The Subconscious Mind In The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance Or The Sixth Sense - Alternative View

The Subconscious Mind In The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance Or The Sixth Sense - Alternative View
The Subconscious Mind In The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance Or The Sixth Sense - Alternative View

Video: The Subconscious Mind In The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance Or The Sixth Sense - Alternative View

Video: The Subconscious Mind In The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance Or The Sixth Sense - Alternative View
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Following the law of knowledge, there cannot be what cannot be. But most likely, the following happened to each of us at least once: suddenly the thought came of someone from your acquaintances, about whom you had not heard anything and whom you had not seen for years, and suddenly on the same day you meet him. Or you eventually wrote a letter to a relative many months later and received a letter from him that he. having not yet received yours, at the same time sent to you. Or you found yourself in an unfamiliar place, but knew in what situation you would find yourself here. Even in your dream you can come to telepathic contacts and maybe you will be warned about the upcoming event …

In all such cases, it is said about spontaneous superperception. The expression "spontaneous" is used because you are faced with an internal process absolutely uncontrollable by your will. This means that, in addition to the five known senses, a person has an additional "sixth sense", which is much more developed among clairvoyants than most of us. Many facts are known that indicate the presence of supernatural abilities in very ordinary people.

And therefore, we often have a premonition that something bad happened to our relatives or friends, even when we are separated by tens and even hundreds of kilometers. For example, during the Second World War, many mothers and wives intuitively knew about the deaths of their sons and husbands. Skeptics of course can say that these are just coincidences and many people are killed in war. Well, such a remark is untenable, because these people had a feeling of trouble exactly on the day and hour of the death of their relatives.

Here is a story told by Hans Berger, who discovered electroencephalography.

“When I was 19 years old, I narrowly escaped death while conducting military exercises in Würzburg. I accompanied an artillery wagon, which was harnessed by six horses. My horse stumbled on a steep mountain road, and I was nearly hit by the wheels. Fortunately, the horses stopped in time, and that saved me. I was not hurt at all, but I was terribly scared. It happened on the morning of a beautiful spring day. That very evening I received a telegram from my father, in which he asked if everything was all right with me. It was the first and only time in his life that he asked me such a question. As it turned out, my elder sister, with whom I was especially close, insisted on sending the telegram. Somehow she "felt" that something had happened to me. And since at this time my parents lived in Coburg,this case can be considered an example of an involuntary transmission of thought. In a moment of mortal danger, I acted as a transmitter, and my sister was a receiver."

A similar story was told by Leonid Vasiliev in his book "Suggestion at a Distance". At a time when the future scientist was 12 years old, in the summer he was visiting his aunt's village near Pskov. His parents went to a resort in Karlsbad (Czechoslovakia). One evening, he and his sister and brother wanted to climb a willow on the river bank, and Leonidas fell into the river. But he could not swim and could drown. Fortunately, he was able to cling to a low branch and paddle to the shore. The children were afraid that they would be punished; they were soaked to the skin, and Leonid lost his school cap. They understood that the aunt would be angry. But the aunt, showing prudence, promised not to write to her parents about this incident. And that is why the guys were surprised when, upon their return, their mother told about everything that happened, down to the smallest details, mentioning both the willow and the cap. She saw it in her dream so clearlythat she persuaded her husband to send a telegram to Pskov. Leonidas' father swears that he did not send telegrams; he only went to the post office to comfort his wife.

We do not deny the importance of science, but do not such examples contradict the materialistic view of the world?

What lies at the heart of insight is unknown, but parapsychologists, studying such a phenomenon, observe certain patterns. For example, clairvoyants often hear voices that other people who are close to clairvoyants cannot hear.

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The famous Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga, when asked how she “sees” everything, answered: “I don't see, but I hear. Like on the phone. Alien distant voice. When louder when quieter. Not without a well-known psychic Alan Chumak said that every night he hears a voice teaching him how to heal. Dzhuna Davitashvili said in a personal conversation that during her sleep she was taught by a certain old man in white clothes. And there are many such statements. “Hearing the voice of the invisible teacher” is one of the stages of entering agni yoga, the dream of every Roerichite.

Voices can be accompanied by visions.

Are voices and visions something new? Not. Monks of all times were well aware of them: from the prophets-evangelists to the Orthodox saints. One can recall John the Theologian and John of Kronstadt. Quite often, clairvoyance also manifests itself in the form of dreams, especially at the moment immediately preceding awakening.

Some mediums, psychics, spirits, crystal ball fortune-tellers, etc. receive information in writing or with the help of various devices for a spiritualistic session.

Direct human knowledge, insight, can manifest itself spontaneously. At the same time, it can be caused on purpose, deliberately through hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Many famous prophecies were made in the state of the so-called hallucinatory wakefulness. Clairvoyants artificially, deliberately introduced themselves into such a state, in order to receive a certain charge of psychic energy. Even in ancient times, man learned to induce hallucinations with the help of various substances of organic origin. They used, for example, various infusions of fly agaric, after taking which a person began to shake and he had feverish visions, replacing each other.

In the Middle East, prophets quite often caused auditory and visual hallucinations in themselves by going into caves and not sleeping there for two or three nights.

In a narcotic trance, Nostradamus made his predictions, and the fortune teller Maria Lenormand from France resorted to drugs. Interestingly, drugs stimulate the ability of clairvoyance, apparently because they weaken the consciousness and increase the influence of the subconscious.

The role of the subconscious (the sixth sense) in the phenomenon of clairvoyance has, it can be safely asserted, of fundamental importance. This confirms this fact: the gift of direct insight is often manifested in young children, but disappears with age - as in the process of development, consciousness begins to prevail over the subconscious.

One of the ways to induce hallucinations, which was used in the old days, is well known today.

Remember? New Year's Eve, the girl sat down in front of a lighted candle and a mirror, and without stopping looked at the shiny mirror surface, setting herself up in a predetermined way. Consciousness gradually clouded, a person falls into a trance, into a borderline state between wakefulness and sleep, faces emerge, and the desired images appear in the mirror. The person hypnotizes himself.

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