UFOs Are Becoming More And More Amazing Every Day - Alternative View

UFOs Are Becoming More And More Amazing Every Day - Alternative View
UFOs Are Becoming More And More Amazing Every Day - Alternative View

Video: UFOs Are Becoming More And More Amazing Every Day - Alternative View

Video: UFOs Are Becoming More And More Amazing Every Day - Alternative View
Video: Something in the air: The increased attention to UFOs 2023, September

On October 25, 2019, a very controversial video, filmed the day before in California, was discussed on many forums, ranging from American to Chinese:

Despite long disputes and many arguments from both sides, people have not managed to come to a common denominator. It doesn’t seem like a UFO, because “Martians” usually do not allow themselves to drive a searchlight around the city at night. But it cannot be a drone either, since the speed of movement of light sources is very high for a helicopter-type UAV - and this is then exactly this type, since objects are hovering in place.

Panama, also somewhere around October 25-26:

In this situation, it is already quite obvious that in the sky a huge cigar-shaped UFO is approximately the same as was observed in Britain on October 20 against the background of the Moon:

This British video is doubly interesting, primarily because the object, without much camouflage, glows and there you can see some small details. However, the main value of the video is that it clarifies the story of the famous UFO in China - a hefty cigar that hovered over one of the Chinese airports about ten years ago:

Promotional video:

Since the public had not seen anything like this before, at the time the video appeared, most viewers considered the video a fake - what was happening simply did not fit into people's heads. However, comparing the Chinese video to the October 20 British video, it seems likely that UFOs are of the same types.

Another similar object - Greece, October 22:

And this is something else - California, October 22:

Now let's move on to objects that we cannot characterize.

October 22, video taken from official NASA photos:

The question arises: if this is a spaceship, then what size is it? Or is the Earth really flat and the Sun just such a lamp?

Video from a surveillance camera, October 28, Florida - it seems that this is not even a UFO, but something alive:

Mexico, October 26 - we don't know what the clouds are lighting up:

New Zealand, October 27, the author of the video himself does not understand that this is either a huge UFO, or some kind of celestial body:

Video from the network webcam, recorded by the channel specializing in them, stefan silviu constantinescu - there are some miracles here, similar to the severed rings of Saturn flying to Earth:

Canada, October 23:

We do not vouch for the reliability of the fact that “Martians” are captured on each of these videos, since we ourselves did not shoot everything, but we have no doubt that there are “Martians” on this planet.

In one of the past materials, we already noticed that cameras for filming films in the second half of the last century were very sensitive, so they saw UFOs very often and the film was then rejected. However, sometimes the directors turned a blind eye to the "artifacts":

It is difficult to accuse Hollywood directors of fake - in the 1950s, people did not even know the words, and the movie is definitely not about aliens. So the guys have been here for a long time, but for what purpose - one can only guess, because, judging by the system that the "Martians" established in the world, they do not look like angels. Therefore, we somehow do not expect anything good from their mass appearance.