Young People In Russia Are Dying From Drug Genocide - Alternative View
Young People In Russia Are Dying From Drug Genocide - Alternative View

Video: Young People In Russia Are Dying From Drug Genocide - Alternative View

Video: Young People In Russia Are Dying From Drug Genocide - Alternative View
Video: ВИЧ в России / HIV in Russia (Eng & Rus subtitles) 2023, April

The walls of many houses in Russian cities are painted with open advertisements for the sale of various drugs. Children go to school and read all this, and then buy. And adult uncles from power pretend that they are blind-deaf-dumb …

I returned to the regional center, dear to me since my Soviet childhood, five years ago, in the spring of 2014 after a long absence. Even at the entrance to the bus station, I was unpleasantly struck by the eerie appearance of the city walls. I will never forget this depressing first impression! The facade of every house in his native city was everywhere disfigured by some kind of ugly English-language inscriptions. And my first impression was that there must have been a war without me, and our city was captured by the Americans. Who everywhere and marked, in a dog's manner, with their foreign marks all our walls.

A week after, I was struck by a situation even more disgusting and wild, which became for me a starting point for all subsequent years. One day, around noon, second-graders from a local school were walking in front of me with their satchels behind their backs. And one of them suddenly told two of his friends that "now he will come home and sniff Chinese salt." This was said as an offer and they join this business. But these children were deliberately underage! I had to rudely interfere in their conversation and find out from them where this "Chinese salt" comes from.

The children's response shocked me. They showed me to the surrounding walls, everywhere covered with some kind of cell number with the word "Legal" …


I was just dumbfounded! In all this there was something so vile, disgusting and cynical … That the same evening, after deep thought, I resolutely revised my previous principles for the sake of what I saw, rewrote this number and took it to the Police. And I am not ashamed of this act of mine. There is a certain limit beyond which you can no longer close your eyes to the things happening. Otherwise, by your inaction, you become a voluntary accomplice to the evil that is happening. And to participate in child molestation is a business worthy of a place under the bunker! Those who are not against evil are in favor.

Until now, the very possibility of such an open widespread advertising of drugs to children does not fit in my head! After all, this is the real PE-DO-FI-LI-I! I just can't find another word. This is the most real rape of the forming child's soul. After all, even just the drug trade itself, if you look at it, there is a less dastardly business than such a wall drug promotion. Because this trade takes place in secret and does not impose an interest in the consumption of these substances on anyone. Right there, on the contrary, it is the forced massive involvement of minors into drug use that is cynical and mean.

Imagine that you have children whom you want to raise in life as healthy, full-fledged people. But some very powerful and influential forces decided to organize such "dastardly" conditions for your children throughout our country that wherever your child goes, he will stumble across hundreds of advertisements of various working drug websites written on the walls, bus stops, posts and fences … The work of which, even from a purely technical point of view, cannot be blocked, since these drug sites operate in the "deep" Internet space not controlled by the state.

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Wherever the child goes, he will also stumble upon vandalism that defiles the public cultural space. Which gradually instills in him an aggressive lack of culture and hypnotically lowers him to the herd-tribal degenerative-physiological, animal level. Cutting off any possibility of moral growth from him and limiting his development with the collective word "cattle". Above which, in a specially created environment of militant swinishness and widespread drug propaganda, he will not grow spiritually.

And even if you naively think that you will definitely save your own child from all this, I assure you that one day your child will still have a situation when he, either himself or under the influence of the environment, will want to “run away from the disappointments of life "And try these widely advertised drugs for children on every corner.

On which in our country today all children without exception were forcibly hooked from the very cradle! Straight from the wheelchair-slider age. Since the widespread advertising of drugs has the property of a programming effect on the child's subconscious, regardless of the child's awareness of perception. It is precisely the obsessive coding of children for the use of these deadly substances that takes place, forcibly coercing the child's consciousness, which is still weak for critical rejection of incoming external information that harms child development. (Read also the text of the Federal Law - 436. "On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Development")

That is why, in my deep conviction, only a morally unhealthy person can be indifferently inactive in a situation when invitations addressed to children are obtrusively written on all the walls around them.

A little later, I found out that such drug numbers, as well as drug trafficking sites, had been inflicted on the walls of the city …


In conversations, I also found out from people who consume these substances that not only websites and telephones serve as advertisements for them, but also “nicknames”. Near which special (imposed by the "deep Internet") icons can be used to mark the proposed drug "assortment" … For a better understanding of this problem on the Web, I also looked through dozens of articles and notes on graffiti, including those written by foreign criminalists. And some of the data found in them led me to completely unexpected conclusions.

When comparing some facts, through layers of different information husks, a very strange picture finally emerged in understanding. It turned out that these graffiti themselves were once invented not at all as a means of someone's self-expression, but were already originally conceived by their "implementers" precisely as a special encrypted language of drug traffickers' communication. And in America it was not at all invented by young blacks "protesters for the sake of protest," but developed and imperceptibly through these black hucksters "introduced" into the marginal "black" neighborhoods by the American special services themselves. In order to promote their very profitable drug business in America through their drug dealers.

And multi-colored graffiti in this scheme was simply assigned the role of a distracting, psychologically forcing the necessary criminal atmosphere of a "dirty" background. Of course, none of the uninterested parties will study it closely. Therefore, the more in this “background” there was any mysterious and incomprehensible “dirt”, the “better” it was and the easier it was for drug dealers to hide their “advertisement” on it.


According to reliable data, foreign special services are organizing this process in our country with the help of the "deep Internet". Everything is based on the simplest business schemes. Similar schemes, issued by our employers to "pedestrian" peddlers and posting advertisers in the neighborhood. With the prescription of the most effective route for its distribution. Nighttime promoters advertise drug sites on the same principle. In which there is something very characteristic of the cynical-mercantile Western mentality.

It is this criminal-organizing supranational “deep Internet” that hires “steno-mazovs” in Russia, paying them for their work to obscure our city walls … Paying them with cryptocurrency for photo reports and for desecration of monumental and architectural monuments, and for vandalism over public transport, and for the promotion of technically protected drug stores in the "deep Web" …

This is a whole shadow business, the industry of destruction and suppression of any culture in our territory colonized by foreigners. In exchange for which the country is imposed an artificially modeled criminal environment from widespread vandalism. Agitationally instilling a rebellious spirit of gloomy chaos and insolent disrespect for others everywhere. At the same time, it provokes the growing population to crime, and disguises the countless advertising "tentacles" of this crime. And it acts like yeast fermenting public consciousness. A growing man, from whom this ubiquitous vandalism is robbed of a genuine culture, quickly degrades and becomes spiritually rotten in the midst of such ubiquitous "visual agitation".

Through this, in Russia, a spiritually pathogenic environment is formed in Russia, helping its "implementers" to extract the maximum profit from our territory while simultaneously corrupting and destroying the maximum number of young people. Because by corrupting the youth, in the long term they undercut and destroy the very state-forming nation for the Russian land … Fulfilling the doctrine of the strategic degeneration of Russia through the forced destruction of its spiritual and cultural identity, voiced back in 1945 by the Freemason and CIA Chief Dulles.


You can see for yourself how today in Russia with washing powder they wash the asphalt of the roads every day and repaint all the road railings three times during the summer. Innumerable billions of budget money are thrown into all kinds of improvement of what is “underfoot” … But here's what is characteristic: it was as if someone had imposed a taboo on the walls painted by vandals for all city officials and public utilities. And paint over them "in no hurry" for years! Now you finally understand why ?!

Does this seem implausible to you? And in vain. Let me explain with a very close example. The same current rap, thematically tightly tied to graffiti and drugs, according to data from Soviet magazines, was purposefully created by Pentagon specialists precisely as a "psychotronic weapon" that destroys the work of the brain at a subtle vibrational cellular-molecular level with a special unnatural alternation of rhythms and frequencies.

Therefore, when you listen to any rap for the first time, you clearly feel this “sickening” disgust of your own organism for it, protesting against the chopped discordant cacophony of sounds. Afterwards, the ear involuntarily “gets blurred”, grows dull and begins to look for something pleasant in this unnatural and frankly degenerative musical denatured alcohol, as if in poisonous alcohol.

The main thing for the "implementers" was the right to "lower all this from the top", submitting the brain-destroying development to the masses as something "fashionable". And now the disgusting "psychotronic weapon" is becoming a new mass "national rhythm", and "Russian-Negroes" - rappers - patriotically waving their tricolor on the tank. Young people, who think so far only with hormones, quickly "hawala" all this at face value, are drawn in, dull and steadily degenerate! This is how a degenerate youth subculture is imposed on the country, psychotronically mortifying and purposefully pushing children towards drug use. That the Pentagon, successfully implementing the "Dulles doctrine" in Russia, actually needed it.


When at the dawn of Perestroika, the Jewish "dove of peace" Brzezinski came to the Union, he brought multivolume "recommendations from the IMF" developed at the Pentagon, naturally, not for the all-Union good, but for the destruction and implementation of Western criminal schemes in the colonized country. For a better understanding of all this, remember the animated Soviet fable of Mikhalkov Sr. about "The Architect's Fox", which rebuilt a chicken coop for a nearby lion. It clearly presents the essence of everything that is presented to you here …

The "Brzezinski and Kissingers" had only to push to power in the country they colonize such "lions" loyal to their recommendations, who will no longer ask any unnecessary questions, but will obediently, at their colonial level, introduce into the unfortunate country everything that is offered to them … And the very first thing they "colonized" the wallet of our country - its Central Bank.

Money is the blood of the state organism. It controls the work of the state brain and all its organs. She is responsible for the construction of "fabrics" and for all of his other vital activity. But if the "heart" itself pumping this money blood suddenly becomes only a "branch" of the organism of a foreign state, parasitically feeding on its "blood" through "blood transfusers" abundantly stretched across the Atlantic Ocean, then it is quite obvious that exactly the same "branch" has long been in the donor country and its entire government at any level. Organized for the population of the country a whole industry of "overpressure lulling and fooling", and only for show playing its imaginary "confrontation" in front of the hypnotized people.

That is why, as long as the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is not nationalized "back" by the country and is officially only a subordinate branch of the US Federal Reserve, the author's assertion about the "colonial" status of the Russian Federation, and the strict conditionality of the Presidential and Government powers by external orders to the Russian Federation, absolutely fair and based on real, reliable, easily verifiable facts.

But let's come back. A person is so constructed that everywhere he sees on the walls a "dirty background" of incomprehensible inscriptions, sooner or later he internally "burns out" to all this ugliness and ceases to notice him. And just like that, the effect desired by drug dealers suddenly turns out to be achieved!


There is one more characteristic point that the most attentive readers, looking closely, will certainly notice. Most of the wall "dirt" in any city is done by just a few "hardworking" guys. Who almost daily invent more and more new "pseudonyms" for themselves and everywhere obscenely and sweepingly paint the city walls with them in their recognizable author's style. Why do they need it? There is an assumption that for such "dirt" and photo reports about it, they, just like for the drug stencils, receive money …

They list those who need this dirt in Russian cities as a "decoration" for placing on it in the future mass advertising to their drug-selling sites. Which these same "hardworking" guys also spread over their earlier art. Such "background" vandalism for advertising the drug trade is being introduced in Russia in stages, and there is a reasonable explanation for this. First, the people are lulled, accustomed to "wall painting". And after that, the whole further process goes like a knurled one.

Unsuspecting people at first naively buy for really interesting and high-quality "competitive arts", a little after, with irritation they are forced to humble themselves and get used to the ugly multi-colored dirt that has filled all the city walls, and after that, finally, from impotence they spit on everything and everything this business "falls asleep".

And now he, and in all this, also duped and professionally hypnotized, will no longer give any meaning either to the countless drug websites written in a circle, or to the drug stencils applied everywhere, or to picturesque pictures containing a "coded menu" from a huckster artist.

After all, from the endless contemplation of the "mud" on the walls, his soul imperceptibly had already become dull and swam to everything with "pork fat of indifference." Just like that, through ordinary "graffiti" the drug trade in our multimillion-dollar long-suffering country, quietly, without any public announcement, suddenly suddenly turned out to be legalized … It was "legalized" through the popularization of graffiti!


Here's to you, without any deceptive and elegant "verbal wrappers", the true "candy" meaning of all sorts of "hip-hops" and "pieces". It was just that drug traffickers had to hide criminal information for their clients in the most prominent public place. And the American intelligence services simply did not find a better way than to invent and "introduce" the "youth subculture" specially developed by Pentagon sociologists for this purpose. Well, in the Russia they colonized, they also successfully implemented all this with the help of “pocket” authorities who did not ask unnecessary questions.

Do not be surprised. They create different bacterial cultures in laboratories for technical needs. Well, this "wall mold" was also developed by American military behavioral sociologists for the needs of the drug trade. Therefore, after being hooked on to this subculture, the children themselves did not even know that their good uncles suddenly allowed them to "make dirt" on the walls for a reason. How could the children know that already in this very "resolution" a deep criminal meaning was initially hidden.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, absolutely everything that has been worked out in the West has become ours. The same principle was, of course, borrowed from America and the drug trade. And the notorious, seemingly forbidden, anonymizer "TOP" was once a secret communication program specially developed for the US Navy. When it became somewhat outdated, international drug traffickers began to use it for secret communication …

It is technically impossible for our State RosKomNadzor to block the entrance through it to the "deep Internet" and everything that happens in it. And even if someone once comes up with such a method, they will immediately be "liquidated". After all, this "deep Internet" opens our Russia to the West like a tin can.

Don't forget who actually owns the Russian Central Bank. Its permanent three-year “affiliation” of the US Federal Reserve System is the key to understanding everything that is happening in Russia. For 30 years now, we have been a "colony", not a "power". Therefore, you can draw any "castles in the air" to the country through the press and make any meaningless statements to the population of the country … But as long as the Central Bank of your country is only a branch of a foreign State Bank, then you yourself are also nothing more than a leading employee of a colony of a foreign state. And this is an irrefutable fact!


Now, let's even assume that “truly” blocking drug sites is really impossible! But why then, too, it turned out to be “impossible” for so many years to force the Russian authorities of any level to organize the usual hasty painting of street advertisements for these unblocked drug sites, carried out by painters under the responsible supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers?

If, for example, instead of the Police, I instruct almost illiterate Asian janitors to catch criminals, then, no doubt, I will thereby create surprisingly favorable conditions for criminals … However, when our State itself, instead of the Police, instructs such janitors to prevent massive advertising campaigns of drug dealers operating under patronage of shadow non-state special services … What conclusion should follow from this? I believe it is very simple: the state at its level is helping these drug dealers in every possible way!

“Blocking Roskomnadzor” has its technical boundaries, beyond which it is nothing more than an illusion to calm parents, whose children from the first grade know everything about everything very well … They communicate daily with their peers who use drugs and practically “live” on the Internet. Therefore, at any moment they can …

In order not to violate the requirements of RosKomNadzor, I will not give parents here a detailed detailed transcript of what their children see on the walls every day. However, within acceptable limits, I still cannot fail to indicate for them that the letter combinations printed on the walls next to the "strange Internet address": LEGAL, GER, KOKS, NATUR, GASH, LOVE, SK, SP, RG, REGA, MF, MEF, CAT, TV, 4:20, X, Z, 228, the word WORK and some others - mean some (not directly named by me here) drugs offered by this "email address". And in most cases, a site already replicated on the wall is most likely a site offering drugs. You see a certain e-mail address on the walls: for example, Cart @ … there is a 95% probability that some huckster left it to his clients.

Drugs can also be offered to children in secret by those who leave all kinds of funny and mysterious stickers on the walls, as well as by leaving various letter inscriptions on the walls, with different underscores, arrows and icons (dots, stars, snowflakes, diamonds, hearts, winking emoticons with sticking out tongue, and etc.). On the walls there is also a huge number of "conspiratorial" graffiti drawings, in which the assortment offered to the drug painters is encrypted.


There are entire sites and communities that host "exhibitions" of such "conspiratorial" shorthand with a meaningful advertising purpose to attract customers. Such pages always contain a link to the mail protected from the Police, through which this illegal trade is actually carried out … Well, the graffiti theme is a bait, where both the seller and the buyer quickly and easily find each other. See now how many ways they sell?

What can be really done against all this now?

But in reality it is possible only in an organized way and only at the level of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to deprive the drug sites living in that “depth” of their “engine” - the ubiquitous street advertising. Because it is precisely without this advertisement, which annoys children’s eyes on every wall every day, that the demand for drugs in Russia will immediately naturally drop sharply. For the simple economic reason that the "supply" of drugs will cease to basely impose "demand" on these drugs on their potential young clients from everywhere!

In America, the drug trade officially replenishes the state budget of the country … Therefore, Russia, as its current colony, at the cost of its childhood, also involuntarily participates in this process. You can launch any "Scalpels", "Boreas" and "Armata" with pathos from military cosmodromes "to Mars", and "bared like a wolf" at anyone from military sites …

But while in Russia the children of those who create all this are playing in the sandboxes painted by American drug sites at the same time, this grin turns out that it is primarily directed not outside, but inward - against its own people.

(By the way, "about the grin", according to the new FZ-498, our little children are now forced to share their sandboxes decorated with drug sites with flocks of stray dogs "living freely" in cities, very directly and literally shitting at their children's sand houses at night … From fines, leashes, muzzles and bags under the feces, these feral, toothy "living freely" creatures by someone's insane whim, secretly and meanly introduced into our Federal Law, have now been released …

Nature cannot be altered, and a dog that has run wild in the city is again a “wild steppe jackal”. But in the cities of Russia these terrible orphan flock "jackals" are no longer euthanized or caught. They are around the clock, in flocks and alone, prowling among the cities between the garbage dumps and devouring everything that turns out to be weaker on the way. Packingly guarding the breeding process of their non-sterile counterparts … This is another "good advice" from the IMF, thoughtlessly adopted on December 27, 2018 by the State Duma of the Russian Federation! Why, you ask, why such a law, which is so deadly for our young children, was adopted in Russia? Yes, all for the same!..)

Russia is and was for the West that very field, which, after the total “grabbing” of everything state in its supranational hands, must hastily “genocide” and “genocide” must be profitable! At a Stakhanovian pace, freeing its expanses from the indigenous population for the international "Babylonian mixture" to be resettled in it. It does not have “its Motherland” in its person, does not share its spirituality and does not have constitutional claims to its State subsoil … This is a simple statement of fact, based on the 2010 census of the country's population. The results of which, for some reason, suddenly turned out to be "classified"!


Gorbachev, according to his own personal memoir, was "introduced" and successfully realized his old dream - "destroyed the evil empire." Mason of the Order of Malta Yeltsin, through the efforts of the "fifth column", was also predictably "appointed" to continue this collapse. Well, after that, covering the rear of the fleeing oligarchs, he (at their instructions) appointed his own successor to himself … (There is even a wonderful documentary about the oligarchs of the 90s, where they bring their whole host to the round table (apparently to the casting) two young leaders of the bank in Smolny … who later become the “first” and “second” face of the State for the last two decades.) And no revolution after the tragicomic departure of the “eternally drunk” did not happen.

Therefore, the country has finally become a "raw material car" of a locomotive that is alien to it. To fix this, it was gradually deprived of all the previous methods of self-sufficiency. In the end, as expected, in fulfillment of all the points of the "Ukrainian scenario" from Brzezinski, donating 50 million Russian-speaking Ukrainians for plunder to their foreign owner, in exchange for "consoling udders" from the "little hohlushka" taken by the "black wolves" into the American forest. Which at every opportunity is supposed to "shake" a little in front of the population. And also in the event that the true, apparently little-known ratings of the authorities begin to fall below some dangerous "red line".

And all her imaginary squabbles and confrontations with America were very succinctly expressed in the well-known phrases of Mr. Poltoranin … (We are talking about friction among the management of two corporations owned by one owner, who finally decided to unite them into one common organization).

It was for this very reason that it was completely unrealistic for me and others like me to get decisive actions from our Government and Duma leaders to protect the growing population (the colony subject to "genocide"). And that is why from the "Petition for the elimination of drug advertising by State services in pursuance of FZ-436", State. and Horus. During the last two and a half years, officials everywhere now "shied away from incense", then stubbornly "did not see", "did not hear about her" and even "did not talk about her."

… And how all this reminds me of the famous Duma flight of several hundred deputies of the largest faction, which in 2014 thwarted the vote in the State Duma of the Russian Federation for the reverse nationalization of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation! Where are these eloquent and invaluable video footage for our entire country now ?! People are bound to see them.

Indeed, it was at this amazing moment that we all suddenly became completely convinced of the terrible truth for Russia, that everything that is happening at its "helm" today is nothing more than a serial "soap performance" written by some unknown to us foreign political director …

You, of course, may not believe it, but after the shameful mass flight of the State Duma Deputies from participating in the most fateful and key voting in the life of the country, this, alas, is already 100% fact! We are a colony …

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