Satanists. "Black Brotherhood" - Alternative View
Satanists. "Black Brotherhood" - Alternative View

The "Black Brotherhood" that emerged almost in tsarist Russia and has happily survived to this day is the most mysterious and closed organization of Satanists. Now its number reaches 300 people aged 25 to 80 years. It was not possible to establish the social composition. It is known that the fraternity includes both urban and rural residents. The structure of the organization is based on the seven-pointed star of the magicians. Seven groups (or rays) are called planets (Mars, Venus, Saturn, etc.). Each group works in a certain direction: alchemy, astrology, mantics (any fortune-telling and predictions), theognesy (communicating with spirits and receiving information from them), quackery (treatment), clairvoyance.

And the last group is made up of "warriors" - people capable of delivering physical and energy strikes. The organization is headed by a 75-year-old woman. Members of the fraternity call her the Countess and claim that she comes from the family of the French Queen-poisoner Marie de Medici. They say about the countess, for example, that she knows how to revive the dead, and every two years she rejuvenates, for which they kidnap, kill and burn a virgin. Attempts to get some information from the Satanists about the Countess and the brotherhood ran into a blank wall …

Once the head of one of the associations of Satanists received a certified letter. It turned out to be an invitation to come "for acquaintance and personal conversation" in Witch's Log for a gathering of black circles, which will take place on Walpurgis Night (from April 30 to May 1). The signature is "Countess". He could be accompanied by three close people. The letter was accompanied by a kind of passes - four pentacles (amulet) - on a piece of skin, the Medici coat of arms and an inverted pentagram were squeezed out. Here is an eyewitness account:

“By ten o'clock in the evening by train we arrived at a small station, where several people were waiting for us. After checking the pentacles tied to each left hand, we were taken into the forest. Forty minutes later, incredibly tired (and we had to wade through the swamp), we arrived at the Witch's Log. More than 200 people have already gathered there. Some of those present were wearing masks made of thin leather. Some set up tents, others made fires (a large central one and seven small ones), and still others carefully laid out a magic circle of flat stones around a large fire.

We pitched a tent, dined, and then we were introduced to several people with whom we talked about the occult sciences. From time to time we went to one of the fires and watched the members of the brotherhood. They freely communicated with each other and did not pay any attention to us. Jokes and laughter were heard every now and then. Everyone was waiting for the Countess. A central fire was lit before dawn.

After a while, the noise of an engine was heard, and a black Mercedes crawled out of the woods toward the fires. From it came four guards and a tall, lean, slightly hunched woman, dressed in a long black dress with many silver ornaments. This was the Countess. An aquiline nose, dark eyes, gray hair twisted into a tight knot. She looked like an emaciated old woman, tired of life. Members of the fraternity greeted the Countess noisily. She stood in silence. Then everyone, as if on command, fell silent and formed a living ring around the fires.

At a sign from the Countess, the guards carried an oblong tarpaulin parcel into the circle. They brought it in the trunk of a car or it was lying in the bushes, we did not understand. The tarp, on which a pentagram was inscribed in bright yellow paint - a five-pointed star, surrounded by a double circle, was the corpse of a young, well-built brown-haired girl. If I hadn't worked in the morgue before, I would have thought it was a doll. But there was a real corpse, and fresh, it could take a day or two. I remember the bright makeup of the corpse. The Countess began to recite ancient spells in an undertone, and the guards carefully laid the corpse on the glowing coals of a large fire.

An unbearable stench immediately went, I had to hold my nose. A minute later, the body was poured with some kind of liquid, and the corpse flared up, then white thick smoke poured out from it. Continuing to whisper incantations, the Countess went to the fire, stretched out her arms over the corpse, and the smoke enveloped her from head to toe. A little later, the guards picked up the unconscious countess and carried her away from the fire. When she regained consciousness, we were invited to approach her. Seeing her face close up, we were shocked by the dramatic change. She looked about 50 years old, no more. Anticipating all questions, I will say: the Countess was in front of our eyes all the time and she did not put on or take off any makeup.

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We have been practicing magic for years and have achieved something, but we are far from the Countess. In the writings that we studied, there was more than once a description of transmutation, but I had to see it in reality for the first time. True, the energy taken from the corpse lasts only for two years. Therefore, the rejuvenation ritual is regularly repeated.

Turning to us, the Countess said that she was glad to see us that night and hoped for further meetings. Then she left. In the morning I examined the fire, but did not find any bones. Probably, the body was previously prepared for complete burning."

They say the Countess is all-powerful. More than once, through the members of the fraternity, various people turned to her for help (the countess herself is a man of the shadow, and it is impossible to meet with her). Neither pleas nor promises to the head of the Black Brotherhood work. She has no pity for anyone, and she has enough treasures for more than one life. The black lady interferes in some business only when she considers it necessary. What she is guided by when making decisions - only Satan knows …

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