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Is Humanity The Result Of A Failed Alien Experiment? - Alternative View
Is Humanity The Result Of A Failed Alien Experiment? - Alternative View

Video: Is Humanity The Result Of A Failed Alien Experiment? - Alternative View

Video: Is Humanity The Result Of A Failed Alien Experiment? - Alternative View
Video: Is This a New Kind of Physics? - with Harry Cliff, Paula Alvarez Cartelle and Ben Allanach 2023, April

How did it all start?

The Roswell UFO crash happened 68 years ago, but new details of this unusual event are still emerging. There were reports that at that time in the United States there was not one, but three UFO disasters. the most sensational news is that local Indians rescued a wounded alien in August 1947.

For almost 50 years, no one thought to look for witnesses of those events from the Indians, whose reservation is located near Roswell. Everyone thought that the Indians could only tell their legends and myths.

The Indians, too, were not eager to communicate with anyone, and were forbidden to tell anyone about UFOs. They knew very well that where the stars are falling, soldiers immediately appear, and nothing good can be expected from them.

Only in 1995, the researcher Michael Hesemann met with the Indians, they told him interesting details about the catastrophes of extraterrestrial ships in the middle of the last century. They claimed that there were three UFO crashes in 1947, the first crashed near Socorro, the second in Roswell, and the third UFO crashed in northern Arizona. Hesemann was not very surprised by this, because based on the information he already had, he knew that the Roswell UFO crash was not the only one.

This happened in August 1947, a month after the Roswell disaster. Robert's grandfather, who was still young at that time, noticed, along with his fellow tribesmen, a luminous ball, which is not far from them. They reached the crash site in front of the soldiers.

They found an alien near the ship, he was wounded, and they took him away. "Elder of the stars" (as the Indians called the alien) when he came to, he told them how to handle him, he recovered in two.

The alien had a small green crystal that displayed various images, he showed them his civilization. The Star Elder said that, unfortunately, there are wars between different space civilizations, and all these gods and demons, which are spoken of in earthly myths and legends, were actually from space.

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The most interesting information from the history of the Star Elder was the story about our origins. It turns out that we did not develop along our own path, but were created specifically to serve beings from outer space. Slaves of the cosmic gods, but surprisingly quickly, we became smart and out of their control.

Unfortunately, Star Elder did not say whether the creators left us completely alone or were watching us.

Our body is made to age quickly. Because a slave who lives too long has a great chance of becoming smart and uncontrollable, and they don't need this.

In addition, the Indian claimed that in 1945-1950, 16 extraterrestrial spaceships fell in the United States. Fourteen of them crashed near Indian reservations. They said that the creatures from the wrecked ships sometimes survived the disaster, but were killed in collisions with the soldiers.

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