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I - Indigo Child. My Slightly Mystical Story - Alternative View
I - Indigo Child. My Slightly Mystical Story - Alternative View

Video: I - Indigo Child. My Slightly Mystical Story - Alternative View

Video: I - Indigo Child. My Slightly Mystical Story - Alternative View
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I am Alexander, I am eighteen years old, I am an indigo child. It all started at the moment of my birth. According to my mother, I was very violent. The labor was difficult. Having appeared in the world, I immediately began to differ from other children. I was not only the largest child who constantly demanded food, but also very dark, almost black, although my parents are fair.

I did not differ much in the pronunciation of the first words. I spoke the first word when I was eight months old. I started reading syllables when I was 2.5 years old. But the ability for music, foreign languages and painting began to open gradually, starting from the first grade. Drawing is my favorite pastime.

I look at life from the outside, trying not to take part in it. I constantly think about the world around me, people, and how they live. I am also interested in forgotten civilizations and unexplained phenomena. I'm sure people are absolutely delusional in their guesses about religion, Truth and other things. Not surprisingly, people around me consider me an eccentric. Although, there are those who respect me and listen to my opinion.


Information flow

This happened when I was 8 years old. Late in the evening I sat in my room and listened to relaxing Ambient music. Suddenly, an information and energy flow "flew" into my head with all its might. These were strange visions of the truth, I saw the past and the future, and certain entities told me about my great destiny.

At the age of 8, I began to reasonably judge different life situations in general. Then I already clearly knew what I wanted from life. I promised myself that I would not marry, not have children, and would not lead a typical, gray life, but would become something like a Buddhist monk, and devote my life to learning the truth and the universe.

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10 years have passed, my experience has increased, my knowledge has become stronger … And I have not changed my decision. Everyone says that this is nonsense, they say, everything is still ahead. However, I know this is not the case.

A year ago, I decided to deviate from my principles in life in order to enter the circle of modern youth. But it only lasted one month. But even at this time my head was occupied with other thoughts. By the way, it was during this period that visions of the end of the world began to visit me. Yes, about the end of the world, it will not come soon, certainly not during my lifetime. And man will become the cause of the apocalypse. Wanting to free myself from these visions, I made some attempts, but now I understand that it was in vain …

And recently I was sitting in my room again, listening to music and a variety of thoughts flashed in my head. It was about two in the morning. And here again - a huge flow of information. Pictures began to slip in my head, moments from other people's lives, past, future and present, incomprehensible sounds. It was a kind of light energy that gave me new knowledge about the universe. After that, I began to see the aura of people and understand the language of animals. I perfectly see the inner world of each person. Nevertheless, I do not like to communicate with people, and I express my opinion to them openly.

Indigo children are said to gain knowledge through their own efforts. Everything is different for me, a certain supernatural force opens my eyes to the world around me, tells me about the future and the past, and tells me how to draw another picture.

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