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Alien Encounters: What Did UFO Eyewitnesses Really See? - Alternative View
Alien Encounters: What Did UFO Eyewitnesses Really See? - Alternative View

Video: Alien Encounters: What Did UFO Eyewitnesses Really See? - Alternative View

Video: Alien Encounters: What Did UFO Eyewitnesses Really See? - Alternative View
Video: Woman Witnesses Strange UFO Sighting In British Columbia | Alien Mysteries 2023, April

Photos of alien saucers, rockets and planes appear on the Web every now and then. According to ufologists, 85% of the information about the sightings of unidentified flying objects is false, but Metro readers still have stories related to something inexplicable. We chose the most interesting ones and asked the experts what it could be.

1. Ship above the Mariinsky

Aron Berezin: “Many years have passed, but I still remember this story with a smile. It happened in Leningrad on a warm summer day in 1977. I was seven, I was standing with my mother near the Mariinsky Theater at a tram stop. Turning my head, I noticed that the people standing nearby were pointing at something in the sky. Looking up, I saw it - a cigar-shaped object. He approached us at the usual speed for an airplane, but he did not have wings.

The object flew smoothly and on a specific course. As he approached, it became clear how huge he was. The ship was no less than the Ostankino TV tower. I could clearly see that it was made up of several ring-shaped compartments in a metallic color. The nose of this contraption was pointed, and at the end there was a wheelhouse. It was visible for about 10 minutes. My mother also remembers this day, although she hardly remembers the details."

2. "The details were not disclosed to ordinary soldiers."

Sergey: “Something inexplicable happened to me near Ulan-Ude. In the 80s I served in the army and an incomprehensible object hung next to our military unit No. 14 129 for three days. The entire unit was alerted, calls were constantly received, aviation was sent to the object. The first few hours were interesting, everyone walked with their mouths open. And then, well, he hangs and hangs, they began to treat him like a stone lying on the road.

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The ship was black as sandpaper and hung a few kilometers from the building at a 45-degree angle. Nobody saw how he appeared and how he disappeared. He just hung there without doing anything. Naturally, the details were not disclosed to us, as ordinary soldiers."

3. "Airship" in a translucent cloud

Diana Shakmaeva: “It was 2014, it was summer, warm and clear. At about 12 o'clock at night, my husband and I stood on the balcony and looked at the stars. And suddenly they saw a translucent cloud, at the edges it was beige-orange, and in the middle - 3-4 bright points at the same distance, similar to stars. This nebula, as it were, emphasized the appearance of the ship, the likes of which I had never seen before. The object moved slowly like an airship. Five minutes later, it moved slightly upward, and almost all bright points immediately disappeared, and the last one turned into a flash of yellow-white-orange color, and seemed to go up into space."

4. The road from Ryazan to Moscow

Igor: “On September 10, 2015, my father and I were traveling from Ryazan to Moscow, somewhere near Lukhovitsy at about nine in the evening we saw about 40 flickering objects in the sky. They stopped, people on the highway also began to turn to the side of the road, to see what it was. The objects blinked blue and white, and were lined up in a "V" shape. There was no noise, only from the highway. After a couple of minutes, the objects began to disappear by themselves, some seemed to quickly descend to the ground."

5. Soft purple beam

Maxim Likhodkin: “Once a very strange thing happened to me. At two o'clock in the morning I was awake, when suddenly the light in the apartment turned off. After that, a very soft dense purple ray penetrated through the window, it was insanely beautiful, it went out three times and reappeared. I had never seen a UFO before, and I wasn’t really looking forward to meeting aliens, but then for some reason I was sure that it was them.

This ray penetrated the room very softly, not with a flash, and what is most interesting, it fell on the floor, that is, the glow came from above. When the beam disappeared, I looked out the window and saw that there was no light anywhere, all the lights along the Kashirskoye highway did not work either. It couldn't be a helicopter or something like that, because there was no noise."


Ufologist, head of the exposition of the Museum of Ufology and the Unknown Alexei Martin: “Many eyewitnesses of such phenomena talk about how an object quickly disappears, turns into a haze or flies upward at great speed. Most likely, the haze is a disguise behind which we cannot see the true appearance of the object. We cannot say for certain. Only one thing is clear: we are trying to explain everything with our technologies, without thinking that other civilizations may have access to other knowledge.

People often explain what they see by the tests of the military. The simplest thing is to blame everything on the military. And if all the inexplicable phenomena that people have observed over the past 50 years were tests of military equipment, later we would see these technologies, we would use them."

Ufologist Alexander Solyony: “During the Soviet Union, a secret research program for 1978–1991 was developed, which was named“Grid”. The military collected information about UFOs, and a huge amount of data on such phenomena has survived to this day.

Why UFOs are often seen near military installations is unclear. I have to catch one alien and ask (just kidding). In general, it is very difficult to determine the exact number of objects. Due to the fact that they are in motion, it is almost impossible to do this.

But in fact, 85% of the information about the observations of unidentified flying objects is false. Every message should be treated with skepticism. If a single person reported an object, this may not be considered evidence at all. Only the cases when they are seen by several people are worthy of study."


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