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Is There A Damned Village Near Nizhny Novgorod? - Alternative View
Is There A Damned Village Near Nizhny Novgorod? - Alternative View

Video: Is There A Damned Village Near Nizhny Novgorod? - Alternative View

Video: Is There A Damned Village Near Nizhny Novgorod? - Alternative View
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“Not far from our city there is a village where mystical events take place! Moreover, the locals say that one of the villagers “brought” the curse to Nizhny,”a reader Andrei Kuraev (surname has been changed) addressed the editorial office of the local newspaper. The newspaper's correspondents went to the scene

The drivers drive away in a panic

The village with the memorable name Dryukovo is located 40 kilometers from Nizhny towards Kirov. On the way, we met traffic police officers and decided to ask them if they knew anything about the "Dryukov curse". Inspector Mikhail Butko said that unusual things are really happening in Dryukovo. On a couple of occasions, road police stopped drivers driving from the village at breakneck speed. When the car enthusiasts began to be interrogated, they all, as one, confusedly said that they did not remember where they were coming from and what they were scared of.

Dryukovo turned out to be a large settlement. About sixty village houses and the same number of country cottages. More than half of the houses were built at the beginning of the last century. Some of them are now half collapsed. We walked around the village for over an hour looking for local residents. It seemed that except for the crows and cats, there was no one else here. We knocked on the windows to find at least one person, but no one was there.

And now we are lucky! At our knock on the window, a woman opened - Yulia Chashina from Dryukovka. But she said that it would be better for us to turn to Evdokia Sukhova, a native of Dryukovka, perhaps she will tell something interesting.

Evdokia Sukhova lived on the very edge of the village. “Earlier, as in any big village, we had rumors about old healers,” Evdokia Vasilievna told us. - Yes, only they all died long ago. But at the other end of the village there is an old house, they say that the people who lived there were damaged."

According to Sukhova, a young family lived in a house on the outskirts. In 2008, they had a child. “The family was good, but apparently it didn't please someone,” said Evdokia Vasilievna. - They constantly had misfortunes. Either the bathhouse will burn down, or the house will be robbed. And they say that one night Oksana, having fed her little baby, fell asleep next to him. She leaned on him and accidentally strangled the baby with her body. According to Sukhova, Oksana could not stand the grief and committed suicide. Her husband could no longer live in this house and left for Nizhny Novgorod, taking the curse with him.

We went to the other end of the village to find this house. The building stood far from the entire village. For 4 years the house was overgrown with grass and it seemed that the locals were bypassing it. As we approached the front door of an abandoned hut, a male voice from a neighboring house called out to us.

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Damned master of the house?

Nikolai Viktorov lives in a neighboring house. He told us all about the "Dryuk nightmare". “There is no need to enter this house,” Nikolai told us. - I am a summer resident, I bought this house in the late 90s. A family used to live here, then misfortunes began to happen. The worst thing is that the wife and child died. I knew the owner well. When he moved to Nizhny, I continued to communicate with him for some time. He got a job in a landscaping company, and after his arrival, troubles began to happen at the company: either the warehouse would catch fire, or the money would be lost. As if the devils were following him. I called him once, he said that his colleagues had started to quit, and the foreman went crazy. " In the end, Nikolai said that at night in a house on the outskirts, one can hear a crying child.


“It was impossible to enter this house. Since two uncomfortable souls live in it. The woman stayed at home because she had committed the unforgivable sin of suicide and the baby, whose soul remained tied to her mother. The house needs to be cleaned. There is a special cleansing ritual that psychics can perform. Locals is better not to come close to the house, "- says the folk healer Sergei Kishkin

Abandoned house. After Viktorov's story, we could not help but go into the "damned" house. The door was closed with a heavy barn lock, but badly rotten. With a little effort, we managed to break the door hinges. Our attention was immediately drawn to the fact that there were many good things in the house. Kitchen utensils, furniture, two refrigerators - everything was intact.

Mysticism in the house. We started a tour of the house. The floorboards were very unreliable and cracked constantly. It was scary to take every next step. Long-broken glass on the windows let the wind through, curtains rustled menacingly after each blow. It was especially creepy that the door did not stop slamming. We were not going to leave the house without looking at all the rooms. The air seemed to be thickening around us, it was becoming hard to breathe … Slowly we walked from room to room … But suddenly we heard a deafening roar!.. Something rang, crackled, a scream was heard!

“There is such a thing as induction - the transfer of negative energy to oneself. A man who came to Nizhny could bring a curse on himself and spread it to those around him. Journalists also, perhaps, transferred everything that is in the cursed house to their homes, their city and throw it on their loved ones! - says the head of the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the research association "Cosmopoisk" Konstantin Utochki n.


It turned out that the window pane had fallen with a terrible clink to the floor. We ran out of the house in horror. Of course, the falling glass can be regarded as a cruel joke of the wind, but this is not the only strange event that happened in the house. While we were there in the room, we constantly heard a quiet whisper. In addition, many times we received calls from the editorial office and could not get through, despite the fact that the phone showed excellent communication …

We often meet with different phenomena: light and dark. This is quite possible. In the house there can really be restless souls of the dead, whose voices are heard by the inhabitants. For example, in old churches that no longer work, chants are often heard, ” says the priest of the Nizhny Novgorod Metropolis.

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