How Do Fanatics React To Near-death Cases? - Alternative View
How Do Fanatics React To Near-death Cases? - Alternative View
Video: How Do Fanatics React To Near-death Cases? - Alternative View
Video: Near-Death Experiences: A New Interpretation 2023, February

The name of the American physician-oncologist Jeffrey Long is less known than other researchers of the experience of "clinical death" or posthumous experiences (PSP), for example, such as R. Moody, E. Kubler-Rose, M. Sabom, whose professional activities were also directly associated with medicine and patients of hospitals and clinics, whose personal experience formed the basis for the research of this phenomenon. And, surprisingly, the stories of people about the experienced states of PSP turned out to be surprisingly similar in various details, even despite the difference in age, gender, religion and nationality, which cannot but serve as an additional confirmation of the reality of this phenomenon.

One of the first cases of such conditions, which John Long faced closely, was the amazing story of his friend's wife, Sheila, which he later cited in his book "Proof of Life After Death". Here is how she described what happened to her as a result of a severe illness:

It must be said that such a reaction on the part of representatives of orthodox religions is by no means rare, because often the stories of people who have experienced posthumous experiences, although they speak in favor of the existence of the life of consciousness (soul) after the death of the physical body, but little coincide with ideas and dogmas about posthumous existence outlined in the "Bible Project" religions. Even worse behave the materialists who blindly believe in the dogmas of their atheistic religion of denial of God and the possibility of life outside of physical reality. Despite the similar experience of many different people, they all reduce such cases to "hallucinations" of the dying brain, occurring as a result of oxygen deprivation or other pseudoscientific explanations designed to hide from people the possibility of continued existence of consciousness after the death of the physical body.

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Thus, religious and pseudoscientific fanatics, whether consciously or not, serve the interests of parasitic entities feeding on our fears and emotional emissions, because the fear of death is one of the main feelings that haunts a person almost all his life and largely determines his behavior and actions. It was by manipulating the fear of death that the servants of the parasites were able to impose parasitic "values" on most of humanity, as well as the lifestyle and psychology of a predator-consumer trying to snatch everything now and not caring about the living conditions of future generations.

All this formed the basis for the world parasitic satanic system created by them, which over the past centuries has managed to enslave, both economically and intellectually, almost all of humanity. And it is natural that any knowledge that threatens the existence of this system is tacitly declared “forbidden” by the servants of parasites, and therefore is diligently subjected to discrediting and denial.

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