Why Do Machines Take Revenge On A Person - Alternative View
Why Do Machines Take Revenge On A Person - Alternative View

Video: Why Do Machines Take Revenge On A Person - Alternative View

Video: Why Do Machines Take Revenge On A Person - Alternative View
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Why did John F. Kennedy's limousine stalled before the shots in Dallas, and why Albert Camus's Renault found a tree by the road? When you buy a car, you are actually buying a watch that counts down the time of your life at a breakneck speed. This statement was made by professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, Dan Craneworth, a student of Jung, at a conference specially convened by him. As proof, the professor cited his version of the most famous murders of the 20th century.

Famous Hollywood actor James Dean died in a car accident on September 30, 1955. His Porsche crashed into an oncoming Cadillac at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, driven by a young student. It remained a mystery to the police how Dean's car could collide with a car that was moving in the oncoming lane at a distance of 40 meters. A thorough examination of the tire prints was carried out, and it turned out that as soon as the cars caught up with each other, the steering wheel of the Porsche sharply turned to the side, and the car rushed at full speed to the ram. A student who miraculously survived this scrape later told the police that he saw Dean's pale face, twisted with horror, who seemed to absolutely not understand what was happening …

Let us note that the actor was completely sober and psychologically sane. Moreover, according to experts, even just physically it was almost unthinkable to make such a somersault: for such a turn, superhuman strength was required. However, no evidence was found to prove Dean's murder. The case of the little bastard, as the actor called his car, was closed.

But the story did not end there. The disfigured car of her deceased idol was bought by a millionaire from Texas Angela Perry, who invested a wild amount of money and all her soul in its restoration. They said that she talked with the baby, stroked her and claimed that this was how she communicated with Dean himself. Once she decided to go to the place of the death of her beloved actor - ostensibly to understand in this way what really happened to him. An hour later, the mechanic to whom she told about this intention learned that Miss Perry had crashed into an oncoming car at high speed, broke her neck and died without regaining consciousness. Witnesses said that the woman who was driving the Porsche at first seemed to be struggling with the steering wheel, but then, seeing all the hopelessness of the situation, she threw it and just screamed wildly, covering her face with her hands.

In the police reports from the scene, strange entries have been preserved: Inside, spikes of wires were found, in structure resembling cerebral convolutions. Forensic doctor Jonathan Bartsch then said that although it sounds completely absurd, from the point of view of logic, the culprit is a little bastard Porsche.

It was Barch who was the first to collect the facts of the strange behavior of mechanisms that get out of the control of their owners and begin to act independently. Moreover, they usually direct their anger against a person, as if taking up arms against him for some sins. But Dr. Barch did not have time to publish the collected facts: he died under the wheels of his own car. The car started to move at the moment when the doctor, lying under it, was fixing some kind of malfunction. The investigation called the cause of such an amazing act of the machine a short circuit that arose in the motor. Barch's friend Dan Craneworth continued his research, trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding the role of cars in other tragedies.

For example, the reason for the murder of John F. Kennedy, who, as you know, was in the car at that time, is still not fully understood. As well as the answer to such a question is not clear: why a perfectly serviceable presidential limousine suddenly stood rooted to the spot and refused to start when the first shot rang out? The limousine became an ideal target for shooting. And after a second, he suddenly wound up easily and took off, but the president was already amazed by the gunman (or gunmen?) … Senator Macmillan was thinking about the strange behavior of the car then, but no one paid attention to his mystical suspicions.

Craneworth claims that the legendary dancer, Yesenin's friend, Isadora Duncan, also died for a reason: the car seemed to deliberately slow down, waiting for the breeze to entangle her long scarf in one of the wheel spokes. The driver later gave detailed testimony about this: he could not understand why the car engine stalled for a moment, and then suddenly jerked like crazy. The driver did not immediately notice that his passenger was strangled by her own scarf.

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The death of the famous writer, Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus is equally mysterious. He was in Renault, driven by the book publisher's nephew Michel Gallimard. An experienced driver, Gallimard suddenly turned the steering wheel at full speed, and the car crashed into a tree by the road. Michel himself died a few days later, the great writer died on the spot … In addition to the two of them, Gallimard's wife and daughter were in the car. They survived and told the police that the venerable father of the family did not turn the steering wheel, he never drove at all. So the steering wheel did it itself?

One of Camus' fans bought and repaired his Renault. She claimed that, sitting behind the wheel, she better understands her idol. She crashed a month later: having lost control, on one of the steep bends Renault crashed … into a roadside tree. Gallimard's wife then spoke to the press with a statement that this was deliberate murder, someone's revenge …

Professor Craneworth includes the death of Princess Diana and many other deaths of famous people to the category of a riot of machines. There are also scientists in Russia interested in naughty technology. Viktor Kravets, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, from Moscow, for example, collects statistics on gangster attacks on household appliances on a person and claims that the number of victims is growing from year to year. Seemingly serviceable washing machines strike the owners with a powerful electric discharge, vacuum cleaners prefer to choke them, TVs explode for no apparent reason, cars move as they please … We will not name the specific names of people who died in this way, whose deaths some Moscow researchers consider the work of hands recalcitrant technique: these names are very famous. Let’s not disturb our grief-stricken relatives. After all, these versions cannot, after all,considered scientific.

Craneworth noticed: first of all, people who are obsessed with their cars, carried away by them, as if fetishizing them, perish. The mechanism, they say, enters into a psychic connection with a person and begins, as it seems from the outside, to show the properties of a being almost endowed with will. The mental energy of a person is, as it were, transferred to a machine and endows it with powerful destructive power.

… Professor Dan Craneworth did not manage to publish a book about the riot of machines. He was strangled by a food processor: long hair got into the motor and wrapped around the professor's neck several times.

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