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US Intelligence Officer: UFO - Is Anything But A Secret Government Program - Alternative View
US Intelligence Officer: UFO - Is Anything But A Secret Government Program - Alternative View

Video: US Intelligence Officer: UFO - Is Anything But A Secret Government Program - Alternative View

Video: US Intelligence Officer: UFO - Is Anything But A Secret Government Program - Alternative View
Video: Classified UFO report to be released to U.S. Congress 2023, April

The former US Marine believes the cigar-shaped UFOs that have been spotted across the country in recent months may be something "outside of a secret military program."

Mysterious objects that sometimes look like huge, thin, cigar-like cylinders, sometimes like typical UFOs, and in some cases how completely incomprehensible what is in the shape of a snake, have filled YouTube today. And if earlier such objects were observed in quite remote and forgotten places, such as the Mojave Desert in California, today these things are hovering right above the cities.

Nick Karnaze, a former U. S. Marine intelligence officer, says in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Online that such objects have been spotted all over the earth in recent months. And this is not a "secret government program" at all.

In an interview, Nick says:

"Any secret government program is primarily distinguished by the fact that its testing is strictly limited to certain areas."

“If you, for example, are engaged in the deployment of some new promising technology, then you will be extremely careful with the choice of where you will conduct it. The slightest likelihood that the secret technology will end up in the wrong country must be absolutely ruled out.

“The military also has conditionally secret tests. That is, they do what no one knows about, but at the same time use standard forces and means, fully assuming that either in whole or in fragments they will fall into the hands of the enemy. However, such tests never go beyond the zones of open war, as, for example, in Afghanistan."

"So all of the above indicates that we are outside of the secret program, because, again, in the military community, you will only test these secret programs in certain areas."

Promotional video:

When the Daily Star Online asked Nick what he thinks about this, for example, is everything that people are now observing are ships preparing for an alien invasion, Nick advised the editors not to puzzle over all this, because “the nature of these objects can bring you mind."

Editorial comment

It should be noted that this Nick Karnase explained everything to the newspapermen absolutely correctly, because if you tell the office plankton that he is plankton, which is specially grown on a certain space farm, the plankton can simply go crazy from such news. Although he is already shown this in the cinema in plain text

, but it still does not reach plankton.


However, people who watch not only films, but themselves try to get to the bottom of the truth, looking the same way around, so they see even more.

Mexico, late-mid-August, filmed from the plane:

Some very healthy thing is hidden in the cloud and from time to time even a certain angular shape emerges from the smoke.

If anyone still has doubts - video:, where the authors played with the spectrum in an attempt to find an aircraft spraying chemtrails. But it did not help - the plane is not there.

But the "Chinese balls" are flying over the USA in a horde:

A similar video, though somewhat old (May 2019), but from Moscow (be careful, the author of the video could not restrain his emotions from meeting brothers in mind and actively uses obscene language):

Huge glowing spheres over France and over Oslo:

Hundreds of similar videos are uploaded every day, while millions of people see something strange in the sky in real life, but do not bother filming and uploading - everything has already been made for themselves about the surrounding game of “civilization”. However, it remains unclear what we all see: will it be the end of the game or a transition to the next level?

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