Humanoid From The Depths Of The Sea - Alternative View

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Humanoid From The Depths Of The Sea - Alternative View
Humanoid From The Depths Of The Sea - Alternative View

Video: Humanoid From The Depths Of The Sea - Alternative View

Video: Humanoid From The Depths Of The Sea - Alternative View
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Some researchers believe that today we know no more about the depths of water than about the abyss of space. And it seems that reports of strange and mysterious incidents in the oceans, seas and other waters that appear from time to time confirm this opinion.

What kind of monsters live in the ocean?

On a warm summer evening in the early 1980s, a small US Coast Guard patrol ship was on patrol off the northwestern coast of the North American continent. The weather was fine, and sailors who were not on duty threw fishing nets from time to time, partly for entertainment, and partly to diversify the menu, which was not too rich in pickles. To their disappointment, they lifted her to an almost empty deck: apparently, the water near the surface was too warm, and all the fish went deep.

But now, choosing a net after another cast, the sailors felt the long-awaited weight in it. Lifting the net to the deck, the fishermen saw a strange creature beating furiously in it, such as none of them had ever seen. When one of the sailors began to help the outlandish creature to free itself from the fetters, it tried to pounce on its savior. The crew members gathered around the ship were staring in amazement at the unusual catch.

The creature did not look like not only a fish, but in general, none of the known marine animals. Most of all, it resembled a little man, about one and a half meters tall. On the head, below the places where people have ears, there was some kind of fringe hanging from both sides. Later, ichthyologists suggested that these are gills. The dark brown skin, devoid of scales or any vegetation, was dotted with small tubercles. Disproportionately large, round and strongly protruding eyes, as if covered with a translucent film.

The creature was not wearing any clothes, and around its neck hung a rather large plate, as if forged from dark metal, with several handles or buttons protruding above its surface. All these details were noticed during the time while the creature was floundering, trying to get out of the network. Then, when, with the help of the sailors, he nevertheless managed to do this, there was no longer time for observations. Feeling free, the creature suddenly escaped from the hands of the sailors who were holding it and clumsily ran across the deck on its hind limbs, ending in feet like flippers. The sailors set off after him, trying to drive him away from the side so that it could not jump back into the water.

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The blow was fatal …

As a result, it was possible to drive the obstinate guest to the open door of the deck superstructure. And then the incredible happened: he ran through the door and … locked it behind him! And this door led into the control room of the radio operator, who also took part in the pursuit of the alien. Now the radio operator stood in confusion in front of the locked door, fearing for the integrity of his household. The most puny sailor tried to squeeze in through one of the windows - it did not work. There was only one thing left: to cut the hinges of the steel door with an autogenous one. When several sailors burst into the wheelhouse at once, one of them, in the confusion, hit the alien with a crowbar. Unfortunately, the blow was fatal.

After examining his equipment, the radio operator was completely confused. He did not find any damage, but it became quite clear to him that the creature was trying to turn on the radio station.

What for? Wanted to ask someone for help? Whom?..

The commander of the ship reported the incident to his superiors by radio. Two hours later, several helicopters that had flown in from Alaska boarded the water near the patrol boat. Without further ado, the body of a strange creature was loaded onto one of them, and the cars, rising into the air, lay down on the opposite course.

No information about this case appeared in the media. And only many years later, a radio amateur decided to tell about him, who at one time managed to intercept and record negotiations between the commander of the ship, the coast guard base and the crews of the helicopters sent to the patrol.

"Water people" of Baikal

Representatives of the Soviet armed forces also had a chance to encounter the mysterious and dangerous inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. In 1982, on the western shore of Lake Baikal, training camps of combat swimmers of the Trans-Baikal Military District were held. During dives to a depth of more than 50 meters, swimmers more than once met with unknown "colleagues" - similar to people, but very tall, almost three meters in height. They were dressed in tight-fitting silver-colored wetsuits, and transparent ball-shaped helmets covered their heads. The strangers did not have scuba gear or any other apparatus for breathing underwater, and at the same time they swam at high speed and clearly watched the actions of our combat swimmers.

Concerned about the presence of uninvited "observers", the command decided to get to know them better and ordered to catch one of them. A special group of seven fighters and an officer was organized, armed with a thin and strong net. But at that moment, when the hunters tried to throw a net at one of the strangers, some powerful force impulse instantly pushed the entire group to the surface of the lake. Due to the rapid ascent without the obligatory intermediate stops for decompression, they all fell ill with decompression sickness. As a result, three died, the rest became disabled for life.

This case is further evidence that encounters with mysterious underwater inhabitants are extremely rare. And even more rare attempts to make contact with them often end in failure for one of the parties.

Meeting at the bottom of the Mariana Trench

Our modern science so far cannot say anything intelligible about the so-called unidentified underwater objects (NGOs), more than once seen in the seas and oceans, as well as in vast and deep inland waters.

NGOs are an even more mysterious phenomenon than unidentified flying objects (UFOs): they can reach speeds of over 500 kilometers per hour under water. Nor do NGOs cause any disturbance in the surrounding aquatic environment. Most researchers believe that NGOs are the creation of the hands of certain intelligent beings, which, apparently, control these objects.

Probably, it was about such an NGO that the Swiss professor Jacques Picard, a famous explorer of the deep sea, wrote in his diary. In January 1960, in the Trieste bathyscaphe of his own design, he sank to a depth of 10,919 meters in the Mariana Trench, the deepest depression (11,022 meters) in the western Pacific Ocean in the Mariana Islands.

Here is this entry: “An amazing object similar to a horizontally disposed disk swam up to us and, remaining at a considerable distance from the bathyscaphe, as if examined it from all sides, moving in a circle, around the circumference of which numerous multi-colored lights were visible. The sight was magical …"