Do We Know Human Capabilities? - Alternative View

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Do We Know Human Capabilities? - Alternative View
Do We Know Human Capabilities? - Alternative View

Video: Do We Know Human Capabilities? - Alternative View

Video: Do We Know Human Capabilities? - Alternative View
Video: What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains? | Unveiled 2023, September

We know a lot about the brain today. We have a good idea of how a nerve cell works. We found micro-areas responsible for counting, for distinguishing between concrete and abstract words, for sleep and wakefulness, hunger and satiety, for fear and ear for music, identified areas that “oversee” mental functions, and so on.

In general terms, the mechanism for triggering emotions is clear. Why, for example, one person copes with them, while another cannot get rid of the same type of experience? It turned out that the first …

The possibilities of computer technology are truly endless. Today, no one is surprised by the fact that Michelangelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel are being restored with the help of special computer programs and achievements in applied chemistry.

Using microscopic analysis to determine the chemical composition of the original pigments, restorers apply paint only to damaged areas of the painting. To clean the cloth, cotton swabs soaked in saliva are used. The fact is that the composition of …

The information explosion, which we are witnessing, was foreseen in the last century. It has long become obvious that specialists in practically all spheres of activity have to read more and more, and the knowledge of students and schoolchildren literally becomes obsolete in the process of obtaining it, despite the prohibitive load.

Time is compressed, and we work with information exactly as we did a hundred years ago.

Have you noticed how we read things that need to be remembered? Slowly, dwelling on the important, returning …

Neuroscientists today believe that humans have unusual potential that is "virtually limitless." The brain is the border of medicine, because there is no person who would know everything in this area. But you believe that the brain, like muscles and motors, needs constant movement in order to stay in great shape.

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So! If you want to maximize the capabilities of your brain, follow these tips:

Trust in your brain

Are you worried about …

J. Hadamard, based on his experience and the experience of colleagues, pointed out that mathematicians "avoid the mental use of words and use vague images." I can confirm the words of Hadamard and from my own experience.

N. Wiener noted that he happens to think with words and without words. A. Einstein, simultaneously expressing doubt in his statement, wrote: "The words written or spoken, apparently do not play the slightest role in the mechanism of my thinking."

In pseudo-scientific circles, it is all the more easy to find a popular opinion that “there is …

It is very difficult to experimentally prove real dowsing. In 1913, at the second congress of Russian dowsers, Dr. V. Aigner put forward a hypothesis explaining the nature of the dowsing phenomenon. In his opinion, there is an increased concentration of charged particles - ions - over mineral deposits in the atmosphere.

This is what a person with a vine (frame) fixes. About twenty years ago, scientists put forward the assumption that the frame is affected not by ions, but by electrostatic charges. But when researchers …

Women who fear that they are driving themselves into a coffin by combining full-time work and parenting may actually increase their chances of living healthily, scientists say.

While housewives in conservative England are considered an example of sensible motherhood, studies show that if a woman stays at home and quits her job, it leads to health problems in the long term.

It has been found that the risk of obesity for stay-at-home mothers increases almost …

During his speech at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel Senior Technical Specialist Justin Rattner predicted great changes in society and the development of high technology. Among other things, he said that by 2050, machines can match the human mind in their ability to perceive the external world.

Technology is advancing at a much faster pace than anyone could have imagined 40 years ago, according to an Intel spokesman. Some experts …

We go to one of the most prominent Russian psychologists, Professor Alexei Nikolaevich Leontiev.

We are infected with the impatience of our young readers and ask many questions at once:

What does science know about the possibilities of developing musical, mathematical, linguistic, visual skills? Is it possible to improve the work of the senses, the acuity of perception? Are there purely innate abilities?

A small office, or rather, the professor's laboratory is loaded to capacity with instruments. And they seem to warn that everything that will be said here is based not on simple reasoning, but on facts, on experiments.

But against the expectation, the professor begins, as it seems to us at first, very from afar.

Since the formation of modern man, over the past 40-50 thousand years, the conditions in which he lived continuously have changed faster and faster. However, morphologically, that is, according to the structure of his organism, a person remained the same “reasonable person”. In general, the rates of biological variability and historical development are completely disproportionate …

We would like to object: how then does a person adapt to new conditions?

But the professor does not like too hasty interlocutors, he stops us with a warning gesture of his flexible, expressive hands.

The main thing is ahead, this is just the starting point! As for the disproportion, it is, if you will, natural. After all, if new qualities of the organism were quickly fixed biologically, this would only slow down socio-historical progress.

Alexey Nikolaevich continues his story. He leads us into the world of his searches, experiences, finds, convictions.

The abilities of people are crystallized in the products of their activities, he says. People of each subsequent generation begin their lives in the world of objects and phenomena created by their predecessors. Before a person who has appeared in the world, there is a whole ocean of riches. But how to master these "objectified" abilities of other people? How does the process of assimilation by individual people of the achievements of social and historical development take place in general?

We can say that every person learns to be human. In order to live in society, it is not enough for him what nature gave him at birth. He must still develop his specific abilities, which means that he must and must act!

Science is now aware of many examples when, due to certain accidents, children from a very early age found themselves outside of human society. And what? They remained at the level of animal development. Not only did they not develop thinking and speech, they didn’t even develop the vertical gait inherent in a person on their own - they walked on all fours.

Here's a reverse example. In Paraguay, there is a small tribe of Guavquils, one of the most backward tribes known today. It wanders in the wild thickets, not communicating with anyone and avoiding any meeting with other people. Only once did the specialists manage to hear their language, which turned out to be unusually primitive.

And so, fleeing from an ethnographic expedition, the Guaikils lost a two-year-old girl. It turned out to be impossible to return her to her parents: the whole tribe disappeared. The French ethnographer Vellard took the baby to France and raised her in his family. Twenty years later - by 1958 - she was no different from any educated European woman, she spoke three languages and, following the example of her teacher, she was engaged in ethnography.

This fact illustrates well the idea that every person, regardless of race, is capable of assimilating modern culture. If only the conditions were created for this! But we want to know not only about the possibilities of regular education. And Alexey Nikolaevich begins a conversation about music.

Isn't it true that musical talent has always been considered, and even now many consider it to be a purely innate affair, a happy “gift of the gods”? Musicians are ranked among people with a special hearing, which is not inherent in mere mortals. But special studies of scientists completely refute this myth.

You know, the professor continues, that European languages are timbre, in which differences in sound timbre are of primary importance. But there are languages and tones based on the difference in tone. It was therefore quite natural to assume that a person who, from childhood, gets used to subtly distinguishing tones, will have a very good pitch hearing. We examined a large group of Vietnamese students and made sure that this is the case.

Our data, by the way, completely coincided with the research of the English professor Taylor, according to whom "tonal deafness, which is a common phenomenon in England or America, is practically unknown among those African peoples who speak tonal languages."

As you can see, the ability is not bestowed by fate, but created by living conditions, by practice. And this means that if the formation of abilities does not occur by itself, spontaneously, they can be created consciously. This is exactly the experiment that we did.

100 adult Muscovites were examined. About 30 of them turned out to be "deaf" to the pitch of the sound, and this, as you know, is the main thing in ear for music. And with such "deaf" classes began according to a specially developed methodology. After several sessions, they began to accurately distinguish the pitch. Here's another proof that an ear for music can be formed - it can be formed quickly, actively!

Of course, hearing education is more effective in childhood, and its results are stronger. This is perfectly proven by the experience of the music teacher MP Kravets, who works in Podolsk. He accepts children into his school without any selection by ear, but look what wonderful musicians they make!

We hurriedly write down in a notebook: "Kravets, Podolsk" - and listen further, being afraid to miss the thread of a fascinating story …

Practically, training can develop all human abilities - and mathematical thinking, and the ability to draw, and memory, and, finally, even such abilities, the existence of which we do not even know …

For example?

For example, the sensitivity of the skin to light rays. Imagine that a person places their hand on a hole made in a table. He does not know that light, for example, green, begins to fall on his palm from below. All heat rays are absorbed by the water filter, so that only light remains. Will a person feel it? The first time, of course not. And after some training, people began to feel a kind of, as they said, "flowing in the palm", "something like a wave."

New sensations are sometimes very ancient sensations, as if hidden by nature in the reserve storerooms of the organism. Man preserves them from those ancient stages of development, when he needed them. Then, out of need, these functions became dull, but if the need arises, they can serve again. Deaf people develop a very subtle perception of vibration; in the blind, hearing, smell, touch are sharpened to the limits that are not characteristic of a sighted person.

Specialists working at the Moscow Institute of Defectology can give many examples of this.

We write down one more address: "Pogodinka, Institute of Defectology of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Russia", and ask Alexei Nikolaevich a question:

You said that there have been no significant changes in the human body during social history. But if new functions are being formed, shouldn't some organs that perform them be formed? Is a function possible without an organ?

Yes, the scientific point of view requires the recognition that since there is a function, there must be an organ, - the professor says thoughtfully.

He pauses for a minute, and then suddenly and cheerfully asks: - Do you know what a children's "designer" is? Wheels, cogs, nuts … You can assemble different things from them - the more parts, the more things. So, here a man - and he touches his forehead with his finger - is a magnificent designer! 14-17 billion nerve cells! Do you understand what you can create from them?

In the brain, under the influence of various activities, stable reflex systems arise. These are the new organs that a person did not have at birth and that were developed in him during his life.

Does this idea of an organ seem unusual to you? - notes Alexey Nikolaevich. - But after all, the remarkable Russian physiologist Ukhtomsky said that it is not necessary to associate something morphologically constant with the concept of an organ.

And, concretizing his thought, he continues:

Especially human abilities are not contained in the finished form in the brain, they are not determined by its innate characteristics. Biologically inherited, individual properties are only a condition for the formation of mental functions and abilities. The main thing is the world around a person, his own work and struggle.

What explains the talent, you ask? I would explain it by a particularly favorable coincidence of many conditions and circumstances of development.

In a capitalist society, the mastery of the heights of human culture is available to few. Everyone, without exception, learns here, the aesthetic education of children begins from an early age, there are dozens of forms of improving knowledge and skills in various fields.

In our country, everyone can creatively participate in all manifestations of life, which means that everyone can “find themselves”, develop their talent, their abilities.

I repeat: what is innate in a person is not the ability itself, but the ability to form it. And they are formed due to vigorous activity.

This means that in our reality, human capabilities …

Limitless! - concludes Alexey Nikolaevich Leontiev.

We head back down the echoing university corridors. Evening, but in laboratories and offices they are working: there are lectures, classes of seminars, circles. And outside the windows - Moscow, flooded with the rays of the setting sun, full of spring freshness. And I want to repeat, like a song:

Human possibilities are endless! Know this, friends! Know this to everyone who wants to achieve a lot and is not afraid of work!

Finding the ability to restore the lost parts of the human body is the dream of scientists of all times and peoples. After all, many ask the question: why a lizard, having lost its tail, can completely restore its original appearance and functions, while a person cannot regenerate a lost arm or leg.

By damaging vital organs or losing limbs, a person's life changes radically, making him inferior and causing a lot of inconvenience. However, such injuries will cease to be a problem and will become a thing of the past if medicine learns to "regrow" lost organs or parts of the human body.

More recently, similar procedures for the regeneration of human organs could be found only in science fiction films. But today it has become a reality. Regenerative medicine has made quite a step forward and, as practice shows, is making significant progress in making its dreams come true.

Advances in regenerative medicine

Modern restorative medicine focuses on two main streams. The first is to grow the missing organs and tissues on the patient's body or in test tubes separately from him, followed by transplantation to the injured area. The initial phase in this direction is considered to be the solution of issues related to the skin. First, new skin tissue was removed from the corpses or from the patients themselves. Today, leather is grown in large quantities in specialized laboratories. If these are internal organs that do not consist of one layer of cells of different types, then several other methods are used.

One of the first internal organs was grown the bladder and then successfully implanted into a patient. This organ is one of the most important in ensuring the vital activity of the body. It consists of connective tissue, muscle tissue and mucous membrane. It is known that a filled bladder has a capacity of about one liter of urine and resembles the shape of a balloon. So, for its cultivation, a special frame base was made in the form of a complete urea. Then, living cells were laid on it in layers. The organ perfectly took root in the patient and in the future coped remarkably well with its functions.

Another area of this medicine is the following: to restore or "repair" damaged and injured parts of the body by the forces of the body itself, using its reserve reserves and latent abilities. In this case, additional resources and the supply of a kind of "building material" are possible to ensure the process of restoring the natural structure of DNA. Note that, according to leading experts in this field, each person's body has a reserve resource of stem cells - about thirty percent of them, consumed throughout life.

Experts studying the patterns of aging of living organisms, including humans, have concluded that the species duration of a human life can be about 130 years, the reserve of which is up to 50 years. The fact is that external factors and deteriorating conditions do not contribute to this in any way. Ecology, stressful situations, emotional and physical overstrain to the ground squeeze and wear out the body even before the moment when, according to scientists, we should be in our prime. If a person could use his internal reserves on time, then this could be very helpful in the treatment after injury and in rehabilitation after serious illnesses with complications, especially in childhood and adolescence.

Ability to grow bone tissue

Beginning in the middle of the 20th century, a group of Soviet scientists headed by the leading biologist Lev Polezhaev successfully carried out the most difficult work to recreate the cranial vault in humans. The method was previously successfully tested on an animal. The area of the absence of the skull was almost twenty square centimeters. A specially crushed bone tissue in the form of a powder was poured along the edges of the hole. This entailed a recovery process and, as a result, the damaged areas were completely regenerated.

Recently, Israeli scientists specializing in the development of regenerative medicine have discovered another way to "grow" bone tissue from its own fat deposits in the human body, obtained by liposuction. In the case of positive results of preclinical tests, in the near future in the countries of Europe and Israel, new technologies will begin to be practiced, including the cultivation of bones and dental tissue for dentistry, as well as the complete replacement of the bone of the lost limb. Today, bone reconstruction is possible only in small areas of a few centimeters. The next step is to grow larger bones such as the hip bone.

The new technology has already proven its effectiveness and practicality in animals. And if tests on humans are successful, which is beyond doubt, this will truly provide tremendous assistance in regenerative medicine and open up new unique opportunities in it.

Summing up the above, we can be completely confident in the reality of the regenerative functions of our body. A lot of facts and methods have already been provided proving the success of curing diseases that were previously considered incurable. And also the possibility of complete restoration of injured or lost tissues of the body and even internal organs has been proven.

Unique unexplored capabilities of the body

Although the human body has been fairly well studied by scientists and specialists in the field of genetics, there are still many unsolved and unexplained mysteries that show the unique capabilities of our body. Many of them are very difficult for our mind to understand. There are a lot of amazing cases that happened to ordinary people. Indeed, according to scientists, our body uses its capabilities only ten percent out of a hundred. The following cases prove that amazing abilities are hidden in him.

The society knows the case when a resident of the Russian Federation, walking with her small child, was distracted for a minute and saw that the baby ran out onto the road right under the wheels of the car. Eyewitnesses were shocked that a frightened mother rushed to his aid and lifted the car.

Also during the war, there was an interesting case when an iron bolt got into the steering of a fighter pilot, as a result of which it jammed. Frightened by a possible fatal disaster, the pilot pulled the rudder handle with all his might and straightened out the flight path. Already on the ground, after a thorough examination, the mechanics found this bolt cut off. Further examination showed that to cut off such a part, a force of 500 kilograms is required.

Once in the last century, an elderly woman's house caught fire in a Russian village. Grandmother Matryona was ill, she could hardly see and hear, and practically could not walk. The whole village ran to the place of the fire. Already grieving for the poor old woman, the residents were surprised when they saw Matryona climbing over a high fence with a large chest.

There are tens of thousands of such phenomenal phenomena all over the world. These are just a few of them. And we can only admire our body and ask questions: Where is the line of human capabilities? And does it even exist …?

The human body is like a small universe. It would seem that our body has been studied as much as possible, but many facts and amazing achievements of the human body prove that there are still undiscovered possibilities. Undoubtedly, human possibilities are great, but are they unlimited? Someone can hold a horse in their hands, glue a lot of pieces of iron to the body, someone instantly multiplies several multi-digit numbers in their minds. It is believed that a person who finds himself in extreme conditions can suddenly discover in himself extraordinary physical capabilities; and all because at the same time he enters the so-called state of altered consciousness. In such a borderline state, the individual has the strength to lift a multi-ton weight, make his skin stronger than armor, walk on hot coals.

Nowadays, there are methods for using your unique physical potential, not only by chance, but also at your own will. But not everyone succeeds in comprehending such art. Such techniques for disclosing hidden human capabilities have long been used in the training of intelligence officers. But before such mentors appeared, it was necessary to study various phenomena and uncover the secrets of their appearance.

For the study of fantastic human abilities, special services even equipped expeditions to remote corners of the planet. Shamans and magicians, their mysterious rituals and spells became the object of close study. Let's say the possibilities of men and women from the Voodoo tribe. Voodoo magic in the XX century, perhaps, became the most coveted "prey" of narrow specialists from the special services of the leading countries of the world. The sensational opportunities of the magicians from India enjoyed no less interest. The outstanding parapsychologist of the XIV century, the author of the treatise "Universal History" Ibn Khaldon assured that there were unique people in India who were only able to point a finger at a person, and he fell dead. At the same time, during the autopsy, it turned out that the deceased had no … heart.

Officially, this kind of phenomenon from the practice of world magic became known in the 17th century, when in 1696 a black sorceress was brought aboard the ship of Count Gennes, heading for the shores of the French colonies, who knew how to dry the important internal organs of any person. The ship doctor, who had heard about the wonders of African sorcerers, before, according to tradition, the sailors buried the boatswain who had unexpectedly died after the threats of the witch in the waves of the sea, opened the body of the unfortunate and, to his horror, saw that the heart and liver of the deceased were dry, like gunpowder.

The Black Sorceress, at the request of Count Gennes, showed her ability to "devour" things from a distance. In the morning, all the pumpkins that had been locked in the chest turned out to be empty, clothed only with dried peel. After the old woman promised not to harm anyone from the crew, the sorceress was returned to her home island, for which the ship was forced to change course and make a detour. But the main thing is that all this was recorded in historical documents by witnesses of those distant events.

If you believe that a person is not only a physical, but also an energetic body, you can understand the principles of the "work" of magicians, influencing the actions or state of a person. For example, the same evil eye-damage, well-known among the population, may be the impact of the owner of some negative energy on another person. The physical body functions according to the energy program; and the invisible impact falls precisely on the energy one. After the evil eye, the system of energy coordinates changes, the usual circulation of energy is disrupted. It is as if a person is being encoded. The body starts to malfunction, the person gets worse and worse, he gets sick, although as a rule, doctors cannot establish the cause of the disease.

Energy magicians (familiar to us from folklore as witches, sorcerers and demons) know how to "throw a code" on the chakras of a person who has positive, white energy, to feed them. For example, to profit from the energy of strength, health, sexual energy, etc.

Craftsmen to kill with a glance, piercing the energy field of another person, exist today. Relatively recently, one of these cases was dealt with by the FBI, when a Lebanese Arab who was associated with the notorious Al-Qaeda and who killed a competitor with the help of a "hypnotic gaze" was involved in the strange death of the president of an American company producing electronic devices.

There were cases in the Soviet Union when high-ranking officials left for another world as a result of the influence of people with occult abilities. They began to write about such incidents only in the late 90s of the XX century, when publications about parapsychology, magic and other "devilry" appeared in the open post-Soviet press.

It would seem that it would be much easier for the special services than the mysterious human capabilities associated with magic, it would be to study the possibilities related to the category of clearer phenomena. For example, resistance to physical tests (thirst, hunger, temperature drop), power tricks, magnetism, etc. Before such tests as records were included in popular reference books, many people were tested for strength. At the same time, most of whom acted as guinea pigs against their own will, but were, say, prisoners of gulags, concentration camps, prisons (including secret, closed ones), criminals sentenced to death. Or even bystanders, captured as biological raw materials for scientific experiments. In connection with the last statement, one can cite the increasing cases of memory loss by young men in Russia in recent years, who only recalled that they were suddenly given an injection on the street, after which they ceased to belong to themselves, and what happened to them next, what actions in relation to them, and what they themselves did is unknown. The journalists of the popular TV show “Wait for me” and the NTV channel paid particular attention to such incidents. It was even suggested that under the influence of an unknown drug, a person could act in the role of a hired killer, and then be released with an erased memory. However, it is unlikely that the special services are engaged in mass capture of people in the streets and train stations in order to release such witnesses later. This may indicate that technology,used by professionals from the special services, fell into the hands of the bandits. The author is convinced that this took place during the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the unique technologies of special services fell into the hands of unscrupulous people.

It is known from historical literature that experiments on human survival in extreme conditions were carried out in the first half of the 20th century by such powerful organizations as the OGPU-NKVD and the Special Department of G. I. Bokiya, "Ahnenerbe" under the supervision of SS Reichsfuehrer G. Himmler. However, this does not mean that inhuman experiments were not carried out in countries other than the USSR and Germany. The Americans and the Japanese have become famous for their cruel, inhuman experiences. But not a single country wants to remember such a historical experience.

Now in open and, as a rule, popular sources, one can find information, say that a person is able to walk and talk even with a body temperature of 32-28 degrees; recorded the state of preservation of consciousness in chilled people at a body temperature of 30-26 degrees and meaningful speech even at 24 degrees. Apparently, such data appeared thanks to the misfortunes that happened to real people who accidentally got into trouble and survived in spite of everything. However, before the monstrous experiments on freezing living people were carried out by the Chekists, and the Nazis, and the Japanese "Aesculapians"; At the same time, many of these experiments were recorded on film, there were moments in the frames when a human hand or leg, like an icicle, was torn off from the body and shattered …

How many people, through the fault of the torturers, suffered a cold shock, immersed in ice water, how many died as a result of respiratory dysfunction and cardiac arrest (as well as those tortured as a result of other atrocious experiments), is recorded in documents stored in special archives of different countries, to which there is no access ordinary citizens. By the way, the numerous documents that came to them after the end of the Second World War - reports on the studies of Nazi doctors who worked with living material from among arrested compatriots and prisoners of war - became a valuable booty for the American special services.

The result of all of the above is that many of the achievements of medical scientists were taken into service in the special services, that is, they began to be taken into account in the training of specialists and used for carrying out certain secret operations.

I like the expression "unlimited possibilities" so much. Just think about it. Opportunities WITHOUT borders. I think the topic will be relevant for many. After all, we are so used to thinking that we ourselves cannot advance, are unworthy of something better, etc. etc.

How often this negative is laid down in our country since childhood. The casually thrown remarks of adults who are simply tired of the day at work put whole complexes in us. After all, it is known that by the age of 5 we form our own ideas about life.

Then something is added, of course, but quite a bit. However, it is interesting that we live in the consciousness and the boundaries of consciousness of a five-year-old child? And it was formed in our country and was determined by what we received from our parents. But even the best parents cannot know everything and live within the limits of their own consciousness.

How often we were told: “You cannot do it”, “You cannot do it”. And we squeeze ourselves into a rigid framework when we say: “I can't”, “I have no money for this!”, “What will they think about it?” … And then you can list who, what might think about it.

All these limitations often prevent us from expressing ourselves using our limitless possibilities. If we understand that all restrictions are nestled only in our heads and have nothing to do with reality, I think life will be much more interesting, more joyful, and this will only bring us all health.

I once read about putting things in order in our thoughts. And there was an example about a wardrobe. Imagine that you opened it, found a bunch of unnecessary things there. It's out of fashion, it doesn't suit you, it's out of size, it doesn't like it, etc. What can be done in this case? Of course, to disassemble everything, just give something to someone, take it to church, etc. Now we begin to lay out all the remaining things in a new way. The closet becomes more spacious. And if you buy a new thing, there will be a place for it.


We need to do the same with our thoughts. Get rid of everything that is outdated, make room for new ones. How far we can go in this depends only on ourselves.

Every time you hear about an incalculable disease, know that this is not true. There is a power that can heal everything. You just need to plunge into yourself and discover the medicine in yourself. There are a great many examples of such a cure. I would like to briefly recall one of them.

I already wrote to you that my acquaintance with psychology began through the books of Louise Hay. Her story cannot leave anyone indifferent. At the age of five, she was raped by her stepfather, then fate threw her terrible trials one after another. Including the diagnosis of cancer. She gave up medicine and embarked on a new lifestyle with forgiveness, healing, nutrition, relaxation and cleansing. So she healed herself of cancer.

As Dr. Pachuta of the National AIDS Association said, "There has never been a 100% fatality epidemic in the world - never!" Any disease on earth that affected many people could not cope with someone.


Lost in dark thoughts, we are doomed. In order to find a way out of the situation, you need to take a positive approach. We need to learn to use the Power within us for healing.

Here are some examples of such unlimited human capabilities:

  • Peter Terren can put a lot of tension through him. In the pose of a thinker, wrapped in foil, he remains alive and well after being hit by an electric current of 500 kilovolts.
  • Biologist Kevin Richardson can spend the night in a cage with lions. For some unknown reason, the lions accept it as their own.
  • Vietnamese Tai Ngoc has not slept at all since 1973, from the very moment he had a fever.
  • Daniel Tammet, an autist from Great Britain, has difficulty speaking, does not distinguish between left and right, does not know how to insert a plug into an outlet, but at the same time easily performs complex mathematical calculations in his mind. Daniel knows 22,514 decimal places by heart and understands eleven languages, including Welsh, Esperanto and Icelandic, which he learned in 7 days.
  • Jody Ostroyt is able to notice details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. For example, the internal structure of a plant leaf, which can only be seen with an electron microscope.
  • The apparent death was demonstrated in 1950 by the yogi Babashri Ramdaji Jirnari. He climbed into a cell studded with nails, after which the cell was filled with cement and filled with water. A day later, Babashri Yogi was taken out of her, rubbed him and he came to life.

Recently I saw a strikingly beautiful video on the Internet. Dance Men and women, however, they are not just dancers, but people with disabilities. However, this did not stop them from performing this sensual and beautiful dance.

By believing that anything is possible, we can open our minds to meet the challenges we face in life.

We live and always have the right to choose: either we surround ourselves with walls of restrictions, or we break them, while feeling safe, we allow good and good to enter our life.