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Are Pyramids The Motherboard Of The Earth? - Alternative View
Are Pyramids The Motherboard Of The Earth? - Alternative View
Video: Are Pyramids The Motherboard Of The Earth? - Alternative View
Video: 360° Travel inside the Great Pyramid of Giza - BBC 2023, February

What a twist! Why did no one think about such analogies before … The complexes of the pyramids are giant chips of the planet Earth … It turns out that the ancient alien gods were the manufacturers and creators of these pyramidal chips and processors, and the priests and the people were "system administrators" and servants … But in what -that moment everything went wrong and the pyramids began to be used for other purposes: as tombs, ziggurats, etc. … Or is the age of the pyramids much older than it is "officially" considered? How and for what they were actually used pyramids. Maybe to maintain the work of the earthly matrix … Or maybe at some point the ancient people scored the "higher" purpose of these devices and began to simply mine the ancient cryptocurrency …

One Step Closer to Understanding the Earth Matrix

After analyzing the layout of the ancient ghost town of Teotihuacan, the international community of scientists came to the conclusion that the location of the ritual structures accurately conveys the location of the Milky Way's cosmic bodies.

For example, the pyramid of the Sun symbolizes Saturn, and in the place of Uranus is the pyramid of the Moon. The mounds not yet fully excavated around the perimeter of the ghost town coincide with other planets of our solar system, and the entire complex of structures is an exact copy of our galaxy.


Another mysterious fact of the creation of the Teotihuacan temple complex is also noteworthy. Its pyramids are completely identical to the location of the Egyptian pyramids of the ancient pharaohs.

From a bird's eye view, you can see that the buildings of the two extinct civilizations are equally located on the terrain plan. The pyramids of Giza and the Mexican ghost town also convey the exact locations of the three brightest stars in the constellation Orion. It was from this cluster of stars, according to the beliefs of ancient civilizations, that the gods came to Earth.

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If you look at the pyramid complexes of Mexico (especially Teotihuacan), you will notice their clear similarity with a computer, or rather, with its basis, a motherboard. Silicon microcircuits, copper conductive tracks. Possibly, energy-information flows arising in these complexes during operation. Processors and microcircuits are silicon, that is, stone. Crystals are long-term and reliable stores of information. The same applies to the hard rock blocks used in the construction of the pyramids.


The calendar transmitted to the Indians by the gods is the schedule of energy flows. That is, wave flows. This could be its main purpose. Then, in addition to purely technological processes taking place in the complexes and controlled by the once ancient gods, rituals conducted by priests in a meditative state (altered state of consciousness) could be added. That is, in simple terms: the aliens gave people a manual from their support for the maintenance of these motherboards … However, all this is lost …

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