What Is The Meaning Of Human Life And How To Find It - Alternative View

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What Is The Meaning Of Human Life And How To Find It - Alternative View
What Is The Meaning Of Human Life And How To Find It - Alternative View

Video: What Is The Meaning Of Human Life And How To Find It - Alternative View

Video: What Is The Meaning Of Human Life And How To Find It - Alternative View
Video: E.O. Wilson explains the meaning of human existence, in 6 minutes. 2023, September


Greetings, O inquiring mind! Before raking up the monumental questions a la: "What is the meaning of human life?", "How to find the meaning of life?" or “Is there a meaning in life at all?”, let's understand what unites us all.

What is the meaning of human life

Someone or something did a great job, inventing us so different from each other, but in one thing it was clearly not driven strongly, namely in the human need to strive for something. Yes, each person is unique, but there is not a single life in which there would be no dreams, desires, and goals, because we are all moving somewhere in our existence, it is important for us to achieve something, none of us wants to live in vain …

About the need for self-realization

Why is this happening? When creating a new life, the Universe gives a person a set of resources, usually a set includes a pair of legs and arms, a brain, a bouquet of personal qualities, some trashy character, a number of basic skills, and of life itself.

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Taking all this from the shelf and solemnly handing it over to you, the Universe voices just one short wish: "This is yours, please use it somehow."

So we smoothly approached the main human need, which is based on everything. It is about the need to realize yourself, to reveal your potential. The desire that unites us to achieve something and come somewhere - this is the desire to satisfy the need for self-realization.


Perhaps here you will cheerfully clap your hands with a joyful exclamation: "Hurray, now I know what the meaning of human life is!" - don't jump to conclusions. The need to realize oneself is the same need as the need for sleep or food, self-realization is just a part of our existence.

Is there a meaning in life

The most global joke is that there is no meaning in life. There is not even a concept such as "destination". When creating life, the universe does not ask the question of what this life should result in. This is logical, because by assigning to each person from the start any specific meaning of existence, the Universe deprives us of two things that it itself gives us - the right to choose and freedom.

This concept, to put it mildly, looks wretched, and the Universe can only act brilliantly, therefore, its whole idea is to provide a testing ground for a person.

You can imagine life as an area of land allocated to you, and the rest of the resources, generously donated from the universal shoulder, as tools with which you can use this platform in the way that seems to you the most fun.

If you want - set up a garden, if you want - build an amusement park, a house, a swimming pool or anything that will be able to visit your bright mind. This is the greatness of our existence - we are not limited to how we manage ourselves and our lives. We are limited only by the fact that we must somehow manage all this (but this is not a limitation, but, on the contrary, a concept leading to infinity).

Why the same meaning was invented

An idea with the meaning of life is a completely and completely human invention, and this invention is brilliant if you understand its essence.

To begin with, a little bit of terminology, we already know that the only wish of this world for us is that we realize ourselves. This aspiration sits so deeply in us that we have built a strategy that allows us to unleash our potential.

The essence of the strategy is to streamline your whole life, reducing everything in it to one more or less concrete idea, in the direction of which you need to move. Thus, the meaning of life is an idea that allows you to realize yourself.

A meaningless life is terrible

A meaningless life never ends well. To live aimlessly is much easier - it does not oblige you to anything, but it does not lead to anything either. Without an answer to the question “What is the meaning of my life?”, A person cannot direct and use his energy.

The presence of meaning is not weakly focused, which allows some of us to do truly monumental things.

The desire to be meaningful

Each person wants to mean something, it is hard to feel like someone who is not needed by anyone on this planet. The meaning allows us to give our life weight, significance, because by realizing with the help of yourself any idea, you suddenly begin to matter in your own eyes and in the eyes of the world as a whole.

Zest for life

Another important argument in favor of the genius of the invention called "The Meaning of Life" is that the presence of this idea in the mind maintains our interest in life. Life interests us exactly as long as we need something in it, and when there are no more ideas in the mind, our growth stops and death occurs.

There is no answer to the question about the meaning

All this, of course, is very cool, but there remains one critical question about what exactly needs to be created on that very land site, or in other words: "What is the meaning of my life?"

Nowhere is there an answer to this question, it does not exist, not that on the Internet, it does not exist in nature, because nature did not conceive any specific meaning for us, as we have already managed to find out. Nature has given us the opportunity to choose any meaning on our own.


While we may not be able to give you a specific answer, we can provide information that will help you in your quest and help you understand how to find meaning in life.

How the process of self-realization works

If any meaning of life is a way to realize oneself, then we need to understand how the process of human realization takes place. It is based on five basic principles, based on which we all live.

Some people are well aware of these principles, which allows them to realize themselves in the most effective way, while others do not realize and still follow the same principles subconsciously, although this approach is much less effective.

Great, the intrigue has been created, it's time to show the cards.


As soon as the male cell successfully meets the female, announcing the beginning of a new life, from this moment the constant development of a person begins in all aspects of life. Especially in the first 15 years, this process is striking, a person visually undergoes serious changes, and intellectually develops at a gigantic pace. The world is constantly improving, forcing us to develop with it.

Any human achievement is the result of a long development, otherwise we would all here from the first minutes of life without much difficulty be able to produce something brilliant, but any really worthwhile result is achieved in a protracted process of obtaining skills, knowledge and practice. To do anything meaningful, you need to grow in relation to who you are now.


Needless to say, the most popular resources on the Internet are search engines, in which we all look for information of interest.

Life never becomes for a person unambiguous, understandable or simple, precisely because the process of self-realization implies a search that is impossible if all the required information is already on hand.

The need to seek in an attempt to know the world is what keeps us interested in life. Any interest or curiosity that arises in us is the desire to find something, which means we are looking every day.

Another search idea is self-knowledge. Each person is wildly interested in knowing what he is and how he looks from the outside.


The ability to create is the greatest human privilege. Take any citizen who left a mark on history, and see what he was able to inherit there because he created something grandiose in his life.

Some of them created brilliant music or a film, someone invented the wheel, and someone created equality between black and white people.

Creation is the process of building up a plot of land using the tools at hand. It is impossible to realize yourself and at the same time not create anything, because the very process of unlocking potential implies extracting resources from oneself and investing them in your idea - in the course of these manipulations, the creation of something inevitably occurs.


Probably every child, tired of the constant intrusion of this world into his life, dreamed of just being alone on the planet. We invite you to present this picture as vividly as possible.


Imagine that right now there is no one else on the planet, not a single person at all. How long will it be fun for you to be in such a world? We assure you that it will not last long, and all because each of us needs to serve.

What makes a successful person different from the rest? - he shares with the world the best that he has, contributes. An influential person is not made by his talent or supernormal abilities, but by how significant all this benefits are for other people. A detailed analysis of flights on the topic of the need to share has already taken place in an article on the law of equilibrium of the Universe.

The element of service in a person's life was not invented by accident. Everything on Earth strives for unity, and service is our way of creating unity in our ranks. Only thanks to other people do we have the opportunity to express ourselves and feel our importance. Look at our world, we are constantly using someone's services and each of us provides some services to others. Any person has his environment, with which he interacts daily.

Of the five principles, this one is the least obvious, because we got too carried away with separating ourselves from others and became disconnected. The distance between people is now too great: we divided the planet into countries, came up with religions, subcultures, families, social statuses and a bunch of other factors - all so that everyone can define themselves in some category. It is not very easy to come to the idea of ministry in this position.


Love is the thrill with which a designer builds his new car, or the dedication with which a titled athlete trains, or the diligence with which a director makes his film. In this context, “love” can be understood as a hellish and irresistible desire to do something.

Self-realization is a lifelong journey, you need a reactive driving force to be able to go this way, and love looks great in this role. The inability to do what you love is one of the main reasons why people are lazy.

Without love, nothing can be beautiful, therefore everything that is essential is always created with love and thanks to love.

Misconceptions about the meaning of life

In modern society, there are several well-established opinions about the meaning of life. These are the ideas that many of us believe in, but they completely drop out of the concept of self-realization that we are talking about here. Let's take a closer look at them so that someone does not inadvertently make an inappropriate choice.

Life is the meaning of life

“What is the meaning of human life? “You have a life - live, just be, this is your great meaning” - this is the traditional understanding of this idea, and, alas, we often live with it.

Returning to the metaphor, where life is a land area allocated to a person. What is the deep meaning of this site and can it be in it, in principle, if it is not used in any way, is not implemented, is not built up?

Life is just a space within which you can express yourself, it cannot be meaning, but it is a resource that allows you to realize any meaning.

The idea of making life the meaning of life is very convenient for humanity, since it is very easy to follow, in short, nothing needs to be followed at all, nothing forces you to move, you just exist and that's it. Apparently that is why this idea is so popular, but about the same mediocre, because it does not allow a person to reveal himself in any way.

One life, you have to take everything from it

This idea is another option for understanding the idea that life is meaning. If you imagine that there is only one life, then a person simply does not have the right to make a mistake in it, because you are not given another chance.

It's funny, but here in our striving to “take everything” we make mistakes at the start. Self-realization is not “taking everything”, but “looking in yourself, extracting what you have found and giving it away with love” - these are two fundamentally different ideas.

Therefore, any desire to save up more money, cars, houses or something else without thinking about how you use it for self-realization is an extremely stupid desire.

A person can have 15 bulldozers, 300 subordinate workers and a lot of money, but if, having all this, he does not build up the site, then everything that he accumulates will not be worth anything.

The meaning is in finding happiness and success

Among the previous ideas, this is the most sane, but it has one significant inaccuracy, which lies in the misunderstanding of what happiness and success are.

These concepts cannot be the purpose of existence, but are usually a consequence of existence with a suitable purpose. If a good meaning is chosen and a person moves in his direction, then happiness and success will become a pleasant consequence of this process and an indicator that a person effectively realizes himself.

How to find meaning in life

To find the answer to the question "What is the meaning of human life?" it is necessary to imagine how the process of acquiring that very meaning takes place.


How does a person find meaning

Thoughts constantly appear in our minds, among these thoughts there are ideas. Ideas may either not interest us, and then we happily release them, or ideas may interest us, as a result of which we have a desire to realize the idea that has arisen.

Then we begin to explore the idea that interests us. Research is movement towards an idea in order to understand its depth and significance. If in the process of research a person begins to realize the full power of an idea, it becomes the meaning of his life. After that, his entire being in all his concrete moments will be directed towards the realization of the found meaning.

When you discover such a monumental idea for yourself, you don't have to think: "Is this really the meaning of my life?" - this question simply does not arise in the head, because everything is so clear to a person. You do not have to long and painfully adjust your life to this idea, the idea itself absorbs you with your head.

In general, the process of acquiring any meaning occurs according to the same algorithm: idea - desire - research - acquiring meaning.

Follow desire

There is no recipe on the topic “How to find the meaning of life”, because this is an entertaining process of search and creation, which a person cannot be deprived of. But there is one fantastic recommendation - do not ignore your desire.

Desire is something that you can safely rely on. Our general plague lies in the fact that under the pressure of public opinion, our own restrictions, complexes and other garbage, we push most of our desires to hell. This explains the harsh reality in which a large part of the population is engaged in what it does not find much sense in and which, frankly, it simply does not like. We too rarely listen to our desire.

If you have a desire to realize an idea - explore it, move in the direction of this idea, try to assess its depth, because the desire arose within you not by accident, try to understand why this idea hooked you so.

When we begin to explore our desires, we begin to search for real, and ultimately we find. It doesn't matter what the idea is: opening a coffee shop, making people's lives fun, or making a snowman out of the ground in June.

If you saw in your idea an opportunity for self-realization and it is clear to you how to implement the above five principles in the midst of this process, you should definitely pay attention to your idea, sooner or later with this approach you will give life meaning.

Ask "Why?"

There is one exercise that allows you to get closer to the answer to the question "What is the meaning of life?" Whatever you do and whatever you think about, ask yourself "Why?"

For example:

- Why do I go to work? To receive money.

- Why get paid? To provide yourself with what you need and survive.

- Okay, then why do you need to survive?


- Why do I need this drawback? He makes me stronger.

- Why get stronger? This is the process of my development.

- Good, but why do you need to develop?

A person who has the meaning of existence in his head will eventually come to his meaning from any initial question, because everything in his life is aimed at realizing this meaning.

Well, if you have not yet decided on your monumental idea, then this exercise will allow you to find several thoughts that will be close to it.

The meaning of life is fickle

Perhaps you now think that it is impossible to make a mistake in the main thing, and from here it is not entirely clear how to find something uniquely suitable for life. Here it is necessary to understand that a person is constantly growing and that what seemed to him the most significant today may seem insignificant tomorrow and will give way to a more monumental idea.

This is natural, we literally grow out of one idea and come to another. Even if the idea remains the same over the years, a person begins to understand it more fully and broadly.

All this is an integral part of the search and development process, therefore, choosing a monumental idea and following your desire, you should not bother too much about the fact that after some time this idea will lose its meaning. It is important to realize that if the current idea is not investigated, then a more global idea cannot be discovered at all, and this makes it impossible to reveal our potential.


Let's condense the long story into a few key paragraphs to reinforce the piece of information that hit you so hard on the head.

The main human need is the need to realize oneself as much as possible. For this, resources have been entrusted to our hands, and we need to understand how to use them.


Initially, there is no meaning in life, we ourselves invent meaning in order to be able to reveal ourselves. In view of this information, a specific answer to the question "What is the meaning of human life?" does not exist in nature, we ourselves need to create it.

The human realization process is based on five pillars: development, search, creation, service and love. Any meaningful meaning in life is always subject to these five principles.

In an effort to understand how you can find the meaning of life, it is important to listen to your desire. The ideas that give rise to desire in us are definitely worth exploring, because among them is what we are looking for.

Here the life thriller about the meaning of life ends, if, amid this verbal battle, you managed to survive to this place - get universal respect and a little luck for your searches! Amen.

At the Top of Mind Team