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Expert Vladimir Vinogradov On The Nature Of Human Superpowers - Alternative View
Expert Vladimir Vinogradov On The Nature Of Human Superpowers - Alternative View

Video: Expert Vladimir Vinogradov On The Nature Of Human Superpowers - Alternative View

Video: Expert Vladimir Vinogradov On The Nature Of Human Superpowers - Alternative View
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Mikhail Vinogradov is a forensic psychiatrist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the Center for Legal and Psychological Assistance in Extreme Situations, initiator and leader of the League of Psychics of the Russian Federation. In a word, he knows more about the nature of human paranormal abilities in our country than anyone else.

He graduated from the 1st Moscow Medical Institute, postgraduate study in psychophysiology at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences and residency at the Department of Psychiatry, MMI Sechenov. He worked at the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry, advised the military institute on the problems of personnel selection and personality assessment. He headed the Center for Psychophysiological Research of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He led a complex emergency medical aid team in the centers of natural disasters and catastrophes. Author of more than 150 scientific papers and monographs, some of which were published in the USA, Japan, Hungary, the other part is still classified as "Secret".

Mikhail Viktorovich, do you yourself feel like a scientist or a psychic, whose gift goes beyond the scope of scientific knowledge?

- First of all, I am a scientist who for many years headed the military research center, where one of the directions was the study of extrasensory perception. And since then I have been engaged in “collecting” psychics - real ones with a strong gift - to give them the opportunity to work and realize their abilities.

Work in the military department immediately sets you up for a very serious attitude to the topic …

- And there is. Back in the 30s, at the direction of Comrade Stalin, a special laboratory for the study of paranormal phenomena was created. After graduating from medical school with a degree in psychiatrist, I published my first works on the super-abilities of individuals. And soon well-known citizens came to me "in gabardine raincoats," as they were then called, and "asked" to appear at the party committee. They offered to demonstrate their skills. I have demonstrated.


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- He showed which of the diplomatic workers was a trade attaché and who was a spy … It was a long time ago.

And it became your specialty?

- Partly. For some time I worked as a psychiatrist in a clinic, on the other hand, I consulted a military institute. After defending my Ph. D. thesis, I was summoned to the Central Committee and offered to head the newly created center for special research, among which was military psychophysiology. And when my service life came to an end, in 1999 I created my own organization. We engaged in assistance in finding missing persons, identifying extrasensory abilities, bioelectrography, healing, diagnostics, etc. And since the project "Battle of Psychics" started on TNT, I was invited to be an expert.

You do not only determine the psychic capabilities of people, but you yourself own them?

- Somehow - yes. There are various directions in extrasensory perception. One has the gift of clairvoyance, the other is a healer, the third is a medium, makes predictions for the future. My narrow specialization is maniacs. The first maniac, in whose search I was already involved as a special service officer, was Chikatilo.

The Rostov psychiatrist Bukhanovsky directly helped the criminologists, and I assessed his conclusion from the point of view of science. Chikatilo was caught, the psychological portrait completely coincided. Since then, this topic has been the main one for me.

Is a maniac a kind of stamp on a person? How do you recognize it?

- A maniac is a certain energy of a person, the direction of his waves. Therefore, it leaves recognizable traces in the energy-information space of the Earth. This field also includes waves, or vibrations, thanks to which we listen to the radio, watch television, talk on a cell phone, and so on. That is, we deliberately weave something into the energy-informational field, broadcast and perceive thanks to technology.

But in fact, any person and even generations of people leave "traces" of their existence, thoughts and actions. Academicians Vernadsky and Bekhtereva wrote about this. You and I are now sitting in a room filled with images, sounds from the energy-information space of the Earth. It is filled with everything that moves, breathes, thinks.

That is, a certain layer is technologically controlled and is what a person perceives directly?

- Sure. But not every person, but the one in whom additional information channels have opened. Most often - as a result of a strong emotional shock, shock, trauma. For example, Irik Sadykov. He suffered a powerful electric shock. Now he is one of the best psychics from among the civilian specialists. Another wonderful professional is Galina Bagirova: the gift appeared after she lost her husband. Although there are also people with innate abilities.

So, initially all this is inherent in every person, but in a closed form, and only sometimes "locks" break? Does it mean that breakdown leads to improvement?

- Not always and not in everything. Indeed, a person in the womb has all channels of perception open. When he is born, there are only five of them. Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste are what nature has provided us with for everyday life. And that's quite enough. Anything that goes above and beyond often gets in the way. Look, there are 17 psychiatric hospitals in Moscow with a capacity of 4 to 6 thousand each. And they are not empty.

I have been a psychiatrist for many years, and I have already formed a clear position on this: if a person has opened a new channel of perception and he accepts it without feeling fear, then he becomes a healer, clairvoyant, and so on. If it scares him or several channels turn on at once, a mess arises, then he ends up in a psychiatric clinic. There, a "fitter" in a white coat tightens the screws, sets up the "programs". The interference disappears, and the happy patient goes home to live as before. Those who "accepted" the gift also have enough problems.

Here's an example. A strong psychic, a young woman, cannot arrange her personal life in any way. She starts a relationship, everything goes well, and then suddenly the chosen one comes back late and says that he was late at work. She takes his hand, leads to some house, where she says: here you spent two hours in bed with a girl. The man is to run. It is clear that their relationship ended there. There are many similar stories.

Do you believe in God?

- Not quite the right question. Regardless of religions, yes, of course. In a higher power, but not in the primitive interpretation of various denominations. After all, this is the paradox: psychics in their work very often encounter opposition from clergy. And this is understandable. The position of the Church is to keep all the Miracles in their hands.

Who is Seraphim Sarovsky? A merchant's son who fell from the bell tower of the temple and as a result of an injury acquired the ability of a psychic. Nicholas the Wonderworker is an ordinary priest, canonized because of his visionary gift. And now it has been revealed that there are mere mortals who are given to see the knowledge hidden from others. Of late, however, the Church is beginning to give up positions.

Is it possible that the discovery of paranormal abilities in humans has some higher purpose? Or is it just random "glitches"?

- I think the last one. It is possible, of course, that the chance itself is predetermined by something. But this does not change the essence of the matter. Here's an example: a woman whose daughter was killed came to our center. An acquaintance of the girl was accused of the crime. But he, sitting behind bars, swears on the Bible that he did not kill. Mother asked to help her find out the truth. Two strong psychics worked with her independently of each other. One said firmly: the one who is in prison is the killer. Another answered: no matter how the condemned swore, he killed. But this is not so much his crime as the karmic retribution of the girl's mother and father for some of the acts they had committed earlier. So judge for yourself whether it is predetermined or not, the result is the same - the killer is the killer.

But if everything has a reason, then psychics are called upon to solve some universal human tasks in life?

- That is unlikely. People try to predict the possibility of an earthquake. Is it okay? Scientists are sitting with special instruments, taking readings of various sensors, counting, analyzing and voicing their forecast. How did they get it? Physics-level foresight, research. Individual psychics can pick up electromagnetic oscillations in relation to a particular person or events. Need a psychic? Needed. But there are not so many real, strong specialists, and they are not messiahs. Just people with extra abilities.

But the state is interested in them? Is it true that a psychic can be a terrible weapon?

- Since I am a career officer in the past, I will answer evasively: there are specialists in the FSB system - there are 20 of them, as in other countries of the world. Although they are most often listed in various research institutes. And all over the world, they officially work in the special services. They can read non-public information, help in solving certain issues.

After the collapse of the USSR, military unit No. 10003 remained, which worked very successfully for 20 years. Its specialists, being many kilometers away, opened camouflaged minefields, helped to catch militants, and rescued people. Today there are many publications about military developments using psychic abilities.

You have so many gratitude from the investigative bodies, the prosecutor's office … Do you cooperate with them disinterestedly?

- The police cannot pay us, they have no such item of expenditure. Flowers or sweets can be brought from there to a specialist. And a letter of thanks for the help. Sometimes I also answer people: you don't owe anything. What can you take from two grief-stricken old men who have lost their son - a good man with great promise? They came to see if there was any hope. And his bandits brutally killed and hid his body …

You are known all over the world. Do you often have to go to distant countries for help?

- We solved murders in the United Arab Emirates, America, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and other countries. We leave according to the circumstances. For example, in one state a large businessman disappeared. We found the body from here. The question arose: who was involved in the murder? You can't get everyone involved in the case here. And our specialists went to the place. The police of that country paid for travel and travel expenses, and relatives paid for the work. But more often than not we do not need to go anywhere: the whole world is visible from here.

Do you have your own super task?

- To prove that the phenomenon of extrasensory perception exists and can help people in such matters and problems where all other means are powerless. There is tremendous potential here. I have been in this business, as they say now, for many years, and everything is still interesting to me.

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