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Strange Meetings Or Guests From Other Worlds - Eyewitness Accounts - Alternative View
Strange Meetings Or Guests From Other Worlds - Eyewitness Accounts - Alternative View
Video: Strange Meetings Or Guests From Other Worlds - Eyewitness Accounts - Alternative View
Video: 72 Hours With Strangers Who Have Seen Aliens 2023, February

Stories about encounters with "ghosts" or aliens from other worlds are not so uncommon, even if they sometimes occur in our Volgograd region. Among the very reliable cases that convince me of the veracity, there is a story told by a resident of the Volzhsky Yu. N. Gusev. Communicating with him, I got to know him well, and with full confidence I can judge his personal honesty and decency.

One of the enthusiastic researchers of anomalous phenomena introduced me to Yuri Nikolaevich. Small in stature, thin, slightly over 50 years old, he works as a mechanic at the Volzhsky plant and before the memorable incident with him, he was not particularly interested in "flying saucers" and "aliens". His main joy and rest is fishing. The floodplain still consoles the fishing soul with the catch.

Here is his story:

“It happened two years ago, in August 1989,” he recalled. - Early in the morning I got off the bus in Kolkhoznaya Akhtuba, in the floodplain, and went to Lavrushka - erik not far from Lake Bogachikha with a familiar country road. I decided to go crazy: there are pikes there. I used to go there quite often - the places are good: nearby Erik Prorva, a lake … Not in one, so in another body of water you will be lucky.

I walked for myself, went through the forest, went out into a wide, long meadow. There is always good haymaking among the collective farmers. The road almost fell in the middle. Suddenly, at some point I raise my eyes - four are walking 50 meters from me. They are dressed in black, like tracksuits, under the neck, but there are no stripes or locks. I did not pay attention to shoes, I was not thinking about that. They seemed somehow strange to me … Well, the first thing is growth. One, in the middle, is very tall, two meters tall, and three on the sides, on the contrary, are small, less than one and a half meters. Because of their height, I also thought, maybe the Vietnamese?

However, the main thing that interested me at that moment was: where did they come from? If they lay and stood up, then there is not even a drop, I would see from a distance: the meadow, in full view. And they could not appear from the forest, it is far away. In general, I can not understand anything.

Come on. They look at me intently and steadily. And then I see they are not Vietnamese! The faces are strange, they seem to have no chins, but their eyes! … Like saucers - so big. On the head, I remember, sparse, short hair, gray complexion … I stepped aside when they came close. We drew level … I want to turn around, look, but I can't! Something is in the way. I walked 10 meters away, then something just let go. I looked around, and they were gone! As if dissolved. As it was not.

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Well, here I was completely confused. What happened with me? Seemed? But I believe my eyes, I saw them! I walk in confusion. I will look back - no one … I got to Lavrushka, got a spinning rod, but I don’t want to fish: I’m all thinking about this four. Where did they come from and where did they go?

Stood, stood, I think it is necessary to leave here. I decided to go to the Prorva. It is 600 meters away. Stand on the stump and you can see the shore. Let's go. I walk, walk, and for a long time there is no erik … Some hollows, copses - not that! I walked like that - I returned again to that meadow. I decided on a new one, something was not right … Let's go. And again, as if someone was taking me away: I could not go out to the water, and that was all! Some unknown forests, glades …

And so I walked … until evening. I went to the Prorva when the sun went down. Only then I came to my senses - I went to the bus stop.

- How did you have the patience to walk so much? - I ask.

- It is not clear to myself. Some kind of evil took … "What's wrong with me?" - I think. This stubbornness also drove. Now I well understand the essence of the popular proverb-omens: "the devils, they say, drive …". Apparently, the people have known about this for a long time, met with a similar phenomenon. They say they can whirl in three pines.

- So you didn't even have lunch? - I doubted again.

- Why, I had a bite at some point. I had a thermos with tea, some food … But I didn’t quit looking for the Prorva even after dinner. I even did this: I planned a straight path from tree to tree, walked as if walking on landmarks, but still left no one knows where. Later, much later, I realized that I was there at the wrong time, that my presence prevented someone, and I was simply taken away. But how did they do it? That's curious …

Perhaps there was some kind of visit, there was an experiment on the reaction of a terrestrial inhabitant, but it is unlikely that we will ever know the real background of that strange meeting with extraterrestrial beings. Although, humanoids may well turn out to be inhabitants of the Earth, but living in another dimension, no matter how difficult it is for us to imagine …

My meeting with Lydia Georgievna Agibalova from Samara brought additional touches to the mysterious situation with the visits of certain aliens.

- 1991, March 14 - I went into the corridor of my apartment at 5 in the morning and screamed in surprise, - says Lydia Georgievna, a teacher who retired three years ago, whom we met at a UFO conference in Samara in the spring of 1991. - A creature stood in front of me in an aggressive, as it seemed to me, posture: long arms outstretched, legs wide apart. The humanoid was a little taller than mine, which means about 165 cm. He was in a black, shiny, like patent leather suit. The head is flattened. They struck my eyes: like two burning coals. He sternly, if not to say evil, looked at me. The nose, I remember, is small. I did not consider other details of the face …

My initial horror was replaced by numbness, and for several seconds I looked at the alien without fear. And he behaved more than strange. He began to curl up, curl up into a ball, hovering over the floor. And suddenly disappeared instantly.

- What feelings do you experience now, after so much time? I asked.

- To be honest, I started to be afraid. I don't turn off the light in the hallway at night. And that time I was haunted all day by fear. Now I am wondering how such contacts act on others? For this I went to the conference …

Another story in the same place, in Samara, was told by researchers from Togliatti:

“On November 6, 1989, after four in the morning, they called at DT's door. Two women entered. One in all gray, thin, elderly, immediately went into the room and sat on the sofa. Another young woman, in a bright blue overalls, with a very beautiful smile, entered into a telepathic conversation with D.T.

In the conversation, it turned out that the guests had flown in from a flat planet with no mountains. The planet is illuminated by two suns, therefore they have no nights and other seasons except summer. People live below the surface of the earth. They have no families. There are very few men. Life expectancy is quite long. Over time, people age, become flat (like the first woman), wise, kind and calm. They are honored. There are no wars, conflicts are easily resolved …”.

Unfortunately, ufologists do not yet have more information.

But, probably, the most interesting contact with representatives of an unknown civilization occurred with a resident of Volzhsky, who saw aliens, as they say, tete-a-tete. This visit gave the Volga ufologists rich material of a contact nature. And it all started like this …

But first about the hero of this extraordinary story. NF Pakhomov is 66 years old, but my tongue does not dare to call him an old man - so cheerful and active is this short, benevolent, very disposed person. I think that's what they say: he lives in harmony with his conscience. Relatives also do not rank him among the elderly, they call him the respectful word "grandfather". Which is quite true.

Nikolai Fedorovich lives with his family in the Volzhsky Rabochiy settlement. He has ten daughters, an adopted son Yuri, 24 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He went through the entire war, was a tanker, has wounds and military awards. After the Victory, he was a chauffeur for many years, worked on a tractor in the Uryupinsky district, until his daughters pulled him closer to them, to Volzhsky.

For skeptics - so that ridiculous assumptions do not appear in the future - I will immediately say: Nikolai Fedorovich does not smoke or drink. In a word, I want to emphasize that we are talking about a completely ordinary person who, like, probably, each of us, if he thought, sometimes reading about aliens, then, of course, did not count on their attention to himself.

… Oddities in the house began to occur in February 1991. Now the light turned on and off by itself, then one day the TV will start working in the middle of the night. And 5 days after that, Nikolai Fyodorovich woke up at four o'clock in the morning, as if from the influence of an electric current. He opened his eyes … Near his bed, at his feet, stood in a halo of luminescent glow, a tall woman, two meters tall. She was wearing a sleek, silvery jumpsuit that fitted tightly to her body. Her hair is long, blond, loose to the shoulders, but the most interesting thing is that she had a strange, kind of birdlike, not like a human face …

- To be honest, I was intimidated, - says Nikolai Fyodorovich. - And right there in my head was born clearly someone else's thought: "Do not be afraid, we will not do anything bad for you."

- Why did you come? - ask also mentally.

“Remember when you said you were sick? We want to help.

- Good. I read that aliens are performing operations - do it on my stomach: it hurts a lot.

- No, - answered the woman, - we will not do the operation, it is not in our power, but we will help you.

- Where are you from?

- It's a long story, we'll explain it another time.

- When?

- On the second day after the new moon. But warn your relatives not to enter the room: it is dangerous to cross the biofield …

And the mysterious woman disappeared, as if she had entered the wall of the house with her back.

“The next day I was not myself,” Pakhomov continued. - Did you dream? Have you imagined it? I ask myself such questions, but I know that everything was in reality. I told my family that they also believe and do not believe. The wife was sleeping in the next room - she didn't hear anything. Okay. Looked at the calendar, when is the new moon? It turned out March 15th. So, wait for the 16th …”.

Probably, from the fact that Nikolai Fyodorovich knew about the upcoming visit, he was not frightened, waking up on the night of the sixteenth from the glow in the room. In a red-orange circle, a meter away from his bed, stood … an alien. It was a woman, but different, with normal, human features.

“I saw her as through transparent, slightly frosted glass,” Pakhomov recalled. - She was in a shiny jumpsuit with a stand-up collar, without any zippers or fasteners. High, but no more than eighty meters. It looks 25-30 years old. The face is very kind, attractive, gray-blue eyes … We talked for no more than 7-8 minutes. Her words were born in my head, and for some reason I answered her aloud very loudly."

By the way, it turns out that it was the husband's voice that woke his wife up in the next room, but an incomprehensible wave of fear made her cover herself with a blanket over her head and freeze under it, barely breathing …

What did Nikolai Fyodorovich remember from the whole conversation?

- Why did you come to me? - he asked.

- You once asked us to help, your intestines hurt …, - the woman's words arose in her head. - Do this: put the palm of your right hand on the solar plexus, and with your left hand close, but not touching the stomach, move it over the intestines, strongly straining the fingers of this hand … Do this for one or two minutes for several days in a row. All will pass.

- Can you give me strength so that I can heal people?

“You don’t need that. You have a head like a good engineer, and that's enough.

“Here she is apparently right, although how does she know? - Pakhomov commented on the guest's answer. - In fact, I can easily assemble any motor, motor, circuit. The electric spinning wheels are working for the master!"

- Will I die soon? - Nikolai Fyodorovich could not help but ask.

- You will live still …

- But does the soul remain after death or not?

- The biomass dies, but the soul remains and can eventually enter another person. Know this.

- Is it true that aliens abduct people?

- Three extraterrestrial civilizations visit your planet more often than others. One of them is aggressive …

- Where are you from?

“Our base is on Sirius. We cover the distance to the Earth in 15 seconds.

- What fuel do your vehicles run on? - the former driver and tractor driver Pakhomov could not help but be curious.

- We do not use any kind of fuel. The magnetic field of the Earth and outer space is involved.

- Is there life on other planets, like ours, on earth?

- Yes, but not in the solar system …

I must say that in anticipation of a return visit from aliens, Pakhomov decided to ask for a check-up to show him images of his deceased relatives. As soon as this request was made, the motionless figure of his first, deceased wife appeared. She was wearing the clothes she was buried in.

After a series were the faces of his brother, who died in Hungary in 1945, in military uniform and at that age; mother and father. Images were held for 5-6 sec. right in the air. It is curious that Pakhomov did not have a chance to bury his deceased father, like his deceased brother, and now he saw what they were buried in. So, these images were not extracted from his memory, but in some other way, so you must understand?

- Do robots often come to the ground?

- Often.

- Are you real, do you have a living soul? - Pakhomov decided to ask.

For the first time in all the communication, the stranger smiled:

- I am a real woman …

- What do you want from me?

- Make an antenna and put it in the window to the southwest. It should consist of eight rings of copper wire with a diameter of fifty to two centimeters. This will protect you from the harmful effects of cosmic rays and help our communication.

- Are you still coming?

“Not soon,” the woman replied, and her image began to fade, as if the lights were being turned off slowly.

- It's all? I asked regretfully.

- It seems, everything, - Pakhomov shrugged his shoulders. - I remember asking about psychics, do they really heal? From the answer I realized that they even have numbers under them, but many do not withstand the temptation of money, they try not as they should, and their abilities are lost. Yes, I forgot to say that after that visit, I, my wife, and my son, in a word, were sick and sick for two or three days …

- Well, have you made an antenna?

- I'll do it, give it time.

- And yet, Nikolai Fyodorovich, who will believe us that everything told is not fiction, not a dream? After all, there is no evidence.

- How not? And the fact that I no longer suffer from stomach, eat everything? After her advice, everything took off as if by hand, otherwise the "ambulance" often visited us …

Here's a story. I almost 100% believe in its veracity, but - it's a strange thing - the mystery of visiting us by aliens still does not become obvious and clear from this …

G. Belimov

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