How Does A Person Feel? - Alternative View

How Does A Person Feel? - Alternative View
How Does A Person Feel? - Alternative View

Video: How Does A Person Feel? - Alternative View

Video: How Does A Person Feel? - Alternative View
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Beautiful landscape, divine taste, wonderful aroma, melodic music … Without all this, our life would be incomplete. For example, it is calculated that the human eye can perceive three to eight quanta of light. This roughly corresponds to being able, under all optimal conditions, to see a burning candle at a distance of twenty kilometers …

One of the most sought-after Ukrainian fashion designers - Sergey Ermakov is always optimistic and answers that everything is fine with him. His works were admired by Jean Paul Gaultier, and Vyacheslav Zaitsev, once looking at his works, exclaimed that this can only be created by the soul. And he was right: Sergei Ermakov sees practically nothing, he has only five percent of his sight. He is slightly color-conscious and sees only silhouettes. The fashion designer creates his collections by touch: applying fabric to a mannequin and imagining a silhouette.

Ermakov is ashamed of his blindness. His profession obliges him to be stylish and strong, but most importantly - to see.

Sergei still remembers that other - a bright world. Five years ago, everything was different around. The last thing he saw was the flash of a camera, which tore open a vessel before his eye became engorged with blood. And then only black shadows remained from the world.

Sergei knew he was ill. He had severe diabetes. But then he was only twenty-seven and it seemed that life was just beginning. And suddenly, overnight, everything collapsed. He was already preparing a noose for himself when his hands involuntarily folded a rose from a rope. And then Ermakov realized that he, a blind man, must help himself.

He cannot draw, the fabric in the dress folds his arms. After the first screening, he woke up famous: Paco Rabanne and Dior were talking about him. But Sergei himself says that he is ready to exchange his fame for sight, because he wants to see emotions on the faces of people, his mother, in the end, he wants to see what his employees look like.

The only thing that Ermakov has not understood until now is that blindness is a payback for success and fame, or vice versa, fame and success is an aggravation of feelings when a person is deprived of something.

Scientists are trying to solve a mystery: what the human senses really are. They have already succeeded in a lot in this direction. For example, it was found that the sense organs consist directly of three parts: the analyzers - the outer part, the pathways that connect the analyzers to the brain, and, finally, the cerebral cortex.

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The analyzer perceives information from the outside world. Then the signals are converted into the form of an electrical impulse and through nerve fibers they enter the brain. In the cerebral cortex, all information received is processed. Part of it is eliminated, and part is transformed into images of perception and association.

At first glance, it seems that everything is quite simple, but with a more detailed study of them, human capabilities pose more and more riddles to scientists.

Today, some Thai spas offer services such as shirodara, a unique and somewhat magical healing method based on the ancient Indian teachings of Ayurveda. Shirodara is a combination of Indian massage techniques with the effects of a special aromatic oil. It is called massage or "third eye" stimulation. Shirodara is said to release subtle energies in channels along the spine, calming and clarifying the mind. The sacred meaning of this special procedure is that as a result of the impact on the chakras, the “third eye” opens, the person's energy field is restored and the negative impact of the external world is leveled.

The cult of the third eye is rooted in antiquity. In many oriental beliefs, this is a must-have for all gods. The "third eye" allowed the gods to see the entire history of the Universe, its future, as well as freely look into the corners of the universe. Researchers say that after the Shirodar procedure, a person's senses are maximally aggravated: smell, hearing, vision.

Most people accept as truth everything that they receive with the help of their senses. But many do not understand that our senses themselves are not the most perfect instruments, so our brain constantly corrects their mistakes.

An example of this is the well-known phenomenon of color blindness, when a person perceives one color as another. There are many more signs of imperfect sensory organs.

A person often imagines something that does not exist, smells or tastes that are absent. And in a state of hypnosis, he can see a non-existent reality at all.

Science tells us that sensation or touch is at the heart of all senses. All other senses are modifications of it.

Many of the simplest forms of life have only one sense - touch, and even then very poorly developed. Other elemental forms “feel” the touch of food or other objects touching them.

By themselves, our senses have no knowledge of the presence of surrounding physical objects. They are only sensors for information received from the outside world.

Remarkable, they are among those created by man, they have their counterparts. For example, an artificial eye or camera, phonograph, telegraph, chemical equipment that detects odors, artificial nerves.

But unlike artificial analogs, all natural human senses are connected to the brain. And if at least one nerve fiber breaks, the brain will not be able to receive information from them. And the shutdown of each of the senses for a person means the disappearance of one large part of the world around him. Conversely, the addition of new opportunities for obtaining information incredibly expands his world.

A person rarely thinks about it, believing that with the help of his senses he perceives the whole world.

But this, according to scientists, is the reasoning of a small child, because how much the world of a deaf or blind is smaller in terms of the volume of the world of an ordinary person.

It is even difficult to imagine how the human world would expand if he had other senses, how much more he would feel and feel, how much more he would know.

Suppose people would have a sense organ that allows them to sense not only smells, but also electrical waves. In this case, they might be able to sense what is happening in other places in the world, and maybe on other planets in the universe.

Or, for example, a person would have X-ray vision. He could see through the wall, and if the ability of telescopic approach were added to the current vision, he could see what is happening, for example, on Mars.

The adherents of occult teachings argue that, perhaps, somewhere in other worlds or on other planets, there may be inhabitants who have not five, but seven senses, or maybe nine or fifteen.

But a person does not need to go to other planets in order to get acquainted with such creatures that have, for example, such a feeling as extrasensory perception of the world, since such abilities can be found even in ordinary inhabitants of our planet.

And very often these abilities are based on our ordinary senses, but significantly developed.

Perfect hearing or perfect vision is not always inherited. Very often, one of the feelings intensifies after the other disappears, as if there is a kind of natural compensation.

Jazz lovers know well Sergei Manukyan - the "sunny" jazzman. After his sight disappeared, the musician's hearing became unusually acute. Sharpened so much that he was able to master several musical instruments by ear. Many did not believe Sergey, but they soon became convinced that his perfect pitch really works wonders. Moreover, quite amazing things happen to him. Listening to a language unfamiliar to him for some time, he suddenly begins to understand it.

The musician himself explains this phenomenon by the fact that his incredible hearing allows him to catch even the smallest intonations of the interlocutor, the timbre of the voice and the volume of speech. Sergei travels a lot, and although he does not see anything, he says that each city "sings" to him its own melody …

In addition to the well-known five senses, there is a certain sixth - intuition, as the ability to predict the future. Everyone calls it differently. It is believed that intuition is best developed in creative people.

Many people remember the case with Alexander Abdulov. One day he had to fly to another city to shoot a film. But there was bad weather, and a long flight delay could disrupt the shooting. And then the artist asked the airport workers to put him on the very first departing flight. He was already on the plane, making final preparations. And at that moment he suddenly felt a “frost on the skin”. An inner voice told him to get off the plane. Abdulov got out of this plane. He left on another flight, and that - the first plane - crashed, and all passengers died.

Scientists still cannot explain what intuition really is. What is this - an opportunity to look into the future? Or maybe this sixth sense is as accessible to the majority as the other five?

Of course, all people are different. Everyone has their own capabilities, abilities and desires. But one thing is the same for everyone: if you are not lazy and develop your senses, the world will shine with brighter and kinder colors. And most importantly, you need to trust your hearing, your eyesight, and, of course, your intuition, because they, as a rule, never fail.