Where Is The Source Of Superpowers? - Alternative View

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Where Is The Source Of Superpowers? - Alternative View
Where Is The Source Of Superpowers? - Alternative View

Video: Where Is The Source Of Superpowers? - Alternative View

Video: Where Is The Source Of Superpowers? - Alternative View
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In magazines and newspapers, on radio and television, they often talk about phenomenal people with superpowers. Some of them see a person through and through, others "magnetize" heavy irons to the body, and still others easily read other people's thoughts. Many scientists consider people-phenomena to be a very slippery topic: after all, it has not yet been possible to bring the scientific basis for their incredible abilities.

Is stress the key to body reserves?

Some researchers believe that superpowers lie in each of us. During a fire, a flimsy old woman pulls out a huge chest from the house, which is then barely lifted by two hefty men, and a sedentary fat man, pursued by an angry dog, jumps with one fell swoop onto a tall fence, from which it then has to be removed. Stressful circumstances sometimes become the key to the reserve capacity of our body. Sometimes they open only temporarily, sometimes they remain for life.

The case of Yulia Fedorovna Vorobyova is widely known. On March 3, 1978, a 37-year-old crane operator was electrocuted by 380 volts. The ambulance doctors who arrived just threw up their hands and ascertained her death from electric shock. The blackened body of Vorobyeva was taken to the morgue, where after 3 days she was resurrected from the dead when a medical practitioner tried to cut off a finger from the "corpse". Stirring and moaning woman was urgently sent to intensive care.

Julia Fedorovna managed to survive, although she practically lost her sight. Six months later, the incredible happened to her, such that she could not even imagine.

“In the morning I went to the store to buy bread,” Vorobyova said. - I got to the bus stop. There was a woman standing there. I went up to her - and suddenly I was seized with horror: I see all the insides of a woman! Like on the TV screen!"

It was a real shock for Julia. She rushed home and on the stairs saw her neighbor as on the screen of an X-ray machine. So Vorobyova became a famous X-ray woman, about whom the entire Soviet Union later learned.

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Obviously, her superpower opened up due to an electric shock, but there is hardly a person who would want to receive this gift in a similar way and with such consequences for health. Another celebrity with X-ray vision was Natasha Dyomkina, a schoolgirl from Saransk at that time. Her ability opened in 10 years after surgery to remove the appendix. The surgeon then forgot the tampons in the girl's body, and she had to re-operate; of course it was stressful, and a lot. Demkina was repeatedly checked, and even abroad. In Japan, she was given a document confirming her superpower, in which Japanese scientists wrote:

Very dangerous eyes

Scientists are powerless to explain the incident that happened to 55-year-old Canadian hunter Steve McKellan. He was attacked by a huge grizzly bear, and he was armed only with a knife. It seemed that his death was inevitable, but Steve decided not to give up without a fight. McKellan put forward his right hand with the blade, and he himself began to gaze intently into the eyes of the beast. Suddenly the bear stopped, and he continued to literally drill her with his eyes. Then the incredible happened - the formidable beast roared and fell dead to the ground. The she-bear was carefully examined, no damage was found on it. Only one suggestion was made - with a powerful bioenergetic impulse from his eyes, Steve destroyed the nerve cells in the beast's brain. It is known that a person in an instant of mortal danger is able to send the most real deadly impulses through the eyes.

In 1923, the Soviet scientist B. B. Kazhinsky suggested that the eyes emit electromagnetic waves that can remotely affect human behavior and well-being. According to the researcher, it was precisely the "sticks" of the retina that concentrated and in a narrowly targeted manner emitted the mental energy of the brain, which Kazhinsky called "bioradiation". The scientist sincerely believed in the existence of "rays of vision" that emitted human eyes.

In the media, you can find references to cases when one person killed with a glance of another. Perhaps Kazhinsky was right, and the eyes can be a real weapon. Fortunately, only a few have such a deadly eye ability, but many can jinx it. There are also people who can use their eyes instead of matches, which is why Stephen King's story “Eye-catching Fire” is not fiction, as it seems at first glance. In fact, there are people in the world who are able to remotely ignite various objects using their eyes and their psychic energy, they are called pyrokinetics, and the phenomenon itself is called pyrokinesis.

Cases have been reported when angry pyrokinetics at a distance caused their offenders to burn or ignite their clothes. And in 1965, a young Frenchman Jean Ducolle admitted that at one glance he caused a fire in a disco, during which 20 people died, and about 100 were hospitalized with burns and wounds. According to him, he stood on the street in front of a disco, glared at the plastic parts on the ceiling and mentally made them light up. The police considered Dyukol mentally ill and sent home, and soon he threw himself out of the window and crashed to death.

Only a few years later, a group of parapsychologists and experts managed to find out that Jean actually had the ability to ignite objects at a glance. Back in the sixth grade, Ducolle repeatedly set fire to paper with his eyes on a bet, and in high school he could already ignite even a log. The researchers concluded that Ducol, in a fit of anger, could actually cause a fire with his gaze, because his girlfriend went to a disco with another. At one time, the American media wrote a lot about 12-year-old Willie Brown from the small town of Turlock, California.

This little boy could set fire to various objects with one glance: he just had to look at them closely. Parents kicked the boy out of the house, believing that the devil possessed him. Willie was taken in by one of the local farmers, who sent him to a new school. Alas, the boy was kicked out of her on the very first day. Bored in the lesson, Willie stared at the portrait of some politician hanging in the classroom, which immediately flared up and burned down … It is not surprising that scientists prefer not to notice this phenomenon, because they cannot explain it.

Imaginative powers

Among the predictions of Wanga there is one very unusual, it says: "In 2050, people will learn to fly through the air without any mechanical devices."

This prediction might not have been believed if the so-called levitants had not met in history. This is the name of people capable of "levitation", which means a person or objects floating in the air without visible support and any physical impact in violation of the law of gravity. Some levitants just hang in the air, others are also able to move in the direction they need.

By the way, in the ancient Indian Vedas, scientists have found a practical guide to levitation! Ancient Indian teachings say that you can get off the ground with an appropriate trance state. It is known from Buddhist texts that the Buddha Gautama himself could hang for hours in the air above the ground, without using any support. Many saints possessed the ability to levitate. Olivier Leroy, in Levitation, mentions more than 200 Catholic saints who possessed this ability.

The most famous Levitant in history was the American occultist Daniel Douglas Hume (in a number of sources - Home). At the end of 1868, in the presence of Lords Lindsay and Adar, Captain Wyrm and the physicist Crookes, he flew into the window of the room on the 6th floor, then flew out of the window, described a circle at a great height, and again returned through the window into the room. Mark Twain, Napoleon III, Alexander II, Academician A. M. Butlerov and other famous people of the 19th century were witnesses of his flights.

If some people can fly, then the ability of individual representatives of the human race to attract heavy irons and other objects (human magnets) to their bodies no longer seems so fantastic. However, there is reason to be surprised: for example, Mikhail Vasiliev from Cheboksary, with his own weight of about 60 kg, held a reinforced concrete slab of 133 kg on his chest. However, later he broke this record as well, having “magnetised” a slab weighing 165 kg! It is difficult to tell in one article about all the superpowers of a person, because there is also telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, psychosurgery or healership, dowsing or dowsing and others.

Where is the source of all these superpowers? Scientists have discovered that humans have genes that none of the animals on our planet have. This discovery gave rise to two hypotheses at once. According to one of them, man appeared thanks to the genetic manipulation of aliens from outer space, who introduced their genes to ancient monkeys. The second hypothesis assumes that humans themselves are aliens and came to Earth from another planet, for example from Mars. In the light of these hypotheses, human superpowers are the legacy of aliens: in some people they wake up by themselves, in others due to a strong mental shock, clinical death or some powerful effect on the body (lightning, radiation, etc.). Scientists believe that we still use the power of our brain to a minimum; probably,people-counters and polyglots have learned to simply control their brain "computer", this explains their phenomenal abilities.

A number of esoteric superpowers are associated with the so-called third eye. He was often depicted on the forehead of deities in murals and on sculptures in Buddhist temples. Judging by ancient legends, thanks to the "third eye" such amazing abilities as clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis appeared. Now the third eye, which is laid in a two-month-old fetus, dissolves even before birth, leaving the pineal gland in its place - a pineal gland the size of a pea of red-brown color. It is believed that the pineal gland was once the size of a large cherry. If people manage to enlarge the pineal gland to its previous size in the future, they will regain their lost superpowers.