A Giant Fireball Exploded Over Scotland - Alternative View
A Giant Fireball Exploded Over Scotland - Alternative View

Video: A Giant Fireball Exploded Over Scotland - Alternative View

Video: A Giant Fireball Exploded Over Scotland - Alternative View
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A mysterious meteorite lit up the horizon over all of Scotland and scared the locals. Residents from Invers to Edinburgh reported a white, red or blue fireball appearing in the sky yesterday. Eyewitnesses reported that before the appearance of the bright celestial body, they heard a roar that lasted about ten seconds.

Kim Peterson of Brichin, Angus region tweeted: "There was a loud crash, an earthquake, a flash in the sky … is this the end?"

Scottish police have received about a thousand calls. Police confirmed that it was a meteor, while the Met Office said there was no thunderstorm over Scotland. Suggestions were made that it could be a sonic boom from an airplane or a flash from a satellite. There were no reports of a plane crash. The Defense Department also did not report anything related to the aircraft. Astronomers last night suggested that it was most likely a meteor that entered Earth's atmosphere and burned up.

On Twitter, Jake Logan tweeted: “A flash in the sky lit Bremor like daylight and was followed by a thunderclap that lasted about 10 seconds. The sky is clear."

John Poyner of Neti Bridge, Inverness said: “The locals saw a bright flash of light illuminate the entire sky. This is not lightning. More like a sparkling meteor."

A Scottish police spokesman said they started receiving calls at 6:55 pm on Monday night. She said, “One of them told us that an object like a fireball lit up the sky. He also said that there was a very loud bang and they felt the house shake. We know that police in Inverness and the South have also received calls from people across Scotland. We decided to check and we were told that most likely it was a meteor shower."

The bright white streak in the night sky has sparked the imagination of social media users. Some considered this an astronomical event, others - the actions of the military, and still others suggested the most improbable that it was all connected with the British astronaut Tim Peak.

Jackie Hendry of Inverness tweeted: "Does anyone see this big white flash in the sky … I believe it was Tim Peak."

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On Twitter, Medson-Pauly: "Looks like Tim Speke dropped something and it caused a big white flash in the sky over Scotland this evening!"

Steve tweeted: “A big white flash and a meteor in the night sky. I flew very close. Straight Armageddon."

A user @Colsuth tweeted, “Saw this here at Mori. I thought it might have something to do with the RAF base."

A Defense Ministry spokesman said they did not discuss whether the event was related to any operations in the area.

Forecaster Sean Betty said, “I received many messages from all over the north and east of the country this evening. People reported a loud explosion and a bright flash in the sky. Most of the messages came from Perthshire, Angus, Aberdeenshire and Morey. There was no thunderstorm over Scotland that evening, so it wasn't lightning flashes. I think it really is a meteorite that burned up and exploded upon entering the upper atmosphere."

The meteorite that exploded over Russia in 2013 was 30 times brighter than the Sun, and the power of its explosion was equivalent to 40 atomic bombs that fell on Hiroshima. According to scientists, it was the largest in a century. The consequences of the explosion of a twenty-meter fireball that exploded over Chelyabinsk could be observed over an area of about 80 km. He moved at a speed of 19 km per second. Burnt out and exploded.

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