Time - Amazing And Paranormal Matter - Alternative View

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Time - Amazing And Paranormal Matter - Alternative View
Time - Amazing And Paranormal Matter - Alternative View

Video: Time - Amazing And Paranormal Matter - Alternative View

Video: Time - Amazing And Paranormal Matter - Alternative View
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Time is an amazing and invaluable matter. The passage of time cannot be stopped, slowed down, or accelerated. The fact that there is always little time when you are in a hurry and a lot when you wait is a subjective perception. In fact, the verse is impartial and monotonous.

Time cannot be accumulated and stored in reserve, so that if necessary, throw out the entire stock at a stroke, or dose in portions. A similar quality is, perhaps, in any resource given to us by life, except for time - a characteristic and unique property.

When preparing for work, rest, or any other event (excluding death), a person must plan the waste of time differently from how he plans to use other necessary supplies. If only because time cannot be saved up and spent.

Time moves on its own. You can only adjust your actions to the course of time, more or less successfully. To fit into the segment allotted to us for this event, with high or low efficiency. This happens both on small segments and on an epoch-making level. This is how life goes on.

Inaccessible mystery of time

The mystery of time, unlike other mysteries of earthly existence, has not receded a centimeter over many millennia of human history. Time, as at the beginning of the Universe, remained the same mysterious and uncontrollable. Man only learned to measure time based on certain cyclical events. For example, the rotation of the Earth, or the lunar phases.

It is much easier for a person to change the speed of rotation of the planet than to slow down or speed up the passage of time. After all, under the influence of time are all the processes of the surrounding world. The speed of light, the flow of electrons, cell division …

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It is necessary to completely redraw the parameters of being in order to subjugate time. And this is the level of the Creator. Time, in its grandeur, is somewhere close to God. The same omnipotent, uncontrollable and invisible. There are only two differences from God - time is measurable and predictable.

We respect strength and independence. We want to be friends with time, become favorites and enjoy the fruits of favor, but is it possible to make friends with him?

Time is intolerant of negligence

Time doesn't like carelessness. People who are accustomed to measuring everything with a margin, in about the same way, plan their affairs in time periods. In order not to hurry, not to be late, to have time for everything and not "burn out", due to the shortage of minutes - they measure out a double rate of time for any of their steps. Such people have to wait half their lives, or hang around, watching the flashing of useless minutes, hours, years …

Time does not like confusion

Just like a suitcase that holds much more things, if they are neatly folded and fit to each other in size, and not stuck in a hurry, so time will contain much more events if their sequence is carefully planned out in spatial proximity. Of course, the actions must be well planned and prepared in advance.

Well, why go fishing, for example, without digging up worms in the garden, where they are full, hoping to dig bait on the shore, where it may not be? Returning home later is a direct waste of time.

Time doesn't like the lazy

All the most important things are usually done in the morning. When a bummer sleeps, or "sways", phlegmatically wandering around the rooms in a dressing gown. This is not because time passes more slowly in the morning. At the beginning of the day, there is more strength, sharper attention, stronger memory.

The operational scope for planning is wider. Evening will come in due time, and fatigue will come with it, regardless of the amount of work performed.

Time paradox

Time is often paradoxical. A second is worth millions for an athlete approaching the Olympic finish. In a short moment of time, he put in years of grueling training. One second in the future will bring years of comfortable life and a fan of newly discovered ways of development. It also happens vice versa.

A minute loss of control over his emotions costs a person the price of long years of imprisonment, plus a decisive collapse and a significant truncation of all life plans and prospects.

Time has the same price in any quantity. Respecting a second - he will ennoble his own century.

Scattering by handfuls of seconds, like a small coin, one day will look back at the past century of his life and suddenly will be surprised to find that the price of his century is the same "red" shine of scattered kopecks. Only it is already impossible to collect them.

Pedantry is not a trait of happy people. This is a sign of a person walking towards their happiness. Not every path will be traversed and not every goal is achieved. Time will help those who deserve his respect. And it costs a lot!