returned to the overnight stop to collect the abandoned gear and see what happened to the abandoned body. Imagine our surprise when we did not find any drowned man. But our nets looked the same as the tackle of a neighbor torn in different places.

- It was a water one! Or the owner of Goose Lake was disturbed by their cackle! I will never fish here again, - my friend promised in my hearts.

Indeed, since then we have stopped going to Goose Lake.

Night fishing in Yeravna

We, Chita people, love to fish and hunt in Buryatia, especially in the Yeravninsky region, writes Vasily from the Trans-Baikal Territory.

Once we went fishing in the cold winter season. From the nearest dwelling in kilometers 50 - 60 there was a lake, in which fish are found to this day. Near this lake there is a house built by geologists, and they spent the night in it. From the winter road, it was 400 meters away, no one cleaned the road there, so they got there either on skis or on foot along the track.

Cars dug in on the roadside. It was getting dark. Frost - below 40. After midnight, when most were already asleep, steps were heard from the side of the road, as if a person was walking, concrete ones. The man walks quieter, here the weight was felt solid (an elephant, by God). Some animal fear appeared. I thought, someone got lost or the car stalled somewhere and pulled it with a peskodral to the hut. But no. This someone approached the door, snowed his feet, stomped on the spot, walked around the hut (there was waist-deep snow around the hut, clean as a sheet of paper, the traces of a vole mouse could be read) and went back.

From the corner I hear the conversation: "Did you hear?" - “Shut up! I hear! " In the morning we went to look at the guest's footprints … They did not find anything, only ours. The next night everything repeated, but no one slept. As this crap approached the hut, fear, not even fear, but some kind of horror, became all-encompassing. Even the dog was silent, huddled close to the owner, and the fur on it stood on end. We didn't go there again.