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Indians Also Joined The Destruction Of Monuments In The United States - Alternative View
Indians Also Joined The Destruction Of Monuments In The United States - Alternative View

Video: Indians Also Joined The Destruction Of Monuments In The United States - Alternative View

Video: Indians Also Joined The Destruction Of Monuments In The United States - Alternative View
Video: Бегемоты главного наркобарона мира Эскобара захватили Колумбию Никто не знает, как их остановить 2023, April
Anonim Chief of the Cheyenne River, South Dakota Sioux tribe calls for the removal of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, claiming it was carved into an area considered sacred to native people.

"Nothing can serve as a greater reminder to the Great Sioux Nation of a country that cannot fulfill the promise of a treaty than the faces carved into our sacred land, on the rocks that the United States calls Mount Rushmore."


“The United States of America wants us all to be citizens and families of their republic, but when they get tired of looking at these faces, we are left to look at our molesters,” Tribal Chief Harold Fraser wrote in a June 29 statement.

Here is his statement in full:


Editorial comment

Hal's theses about “we defeated you” look rather amusing in light of the fact that his ancestors came to the United States in the 20th century, when everyone had already been defeated. George W. Bush, for example, can say “we defeated you,” because the Bushes trace their ancestry from the first settlers and there are very few such Americans in the United States today. And Hal cannot say that and he got a little excited with his "we".

Only the “Sioux leader” named Harold Fraser looks more comical. Why not Goiko Mitic or Duncan Macleod from the Macleod clan?

If we argue in fairness, then the Sioux claims to the monument are fully justified: America is their land, the land of their ancestors, and they are the owners there. However, to be fair, you have to be fair to the end.

The history of America in ancient times is unknown, nevertheless, anthropologists have proven that the Sioux, like all the Indians of North America, the guys are not local and came there along the isthmus that connected Alaska with Eurasia. This fact is even reflected in the legends of many tribes. And now the question arises: where are the Native Americans? That is, people who lived in America before the Indians? And they are not, because the glorious Iroquois removed their scalps and decorated their wigwams with them. And after that, they scalped the first pale-faced people who sailed to America and built the first settlements there. Therefore, when the whites gained strength, they had to squeeze the Indians a little.

Unfortunately, the migrations of peoples never go on peacefully: always the stronger people destroy the weaker people, at best the peoples mix and find out “who came first” can be endless.

So, in the same era when North America was colonized, Central America and South America were colonized. And some people also lived there. Well, where are they, these Incas, Aztecs, Mayans? The Spaniards and the Portuguese slaughtered them, and those who remained became Brazilians and Mexicans. At the same time, the American Indians have preserved their culture, their genetics and their language.

Or another example is the Right Bank Kuban and the Taman Peninsula. The Circassians lived there for quite a long time, who also cut someone out there. And in 1783, by decree of Catherine II, the Right-Bank Kuban and the Taman Peninsula were annexed to the Russian Empire. In 1792-93, the Zaporozhye Cossacks moved there and still live there - only the names of the mountains and rivers remained from the local ones. And nothing, no one grieves about the oppression of the people, whose land was cut between neighboring states.

And no one grieves for the indigenous people of Turkey, since the Turks are a new people and before the fall of Constantinople they had never heard of such people there. Greeks there occasionally resent, but the Greeks themselves are mostly descendants of Pelasgians who lived in the local mountains. And Sparta and Athens were founded by the Dorians - conquerors who came from the far North, presumably from Hyperborea. And then the Spartans lived in Sparta, and the Pelasgians worked around Sparta in the fields. And it was the Dorians, not the Pelasgians, who won the Battle of Thermopylae.

In general, the question to whom, what and where belongs is a very difficult question, since it is not clear from what year the "zeroing" is considered. And if we take into account that the modern chronology is sucked out of the thumb, then everything is wildly confused.

If the Sioux leaders think that if it weren't for the Americans, they would have ridden horses until the 21st century, then they are greatly mistaken. If people from Europe hadn’t come, the guys from Asia would have come and cut everyone out there, there could be no other options - the Uighurs and Tibetans would confirm.

Nevertheless, now the “leader” of the Sioux decided, obviously, to lean towards the Asian version and start rocking the boat, voicing the idiocy that is very much demanded by globalists and stepping on the old rake for the second time: for the first time the Sioux sold their country for mirrors and knives, and now, Probably, the globalists brought a truck of batteries to the camp.

So far, of course, it is not known how all this will end, but we can say for sure: if America collapses, the Sioux will get acquainted with the Uighurs personally and will tell them their tribal legends while working together in Chinese quarries, so we are following the development of events.

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