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Eerie Wanderings "to The Next World." Eyewitness Accounts - Alternative View
Eerie Wanderings "to The Next World." Eyewitness Accounts - Alternative View
Video: Eerie Wanderings "to The Next World." Eyewitness Accounts - Alternative View
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In the fall of 1989, a resident of the village. Dimitrovo of the Kirovograd region of the Ukrainian SSR Grigory Vasilyevich Kernosenko disappeared without a trace and was put on the wanted list by the police. And five days later, his son suddenly saw his father, who appeared in the yard "as if out of thin air." Despite the rain, his clothes were dry, and the length of the regrown beard was quite consistent with the time of absence.

Kernosenko Sr., having come to his senses, said that he saw behind the gates something like a silvery dome. From there came out two "men in black", only in the place of the nose they had two holes. They invited: "Sit down." It was as if some kind of force had pulled Gregory into the ship.

There were three armchairs inside. In addition to the noseless men, there was a "white woman, very beautiful, golden-haired, with something like a kokoshnik on her head." The newcomers promised: "Where we took it, we will return it there." In the ship, he did not notice any controls. During the flight, his teeth were smeared with something white like a paste, tasteless and odorless. He suggests that this has replaced food.

“Our ship flew like a big cloud and then sat down,” he said. - When I was offered to go out, I was seriously scared: where did they bring me? Before me lay a one-story town. I once fought, went through Western Europe with the Soviet Army. The picture reminded me of something like I saw there. The same well-kept cottages, peaked roofs. But each of them has a cross. And these crosses radiate radiance. Trees bloomed, like apple trees, but they bloom pink. Very beautiful. The sun is not visible, as if it is either still a pre-dawn time, or a quiet cloudy day. People were walking in the distance, but all with umbrellas, although there was no rain. It seems like some women. I didn't have time to look around, they again offered to board the ship, flew back. Then I don’t remember anything … I came to my senses already in my yard. It is raining, morning, my son lifts me from the ground … "(V. EfremovUFO ride // Evening Dnieper (Dnipropetrovsk). 1989.7 Dec.; Yarmolenko L. "I was visiting … aliens!" // Soviet Chukotka (Anadyr). 1990.3 Feb.)

It seemed to Grigory Vasilyevich that his journey lasted three hours. The search for the missing person took about five days.

The only attempt to refute the Kernosenko story was made by an employee of the Sternberg State Astronomical Institute V.V. Busarev.

“True, I was not in that village,” the astronomer honestly admitted, “but in our village, everyone knows this story. The neighbors say that the grandfather agreed with his friends that they would do something to him for some payment. They did it, but he refused to pay. To prevent him from “performing,” instead of a debt pit, they put grandfather in a barrel and closed it. It was on Friday, and on Monday it was remembered and opened. “Hello from aliens!” Their grandfather greeted happily. This is how sensational stories end prosaically. " (Novikov V. UFO - reality or fiction? M., 1990, pp. 9-10.)

Alas, the "prosaic solution" does not correspond to the facts: Kernosenko appeared in the yard "suddenly", without anyone's help. And the physical condition of a 65-year-old man after five days in a barrel would be such that the torturers would hardly have gotten to inventing stories about aliens and “joyful greetings”.

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Another thing is interesting. The description of an alien planet in Kernosenko's story seems to be literally copied from English legends about the world of elves - the Magic Land, where everything is fragrant as well, there is an eternal spring and there is the most wonderful climate in the world. The absence of luminaries, light from nowhere is a characteristic mythological sign of another, other world. And all these green trees and buildings with crosses remind me of a symbolic image of a cemetery.

Do you want to fly with us?

A similar story happened to the turner of the Dzhambul superphosphate plant Vasily Ivanovich L. In February 1990, he decided to go fishing on the bypass canal. The time for fishing was good, and the place was not crowded: dense thickets of reeds, and far away man-made hills of industrial waste. The time was approaching midnight. Suddenly, his dog began to whine quietly and huddle at the owner's feet. This had never happened to her before. And then suddenly a glow flashed behind his back.

First of all, Vasily Ivanovich looked at the dog that had quieted down at once: it was asleep in a dead sleep. Not understanding anything, he instinctively turned around and was stunned: ten paces from him, a huge luminous ball was shining with all the colors of the rainbow.

L.'s brain became completely clean, without a single thought. As if someone specially ventilated his head. He thought nothing, but only contemplated in a state of complete indifference: no fear, not even surprise. He only saw how a door suddenly formed at this luminous ball, from which a small ladder was thrown out. It was on it that two girls in silver, tight-fitting suits, with the same silvery flowing hair, descended to the ground. They did not come close to Vasily Ivanovich, only in his brain suddenly the words hit him, as if they hit on the head with a hammer: "Do you want to fly with us?" Without knowing why, he obediently followed them.

The first thing that caught my eye in the ship's cockpit was the control panel, behind which sat motionless with his back to them, a male pilot, somewhat reminiscent of a robot. The diamond-shaped cockpit was composed of yellow diamond tiles. The guest was offered a kind of chair. The girls, sitting opposite, began to study him intently.

There was perfect silence. No feeling of takeoff, flight, overload and landing.

Vasily Ivanovich was not interested in any of the numerous windows. He sat with his head bowed, examining the tiles on the yellow floor. And only once did he dare to raise his eyes and look at the taciturn companions sitting opposite: silver hair below the shoulders, protruding lips, large slanted blue eyes without pupils. “For some reason, their breasts are small,” thought Vasily Ivanovich and immediately noticed something like a smile on the faces of the girls.

How long they flew, and whether they flew at all, he cannot remember. And then again a hammer blow to the brain: "Come out!"

Going down the ladder. Vasily Ivanovich saw indescribable beauty. There were many flowers around, unearthly flowers. No grass, no shrubs, no trees - only flowers. He had never seen such a person in his life. And there was not a soul around, and only somewhere in the distance were pretty houses that looked like country cottages. There was no moon, no sun, but it was very light, but this light seemed unnatural to him. And the air was as if drawn, but it was so easy to breathe, and it was so pleasant.

Once again his bliss was broken by a telepathic signal: "Do you want to stay here forever?" And only then Vasily Ivanovich suddenly thought with fear of his beloved granddaughter: “How is he without me? After all, I am for his own father and mother! " I only had time to think, and right there a hammer: "Everything is clear."

Vasily Ivanovich was returned to the ground in a strange way. The robot pilot never turned around or moved. Only one of his back remained in the memory. He did not even deign to say goodbye to him, and stopped his ship over the same fishing spot, only at a height of 30 meters from it. Vasily Ivanovich stepped through the open door and descended to the ground, as if supported by a parachute, without experiencing any feeling of flight or fear.

That night, workers in the superphosphate factory saw a luminous UFO. And with Vasily Ivanovich something was wrong: terrible headaches began. Body temperature dropped. He went to hospital, and for a long time. For 26 days, he lay in a hospital bed. He did not feel better after being discharged from the hospital, and then immediately went on vacation.

Even a few months later, a sharply outlined circle with a diameter of about 20 meters yawned at the landing site, in which no grass grew, although there was a complete riot of vegetation around. It contains deep imprints of four pillars, the earth in which has become compressed like concrete. The distance between the supports was exactly five meters.

And one more intriguing detail. Descending to the ground, Vasily Ivanovich immediately thought: “Lord! So who will believe all this! At least they gave me something as a keepsake. " The aliens immediately answered telepathically: "We would be glad, but all the same, our gift on Earth will disappear." (Stebelev V., Aizakhmetov V. Fly with UFOs! // Banner of Labor (Dzhambul). 1990. August 1-3. It is interesting that in another publication the name of the protagonist is changed to "Lacemirsky": Vybornova G. Waking flights // Leninskaya shift (Alma-Ata). 1990.11 Aug.)

It was so creepy …

Note that the visions of "extraterrestrial planets" in hallucinations caused by taking psychoactive drugs are different from the stories of "blown away by UFOs." In artificial visions, plants of unusual colors and the same alien sun usually appear.

“I left my body floating in a bathtub on planet Earth and found myself in a very strange and alien environment,” said neurophysiologist John Lilly, who took ketamine for research purposes. - Apparently, it was not on Earth, I have never been here before. It could be on some other planet and in another civilization …

The planet is similar to the Earth, but the colors are different. There is vegetation here, but of a special purple color. There is a sun here, but a violet, not the orange sun of the Earth that I know. I am on a beautiful lawn with very high mountains in the distance. I see creatures approaching across the lawn. They are sparkling white and appear to emit light. Two of them come closer. I cannot make out their features, they are too sparkling for my present vision. They seem to directly convey their thoughts to me … What they think is automatically translated into words that I can understand. " (Grof S. A journey in search of oneself. Dimensions of consciousness. M., Publishing house of the Transpersonal Institute, 1994.)

Visions of the "other world" in a state of clinical death also sometimes contain ufological motives. Valentina N. from the Kazakh village of Mikhaylovka, having returned “from beyond the line of life,” described what she saw:

“I remember being brought into the operating room. At times, consciousness was turned off. And the voices of people, like in a trumpet. And there was also the most complete indifference. The pain somehow moved somewhere to the side, and I physically did not perceive it already. And suddenly I felt that something was separating from me. No, I was separating from my body. As such, I no longer felt it. I flew skyward. I pierced the ceiling without even feeling it. And the flight was so swift, so fast. And all up, straight to the stars.

At first there was a blinding light, and then it became dark, I flew among the stars. I felt that someone was controlling me, that I was at the mercy of some unknown force. There was a star ahead. She was rapidly approaching me, or rather, I flew towards her without stopping. Increasing in size, the star began to loom into a planet. To a shiny planet, as if polished yellow. There was absolutely nothing on its surface. The thought flashed that I might crash on her. The more rapidly I approached it, the more I became convinced that this planet is slightly smaller in size than our Earth.

Suddenly I saw a hole in this planet. I could not stop my flight because I was being guided. I fly into this hole. It was black, like a corridor. And most likely, it was a real labyrinth. I was sharply slowed down from behind at the dead ends-cubes and injected into them. They looked like rooms with no ceiling, no floor, no walls. But these were cubes. They were bright, in them I saw many human faces, millions of faces. And for some reason they were all flat, standing next to each other. It was with these faces that all the cubes were filled. Some of them had more, others less. The impression was that it was possible to place and place people in them indefinitely. And then the faces in the cubes began to call me to them: “Valya, don't leave! Valya, stay!"

It was so creepy, so scary, real torture. I wanted to break out of the cube, but I could not - they guided me. I was left in the cube for a moment and then taken out … It seemed to me that the planet entirely consisted of labyrinths, dark corridors, dead ends filled with cubes, and in the cubes there was a terrible hum of human voices. I had the feeling that if the faces had hands, they would grab hold of me and not let go.

In the last cube, in the uppermost corner, I noticed the face of my father, who died two years ago. He did not call me, as did all the others. He just looked at me, lips pursed. His face was unshaven and overgrown with stubble. It was so unlike him. In his earthly life, he was always neat and took care of his appearance. I thought that in this cube he was apparently serving time as punishment for some kind of offense. After all, my father did not believe in God so much.

They didn’t keep me in the last cube for a long time. It seemed that they carried me out of it in their arms. Not even on my hands, but most likely on small cars … And on one of them I was carried right to the picturesque bank of the river. Indescribable beauty. You cannot describe this river and the water in it in ordinary words. The river was not wide, but deep, and the water in it was so clear that at the bottom all the pebbles and fish were visible. And the surface itself was mirrored. And how many greenery there were along the banks! Then I could not express my delight or fear. Then I just perceived it all. In a word, I contemplated. And at the same time, I felt that I was being guided by some two forces, and I should not have seen their faces.

There was a lot of greenery on the other side of the river, and some amazingly beautiful arch could be seen through it. And what I remember well is that there were three men on the other side. And one of them is like Jesus Christ. He had the same loose hair and a loincloth. He was what artists always portray him. The three of them held a rope, the end of which was attached to the boat. The boat was very small, like a well-polished toy. And only one person could fit in it, and even then only while standing. He raised his hand and said: “Put her in the boat!” And from behind my back I heard a voice: “How! She's not baptized! "He replied:" Nothing, we'll baptize here."

When I stepped over the side of the boat, I kind of saw my new body. But I didn’t feel it. But I felt how two forces supported me under the elbows. I remember I was wearing a white shirt, or maybe a dress … When the rope got taut and the boat moved a little, everything disappeared in an instant. Only blackness remained. And through this blackness I saw a "flying saucer" land on the river bank. Little green men jumped out of the luminous ball-shaped apparatus and began to swarm around me. They looked a lot like robots. That's right, on robots, because their movements were very fast and mechanical. They had long, thin arms. There was no nose, but there was something like that instead. Instead of a mouth, there is some kind of narrow cleft. One robot leaned very close over my face. I remember this face well, I would recognize him among thousands of others. Leaning overhe looked me straight in the eyes, then nodded and stepped aside.

This is where the worst began. It turns out that it is so hard to come back from the “other world”. I was simply broken, laid out, rammed, my brain was stuffed into me, my head was ready to burst from this, burst. It was incredibly painful and scary. I think that I am flying into some kind of abyss, and all the time I am hit against the rocks. And especially my head got it. I did not feel physical pain, but it was a hellish unbearable heaviness. I had no desire to return. I just wanted it all to end faster. Then there was complete indifference and terrible peace. Probably, in fact, the souls of people are immortal."

They come in a dream

An equally incredible story was published in the newspaper "Third Eye". A quiet and nondescript girl, Rita L., came to the healer's appointment. She said that in a dream a young man appeared to her, “completely naked,” and caressed her in every possible way. In the last month, he took her "to his country" - a very beautiful bright place, "although the sky there is completely devoid of the Sun, in general there was a light."

Finally, the stranger appeared in reality and did with her what he had been striving for all the previous months. Finally, he said that he would return in three days: she must decide whether to go with him permanently to that country. If not, then he will no longer be able to come to her.

The healer suggested that she consult a gynecologist. The doctor confirmed that she recently lost her innocence.

Rita did not show up for another appointment. She died in bed. Doctors diagnosed that the heart valve closed during sleep …

At first glance, it seems unusual for a stranger to appear first in a dream, and then, as it were, a transition from dream to reality. But only at first glance. Folklore "strange creatures" can first come in a dream, and then in reality. Moreover, most often they come precisely in a dream, while in reality they are shown much less often, like the spirits of "bet" and "albasty" among the peoples of Central Asia. In one of the bylichkas, a Kyrgyz shepherd went to bed in the steppe and saw in a dream a blond girl. This dream was repeated three nights in a row. The guy fell in love. On the fourth night, she appeared to him in reality, and they lived like a husband and wife. According to popular beliefs, “Albasts” lived in that place.

In these cases, the combination of real and otherworldly, symbolism and folklore, material and immaterial, is striking. The device that carried away L. was a reality that left traces, but transferred him to the other world, reminiscent of the afterlife. If he agreed to stay there, maybe his body would soon be found on the shore, like the body of Rita L.

Strange phenomena blur the boundaries of our world, and the places of transition to another world become invisible. It is enough to take a step …

Otherworldly reality

A resident of Lugansk, Antonina N., in the spring of 1990 walked along the sidewalk. In order not to be kicked into a pothole, she abruptly stepped to the side and disappeared right in front of the shocked passers-by. A few minutes later Antonina "reappeared" again.

“Everything that surrounded me disappeared,” she said, describing the already familiar environment of the otherworldly reality. - At the same moment I came across a tall woman in a long, toe-length, silvery clothes. She drew back and, without looking back, quickly walked on.

There were many people around. The women are dressed alike. Men's clothing is the same color and length, but tight-fitting to the body. There was no sun, the uniform opaque light resembled the light of fluorescent lamps."

Somehow, Antonina felt that she was not on Earth. When a teenager turned to her and asked "Who is this?", The vision of the "other world" disappeared. In a moment she was in the same place.

A resident of St. Petersburg Georgy P. got into the same situation, "having fallen into another world" in the middle of Krasnogvardeisky Prospect. “It suddenly became creepy, scary,” he wrote. - There is no traffic, no tram lines, no people, no city noise. Only some lifeless sun is shining or just cold light comes from somewhere from the side. This lasted for 3-4 minutes … And then suddenly, like a veil fell. Everything fell into place."

Apparently, the transitions to the “other world” can be spontaneous, when gaps appear in space and time, and “artificial”, when technology is used to overcome the barriers between worlds. Someday we will learn to overcome the barrier that separates us from the “other world”, if, of course, its inhabitants allow us to climb into their reality.

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