Megaliths Of The Black Sopka - Alternative View

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Megaliths Of The Black Sopka - Alternative View
Megaliths Of The Black Sopka - Alternative View

Video: Megaliths Of The Black Sopka - Alternative View

Video: Megaliths Of The Black Sopka - Alternative View
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The hemispherical mountain of the Torgashinsky ridge can be seen from almost anywhere in Krasnoyarsk

Archaeological research in the vicinity of Krasnoyarsk began to be carried out at the beginning of the 19th century. The initiative is attributed to the Yenisei governor A. P. Stepanov. By the way, in his work devoted to the study of the Yenisei region, he suggested that numerous large and small mounds were left here by the Chud people. They later went to the west, where they went down to live underground.

Riddles were of interest to many, and carried away by excavations. The townspeople in almost every house had collections of daggers, knives and other antiquities that were found in the area. Only on the right bank of the Yenisei, opposite Krasnoyarsk from Tatyshev Island to the village of Torgashino, there were up to 60 small mounds. Most, of course, were later plowed up and razed to the ground.

There was another interest in the large burial mounds, more often located on the hills - Afontovskaya, Nikolaevskaya, Kum-Tegey, Drokinskaya, White pyramid, Chornaya Sopka. They did not always dare to disturb them, since almost every one had ancient temples. As they say, you never know!

Two hundred years ago, numerous travelers from different countries went to Siberia to explore our lands. It is a pity that the works of many of them have not yet been translated into Russian. In well-known works, researchers not only talk about natural beauties, but also describe various attractions: menhirs, petroglyphs, temples, idols. They retell the legends and myths of the living peoples and are surprised at the discoveries of ancient sites of the Paleolithic era. Still, how could people live in such harsh lands 20-30 thousand years ago?

And also the participants of the expeditions describe the megalithic structures that were found everywhere in the Siberian expanses. In particular, Friedrich von Stralenberg made the assumption that the hills surrounding Krasnoy Yar (Krasnoyarsk) consist of "giant stones that have traces of careful mechanical processing." He received confirmation of his version in the then capital of Siberia, the city of Tobolsk. A local Muslim priest showed him a manuscript from Bukhara, which told about the ancient state of Tartaria, which occupied the lands of Western and Eastern Siberia. The text said that there are many stone majestic pyramids on this territory, where the rulers of the ancient state were buried. It is possible that our Chernaya Sopka belongs to one of these monuments.

Legends of Kara-Tag

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This amazing mountain, about 688 meters above sea level, has several names. Because of the black stones at the top, it is better known as the Black Sopka. However, the Turkic "Kara-Tag" is almost identical, because it is translated as "black mountain". Occasionally you can hear others - Snake Hill and Bald Mountain. Although, every year the hill is overgrown more and more, so very soon it will cease to be called Lysaya.

Kurumnik Chornaya Sopka


It is known to be an extinct volcano. But for some reason, in civil defense and emergency situations, he is listed as acting. After the Great Patriotic War, the captured Japanese venerated the Black Sopka. Apparently, she reminded them of their native Fujiyama.

There are rumors that there was once an ancient site here, and they even say that the skeleton of a three-meter man was unearthed.

In general, the hill is covered with legends. But it is surprising that they have something in common with the myths of another Chernaya Sopka located in the Crimea - Karadag. In both cases, it is said that under the mountain there is a sacred lake, which is guarded by a dragon lizard. And the girl, the daughter of the local ruler, cried him out of unrequited love. And at the foot of our Kara-Tag there are also healing streams for various diseases. And somewhere on the mountain there is a walled-up entrance to an ancient cave, but they just can't find it.

Every year, local cavers go in search of this cave, but to no avail. However, they are hardly looking for an entrance, just such a tradition. Although small grottoes are found here.

There are also local legends telling about the Shaman tree, about the Stone of Desires and even about the tragic love of Tanzeli, the daughter of the Kyzil bai Zaysak-ab, to the poor shepherd Turan, who was killed by the rival son of the khan Ibrai.

There is also a legend about a treasure hidden in the area of the hill by robbers. Although, they tell more about how to look for this hidden place on the Torgashinsky ridge, focusing on the hill.

Like many mountains of Siberia, the summit of the Chernaya Sopka is covered with a kurumnik. Either formed after some unknown explosion, or from an ancient flood that washed away everything in its path.

Huge black megaliths seem to be scattered along the top. Immediately striking are the rectangular shapes of the boulders, some of which have triangular and square holes, some kind of machining. At the same time, megaliths are not only made of porphyry, but also diorite - one of the hardest stones. If you hit it with a stone, you hear a metallic ringing.

Megaliths of the Black Sopka


Rumor has it that in the early 1980s, a group of archaeologists conducted studies in the area of the hill. They recorded an incomprehensible increase in the background radiation, possibly due to a geological fault. They also suggested that the top of Kara-Taga has a man-made origin.

Good luck

The hill is located at the intersection of the Altai-Sayan mountain taiga and the forest-steppe of the Krasnoyarsk depression. From its top, a beautiful panorama of the city, the majestic Yenisei, the spurs of the Yenisei ridge, and some of the rocks of the Stolby reserve opens up.

About 20 years ago it was rare to meet tourists here. Most often, children from nearby villages and dachas went up here. The situation has changed in recent years. On weekends, the number of people going to the ascent becomes more and more. Apparently, they were simply tired of the large flow of people on the Pillars and began to explore new territories.

I would like the road to the top to be improved, to make ecological paths, to arrange some paths for cyclists - let people rest. And they installed trash cans at least at the foot.

Despite the fact that Chornaya Sopka is the highest "pyramid" near Krasnoyarsk, it was not entirely lucky. It is not located in the Giza Valley, so you will not see archaeologists here, as well as other expeditions. Meanwhile, in its rounded shape, this ancient volcano is sometimes compared to the Patomsky crater.

View from Chornaya Sopka to Krasnoyarsk


Being close to a large city, the mountain remains "untouched by civilization." Although, more and more often they talk about powerful energy at the top of the hill, it is associated with a place of power and psychics and ordinary people strive to get here to get a boost of energy.

Sometimes, on the ruins of megaliths, you can see curious photographers who climb the stones, trying to photograph the most even rectangular blocks of this gigantic, not yet overgrown taiga, construction dump.

It can be assumed that this fantastic mountain was once sacred. I think that at the foot it will be possible to find many ancient burial places or sites. There would be a desire to discover the secrets of the Black Sopka. And figure out what kind of megaliths they are.

She also noticed that the mountain has an inexplicable magical attraction. Having been here at least once, you will definitely want to return to the Black Sopka again.

Anna Guett