About The "Pauli Principle" - Alternative View
About The "Pauli Principle" - Alternative View

Video: About The "Pauli Principle" - Alternative View

Video: About The "Pauli Principle" - Alternative View
Video: Pauli's Exclusion Principle (In Our Time) 2023, April

Probably few people know that some people have an amazing gift to spoil various devices and electrical appliances without even touching them, but by the mere fact of their presence. By the way, scientists noticed that the most talented theoretical physicists possessed such unique abilities. And this phenomenon, once again proving that the "observer effect" known in quantum physics is inherent not only in the world of elementary particles, scientists jokingly called the "Pauli effect".

Here is what Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor G. Korotkov writes about him in his book "The Energy of Our Thoughts":

And this grain of truth consists in what was known for a long time to the sages of ancient highly developed civilizations, and then began to be completely denied by materialistic scientists. But whether they like it or not, our consciousness is able to influence physical reality and not only the superposition of elementary particles and their quantum-wave dualism. Everyone can get acquainted with experiments from quantum physics. But the "observer effect" is not limited to this. Even a predetermined attitude of people towards the result of experiments influences the result of these experiments. And such scientific studies have already been discussed earlier. This principle: “Thought creates reality” is well known to people who have mastered a certain level of esoteric knowledge. But after all "esoterics" means "secret knowledge".

So, why are they hiding this truth from us? Yes, so that a person continues to believe in pseudoscientific fairy tales that he lives in a soulless mechanical world and is just a small "cog" of a huge "machine", on which supposedly nothing depends. After all, weak-willed "cogs" are easy to manipulate and impose any opinions and decisions on them. In other words, it is much easier for the "shepherds" to manage the weak-willed and stupid "herd", which itself obediently goes to the "stall" prepared for it by the world parasites and their servants, the so-called. "New world order". That is why, in order to more effectively manipulate the consciousness of various types of "sheep", both the religions of slavish humility and "official science" were invented - a religion for intellectuals, which in fact is a tool for controlling the level of knowledge, and not a tool for cognizing reality. And just for this very control, analogs of our pseudoscientific commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences were created in almost all countries, performing the functions of a "scientific inquisition".

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But you should know that whether to transfer control of your destiny into the hands of parasites and their servants, or to control the events of your life, depends only on you. We attract people, circumstances and events to ourselves that correspond to our inner essence and our psycho-emotional state. That is why working on yourself, you can change the circumstances of your fate, transforming negative into positive. Continuing to believe in the false dogmas of the parasitic system and absorbing the negative information belonging to the parasites of mass disinformation, on the contrary, you will invariably slide into negative. This is exactly what the parasites need so that you yourself ask the "powerful of this world" to take responsibility for your lives. But the choice, nevertheless, is yours.

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