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The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance - Alternative View
The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance - Alternative View

Video: The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance - Alternative View

Video: The Phenomenon Of Clairvoyance - Alternative View
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For centuries, people with the gift of foresight were held in high esteem, as they could predict this or that event in the life of both an individual and a state. The names of the great seers became known for centuries, and their predictions came true with amazing accuracy. Today scientists are trying to study this phenomenon, but so far its secret is not available for explanation.

Clairvoyance is the secret of the phenomenon

If in the past it was believed that the ability to predict the future is a gift from above, then later people began to look for an explanation for clairvoyance. Already in the 19th century, the first attempts were made to study this phenomenon. The beginning was the foundation in 1882 in Great Britain of the Society for Psychical Research, which was supposed to study all inexplicable phenomena, including clairvoyance. After that, interest in the supernatural turned into a real fashion that captured many countries. It was at this time that such a discipline as parapsychology appeared, which studies the possibility of the body's influence without physical effort on objects and phenomena. Many interesting methods of developing intuition and clairvoyance have been developed, which even gave a good result. Academic science considers parapsychology a pseudoscience, however,interesting results were achieved in it, and the approach to research is very serious.

Today there are several versions explaining the mechanism for obtaining information about future events. One of them says that the human brain functions like a quantum computer. In this case, consciousness extends beyond the body, which means that a person in a certain state can receive information about the place where he is not at the moment.

Another, no less fantastic assumption is based on the theory of neutrinos - ultra-small elusive particles that are very difficult to detect. According to this version, each event is preceded by certain signals in space, which are transmitted by these particles. People with psychic abilities can sense such signals and predict an event that has not yet happened.

These explanations are only versions, it is not yet possible to prove their reality. But despite this, people with clairvoyant abilities exist and predict the future very accurately.

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Famous seers and clairvoyants

Throughout history, there have been many prophets who were famous for their truthful predictions. Of particular interest here are the predictions made about the future, which has not yet come.

In Russian history, one of the brightest seers can be called Grigory Rasputin. He was born in the Tobolsk province and was a simple peasant. In his younger years, he had poor health and was constantly ill, so he visited many holy places in the hope of being healed. Soon it became known about him in secular society, where he was known as a holy old man. Rasputin's popularity grew, he approached the sovereign, began to influence him. In 1916, the elder was killed by conspirators from among the nobility. Rasputin was an ambiguous person, but despite this, he was known as a prophet and healer. After him, there were many prophecies, some of which came true with amazing accuracy. For example, he predicted that the sovereign would be killed along with the whole family if Rasputin himself was killed by representatives of the noble classes. If ordinary people kill him,then the king will rule for a long time and his dynasty will be safe. And so it all happened - the elder was killed by the nobles, and after a while Nicholas II was shot with his family. Rasputin's prediction came true with amazing accuracy.

About the future of Russia and the whole world, he also had prophecies, and very formidable ones. The elder predicted that in the future the earth and the air would be poisoned, and people would die from this, although officially the causes of death would be kidney and heart disease. The land will become barren and the climate unsuitable for life. Tectonic cataclysms will occur, which will change the relief. Many trials will befall people, and the outcome of civilization will depend on whether humanity will return to God, or will forget it completely.

The attitude to Rasputin today is not unambiguous - some consider him almost a saint, others - a clever charlatan. But one thing can be said with certainty - this man was indeed very mysterious and his prophecies are of interest to the modern world.

Clairvoyance is an area that is not yet accessible to people for understanding. Some individuals know how to use this ability, looking into the future, but they are not able to explain the mechanism of its operation. Perhaps, there really are subtle worlds in which information is stored about everything that happened and will happen. And especially sensitive people can connect to them. But this is only an assumption, which so far can neither be refuted nor confirmed.

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