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Why Is A Person Given A Soul? - Alternative View
Why Is A Person Given A Soul? - Alternative View

Video: Why Is A Person Given A Soul? - Alternative View

Video: Why Is A Person Given A Soul? - Alternative View
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Why do some peoples believe that someone is born without a soul, why do people say about some of them “soul-man”, “a person with a big soul”, and about others - “soulless” and so on. What is behind all this, after all, the people cannot speak about the human soul, and give different meanings to the concept of the soul just like that, without any good reason? It turns out that there are reasons, and they are more than convincing. This is exactly what we want now to find out whether the soul exists, what the human soul is, where and how it is located, what properties it possesses, and so on.

It all started a little earlier, from the moment the discussion began about what a mermaid woman is. We realized that, according to popular beliefs, this is a woman who is "devoid of a soul." Further, our reasoning led to the fact that Olechkina was puzzled by the questions:

Exactly). To be inanimate - that is, without a soul. But I meant to be inanimate, I thought that without a soul it is to be inanimate. And they … are all alive … they live. And what makes them be alive

To understand or answer these questions accurately enough, you must first understand and answer other questions:

- what is a body?

- and most importantly, what is a human soul?

Any thing in this world becomes clear to us when we are able to … analyze it, that is, see as something that is not ourselves, as something that is Other than we are. If anyone has read "The Philosophy of the Name" by Alexei Losev, he knows that any thing becomes knowable not because we look at it, or are able to touch it, but because this thing declares itself to us, that is, it says its name. And so, starting from here interesting things begin. if we can cognize something, it means that it is something not ourselves, but something external. Can we study the body? We can. It means that it is something external in relation to something … let's say, in relation to it. to the Observer, that is, to that which is able to Observe and draw conclusions.

So the body is born on earth. And he lives. We can look around and see hundreds, thousands, or how much sight, bodies. They all seem to be living. BUT, can we say about all of them that they have a soul? Each of us can name a number of bodies that are “soulless”. especially a lot of them are shown on TV. This means that the presence of a soul is not an obligatory presence of a body. Look around, look at downs, at autists, at modern "indigo". Do they have a soul? Those who have studied psychiatry or dealt with psychiatric patients can name a number of bodies that are soulless. We will not name it, there is a lot there.

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So what is the soul?

The human soul when the soul sings It is necessary to understand, first of all, that the human soul can be different. There is no hierarchy, but there are varying degrees of involvement (if I may say so) … but where? We will understand now. The human soul is something that seems to enter the body, but, on the other hand, it is not a body, otherwise, we could not speak of it as something … an external body? Or is it not external? It's external, after all. External in relation to the body, and external in relation to something that we believe to be WE, or external, in relation to. to yourself, to your own, to our I.

If the soul is not the body, and not our I, then what is it, what is the human Soul? She is something that enters the body, this is seen when we say “the soul hurts,” and point to some place in the body. There are other expressions, you can find them, look. And we need to “find the soul of a person”. It is clear that the human soul is, as it were, in the body, but it is not identical with the body, and does not even coincide with the body. It is not for nothing that they say "wide soul" and show the "dimensions of the soul" by spreading their arms to some distance. This means that the soul can be wider than the body or more than the body. Why would she? Then, the human soul has its own task in this world. “Soul-man”, they say sometimes. This is a person with a “wide soul”, not greedy, ready to help, cheerful (such “soul sings”) and so on. There are many other expressions as well. But, we need to understand what a human soul is from the point of view of birth.

How does a person get a soul and why?

We analyze everything very, very superficially. In fact, we need to go deeper into the topic, but now we have a more superficial task. We pronounce only the minimum that is sufficient to understand the question posed, that is, to answer the question about the soul. From what we have deduced above, it becomes clear that the soul comes into this world, having the need to solve some problems. What kind? It doesn't matter now. It is important to understand that tasks can be simple or complex. The simple task of the human soul is to sleep, eat, defecate (sometimes, multiply, but not always). A more serious or large, broader task of the soul is “To build a house, to plant a tree. to raise a son. " The third task of the soul is to help humanity (Christ, and many others). And so on. It is clear what the body of the first type will be, what the body of the second type will be,and what the body of the third type will be. We will not see the difference, the difference will be seen by those who have discovered the ability to “see” in themselves. But what will they see? They will see that the bodies, outwardly similar, however, differ from each other in what they contain. And they contain in themselves or they contain in themselves the SOUL OF THE HUMAN. This is where the fun begins. When people are born, they receive that soul, which is called upon to solve certain problems. The minimum of which: eat, sleep, defecate. Even reproduction is not included here. The minimum of which: eat, sleep, defecate. Even reproduction is not included here. The minimum of which: eat, sleep, defecate. Even reproduction is not included here.

Hence the rest. all are born with souls if they are born alive (one can also speak of the dead in the same vein). A soul born in a body of the first type is the soul that needs to be “infused with a soul”. It turns out that it is not the soul itself that is infused, but some properties or qualities of the soul that make it capable of something other than the most primitive actions on earth. Why are they even born? It already depends on the environment in which they are born and on many other factors, but the fact remains that this is the case.

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