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Communication With Another Person At A Distance - Alternative View
Communication With Another Person At A Distance - Alternative View

Video: Communication With Another Person At A Distance - Alternative View

Video: Communication With Another Person At A Distance - Alternative View
Video: Communicating Over a Distance 2023, April

Surely you have had this at least once in your life: you just remembered the other person, how he called. Or you found out the news about him, met him on the street. There is some kind of invisible connection between people that cannot be explained logically.

So, my husband and I often call back, but if he is busy or me, we may not pick up the phone for a long time. And I noticed an interesting feature. I have a former neighbor who has known me since early childhood. We communicate with her on a landline phone, for the sake of her and other familiar grandmothers we decided not to clean it, although we practically do not use it. As soon as I find the time and start talking to this neighbor, my husband will call me on his mobile. And so - every time, although I do not have an exact call schedule, I dial it when the opportunity arises. If I call the village, there are almost no such coincidences, but with a neighbor - constantly. She already knows about it, she laughs herself. How can this be explained? How can a husband feel from a distance that I am communicating with her, and why is he calling at this particular time? Knows I'm free? But my schedule is irregular,I can be busy or free at any time of the day. And such a connection at a distance is not only me, there are millions of similar cases.

Cases where you felt connected at a distance

Ask any person if something similar happened to him. Surely he will remember at least one case of such coincidences. Here are some real life examples:

1. Archpriest Alexander Dyachenko told an interesting story in his article. Once he was busy copying familiar numbers from one phone to another. Entering the contacts of another person, he remembered that he had not communicated with him for a long time, although the relationship was good. Alexander even wanted to call him, but thought it was not good to take a person out of business, because he has nothing special to say. It was about 3 pm. The next day this very man came to his temple. He, like others, confessed, received a blessing. Alexander was delighted and remembered that they had not seen each other for over a year. He began to ask why he suddenly decided to visit him. As it turned out, his friend did not plan this meeting, he came because yesterday there was a strong desire to visit the church. And I remembered that it arose just about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

2. On the forum, user Summer rain recalls that she once met a man. As soon as he thinks of him, he immediately starts calling. If they saw each other every day, there would be nothing to be surprised, but dates were rare. Somehow she decided to write him an SMS, and she thought for a long time whether it was worth doing it or not (several days), and at the moment when she started typing, he called. And what is interesting, they later parted with this person. She met another, loved him very much. But there was nothing like that between them, they did not feel each other at a distance.

3. On another forum, a user with a funny name Carrot spoke about her relationship. She had such a thing only once in her life. This girl had a strong mutual love. She and the guy felt each other, they could send SMS at the same time. Sometimes she calls and realizes that the phone is busy. And all because he dialed her number at the same time. And that's not all coincidence. Once they had a big fight. She went to her home, but could not get into the apartment, the key is not inserted. She realized that she wanted to go in, she was very much drawn to go down to the entrance. She succumbed to these feelings and left after about 5 minutes. A young man was already waiting for her there. He said that he was also going to leave, but could not: “my feet are not too tight on the pedals”. They made up that day. They really had very strong feelings, but,despite this, they parted.

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Explanations of what is happening

In the scientific literature, you will not find an explanation for such cases. Many scholars believe this is a common coincidence. But some of them are not so categorical.

Near-scientific interpretations

Dr. Bateman is a professor at the University of Virginia and studied at Yale Medical Institute and Stanford. He became interested in Jung's ideas and developed them. Back in 1930, Carl Gustav Jung introduced the concept of synchronicity, i.e. incredible coincidences. He explained this by the fact that everything in our world is connected at the level of a single psyche. American psychiatrist Bernard Bateman developed his ideas. He wrote a book in which he described cases of similar coincidences, it is called "Connecting with Coincidence" ("Comprehending randomness"). In 2007, he gathered 700 volunteers and interviewed them. As it turned out, about 15% of them constantly feel physical pain or the experiences of another at certain points in their lives.

These experiences appear at the very moment when their loved ones feel bad, something happens to them. He called this phenomenon simulpathy (Latin simul "at the same time" + Greek pathos "emotion"). Bateman is confident that people share a special field of consciousness with those they love. They become part of their consciousness, so a relationship appears between them. The doctor claims that all the emotions of another person are transmitted from one to another, but we notice only the strongest that a person can experience in a stressful situation. We do not see this, but, in fact, we live in a kind of matrix, entangled in an emotional web. Many of us are connected to other invisible connections. He called this matrix of feelings the psychosphere.

Another scientist, biologist Paul Kammerer, after conducting a series of studies, put forward the theory that similar things can accumulate in time and space. That is, it is not by chance that we meet certain people, receive messages, etc. Bateman explained his words in his own way. He believes that every person has a kind of system like GPS. She helps us at the right time to find what we need, including contacting an important person at that time.

Religion about spiritual relationship

Believers are not surprised by such events. They know that there are invisible connections between people. Those who live a spiritual life feel a spiritual kinship among themselves, and this is not surprising, since they are related in Christ. Divine Grace is that power that can act at a distance. If two souls live a spiritual life and one of them thinks about the other, then there is a spiritual connection between them. As soon as one of them changes, this connection is cut off.

But such a “telephone” can also connect two kindred souls living a sinful life. They can transmit demonic influence to each other. If one of them changes for the better, this connection is also cut off. Any spiritual state of a person affects others. If we have a lot of anger in our souls, we may not show it to others, but one soul transmits information to another soul, and we feel it. Irritation conveys irritation, and anger conveys anger, but if the soul is noble, this gift is transmitted to others. When a person is near those who are spiritually successful, they will benefit, although the person they are talking to may be a little hurt themselves.

The presence of some invisible connection between some people has not been proven. But everything has its time. Once we did not know about the existence of radiation, ultraviolet rays, but this has not canceled their existence in any way. Have you had similar cases? Let us know in the comments.

Author: Lilia Shakirova

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